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  1. You definitely looked as if you were enjoying yourself I had a really good time too, it was nice to see everybody
  2. I have never organized an event but I do know that very few things are free in this life. I am maybe being 2 faced but I would rather have an unpopular sponsor and be able to hold an event than not have it. Relying on volunteers is a risky way to ensure safety on site and provide services we all like to see (and use ). £200 is a lot of money but maybe it is not supposed to be your weekend "playday".... ? Site looks good; £10 for spectators is bit steep (could a burger be included in the price? ).... maybe this is the so called “neccessery evil"????
  3. Hampshire is flooded any news from Billing? Should I take a tent or a boat?
  4. think of all those poor kittens John !!!! (and the global warming..... )
  5. burn out by a volvo - now how cool is that ????? I want one or maybe something bigger ?
  6. oh - picture 47 (P6024995) - not suprised they did not do too well - great equipment from a great company and even better advise and navigation from the person perched on it......
  7. nah - you just need a support truck built to minimum of TR3 level
  8. According to that article - not illegal at the mo Once the lovely government tells us yet again what we can and can’t have we can discus it again - it’s all guess work at the mo (I think a specification of a "bull bar" will be required too.....
  9. Jim, in your signature it still says .... The twinmotors are coming............ just out of interest - have they arrived yet? It has been long time..... Are they performing well? Reliable? Will you be showing them at Billing?
  10. blighmey - that time of the year its ussually preeetyyy cold in those places ... below zero?
  11. Not a word about Ladoga on any of the other 4x4 websites - wonder who else is going? By this time last year there was a long thread on Difflock and even mention on Devon. Maybe LR4x4 has become the "extreme" off road website ?? Go for it boys, just getting there is an achievement
  12. Jim, credit to you for the brill idea and all the hard work associated with this
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