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  1. its a P reg 300tdi manual. its got a really annoying habit ....... sometimes when i try to start it, i turn the key and nothing happen, the starter just wont work, it seems to happen when ive got no access to tools or a multimeter. Normaly if you leave it half an hour and go back it starts straight away. last night was slightly different because it would start at 18.00 when i went to work, the mrs tried it at 21.00 and still nothing but when i got home this afternoon to have an investigation it fired up instantly. seems to happen if the engine is hot or cold and does this about once a month. really dont know where to start, if it just died i could probably trace the problem, but its difficult when its intermitant. any ideas??
  2. i could........... then possiby pass on to treebloke???
  3. perhaps hes not sorted the correct technique yet, as he said it kept stalling
  4. running on brand new General AT2s....... so a little bit grippy
  5. my mate has a face lift Disco ll...... been really happy until today when he tried to pull a van off a wet playing field. the traction control seemed to be working but it just could get enough grip to move himself and the stuck van....... he felt that his M reg with the difflock engaged would have had no problem what so ever. is this normal?? as its an 03 plate TD5 would it have the diff lock fitted to the transfer box? just minus the lever etc.
  6. thanks, been and changed it today.
  7. i need to replace the steering bar nearest the front of the disco. I thought it was the track rod tube?....... ive been given the rear tube that the damper fits too which i thought was the drag link! Can you enlighten me before i take it back.......thanks
  8. what about spraying it with that "speedliner" stuff, thats ment for pick up beds?
  9. http://simmonites.com/Discovery%20Lighting.htm
  10. have alook on the simonittes website.
  11. ATF.........BUT mine is one hell of alot better using MTF, as its thicker
  12. had next to nothing in telford....... cant understand it
  13. email me them if you want and ill pass em on gelf @ blueyonder.co.uk
  14. im not saying that they were right to be out in those conditions...... i wouldnt be out in it. i think its just terrible that someone would vandalise the vehicle.
  15. watch there are some idiots about....... someone i know went driving this lane, they had problems and breakages. the long and the short of it is that the truck had to left until they could get i recovered. thing was when they went back someone had been at it........ weather they were not ment to be driving it i dont but mindless stuff like this is disgusting.
  16. Basicly what controls a TD5 rev counter? trigger wheel? I have a mate with a VW camper with the 5 cylinder engine and hes looking to fit a rev counter but all the aftermarket ones seem to be 4 6 8 cylinder engine ones. He has a trigger wheel etc if this is how landy ones work. Or any other suggestions?
  17. does it come with all the bits to make a 200tdi fit it?
  18. do they come in 35"? i didnt think they did.
  19. how do the LCs fair for rott? as my P reg disco is awful.
  20. gelf

    big oil leak

    no not really but we have spark, fuel, ECU seems to be working but it wont even try and fire...... so something is wrong LOL
  21. gelf

    big oil leak

    its not ATF coming out........... so the engine will now need to come out...... but what goes back in as we cant get this lump to run.
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