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  1. Mack

    Axle codes

    Gentlemen I did search but nothing came out...... Do you know of any source explaining front axle codes, eg. 10M, 13M, 17M, 61L, 63L etc.....?
  2. Do you remember those triangular small windows in front doors? Anyboody has done it seen it done on a Defender? thanks M
  3. The MT82 is totally serviceable with "some special tools" starting from the output shaft forward.
  4. Above is wrong: Pinion bearings are: JXC25743C/ JXC25743D inner bearing NP850232/JXC10238DF outer bearing
  5. Most Puma give around 28-29 mpg. Td5 Alive and BAS are the chaps in top of the line for remaps.
  6. hand brake handke gets hot because the exhaust pipe is located at 5 mm from the cable. I do not think it is the Tbox that rattles.
  7. Somewhere I read that 33ºC is the optimal temp for diesel before injection.
  8. I just want the opposite for my Puma: to fit bench type seat into my 110". Any pic to share showing the mounts?
  9. The distance between the axle and axle stop is 84+/-15 mm.
  10. I hope is not too silly to ask how do I get the right position for fitting the castor correction bushes? They do have some marks but not the radius arms. NB. I guess it is rather eccentric
  11. ACEA specs do not relate to viscosity and "exceeding" does not meen is better for your engine. Same for transmission oils: GL-5 is not better than GL-4. There are exceptions though. http://www.motul-lubricantes.com/eftm/definicion_normas_ACEA_motor_liviano.pdf http://www.lubrizol.com/EuropeanEngineOils/RelativePerformanceToolIntro.html
  12. Bailey MOrris ltd. They are very helpful
  13. Use your finger tips and flashlight. Or wifies makeup mirror
  14. Front diff pinion flange is not contained in the same vertical plane with the Tbox front output flange ( A bit too the right) . In the 110" Puma the rear shaft are also not in "phase". So still not sure is those are 30 or 45º
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