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  1. Thanks Soren! I thought about not doing it, but then I wouldn't be happy if something bent or cracked, so I went for it! Right.....Steering in..........Brake pedel in...........brake lines fitted...........brakes bled.............front shocks in..........air intake and snorkel in...........front springs in too! Lots of progress this week, we're now getting to the little finishing bits like p clipping the brake pipes to the chassis, fitting the horn etc. I had ticked off a lot of things so I thought i'd cut a little bit more out of the bonnet before welding some bits back on and making it fit! It now closes! And you may notice a cardboard divider between engine and wheel arch, I'll be using a thin sheet of HDPE for this. And some good old cardboard aided engineering (CAD) More progress next week!
  2. After some black paint was applied I was ready to start final assembly! I started at the rear and fitted the new heat shield and exhaust. Then added the fuel tank and strut brace. I even fitted the new tomcat springs too!! Then the front got steering and strut brace added and the front axle got some primer. Steve
  3. (whisper) It looks sunny this weekend (whisper) Can't wait! Should be a good weekend! See you all there Mike! Steve
  4. The heat shield material is indeed what Les has linked too, albeit I had some off cuts/used bits from work! The exhaust was like that, so I've just reused it! It'll poke through the rear body work with ab exhaust finisher and look all nice Steve
  5. Today the racer came out of the garage for a wash ready for more priming. And I remade the exhaust heat shield over the rear section as the strut brace fouled the existing one. More paint next week and maybe some reassembly.........some brake lines........ Steve
  6. Yes, I have a second reservoir for more fluid (not fitted), but last year I didn't have any problems with steering. But as you say Dave and Mike, I could be a bit quicker so may need to look at cooler for the steering. The engine and box has captive engine mounts that look like they use a radius arm bushes. The original exhaust was mounted like the rear hanger I've made and no, although it does look like a piece of wood, it's in fact a piece of rubber! Thanks Soren, it's always nice when you have to make a little bracket for something
  7. Lots of progress this weekend! Mainly making little brackets for things. The snorkel is mounted slightly more inbound to miss the emergency cut off switch and bonnet pin. If I'm finding it impedes forward vision too much I'll move it, but I think it'll be ok. Reservoir brackets for the front, in the same style as the snorkel brackets with a little fold at the edge to prevent the jubilee clip sliding off. Little PAS bracket. And the front all done! All ready to strip down for more paint! The rear reservoirs are able to be fixed to the roll cage using the supplied mounting hardware which is a jubilee clip and a rubber spacer. And lastly the new rear exhaust hanger. So that's all the little brackets made, we're finally getting there. A strip down for primer and paint and I can think about final assembly, but first I'll look at the body work and wheel arches along with wheel arch/engine bay dividers. Steve
  8. Yes, converting to serpentine maybe good, thicker belt and all, but as I understand it, there isn't an easy way to convert. I may be wrong, so do let me know if it's an easy conversion! Come on weekend, I want to play with the racer! Steve
  9. New silencer, a lot smaller! Just need to finish the end section. And the racer has been sanded down and primered by my girlfriend! More painting next weekend and things might start to go back on! I've also ordered a flaremaster 2 from sykes pickervant. Steve
  10. I've done a bit more this week. I still wasn't convinced about fitting the whopping great silencer I had purchased so found a smaller, cheaper box and fitted that! It's part number: NTC1665 and I'm much happier now! So its mounted and just need to sort out the rear most bit now. I also made a heat shield to go between exhaust and fuel tank to try and keep the fuel cool and had a look at where I'm going to mount the remote reservoirs. I would quite like to route the hose round the back of the shock hoops (this is the front) so they're protected if I get to near a tree!. I think i might have a plan, they'll either be mounted to the strut brace or new tube just above the chassis rails. Steve
  11. After some sexy tube notching. The rear strut brace was done! Now onto the front. I already had bought the tabs to weld to the front hoops, so just need to make everything else! One tube. 1.5 tubes. All done! Now to fill in all the semicircles! Weld and grind smooth Still need to cap off the rear shock mount tubes! I made a start on the boot lid, by adding in a tube with some tabs to support the upper part along with a piece of ali angle to give rigidity. It'll all be shaped and the bolts changed, but you get the idea! And I chopped more out of the bonnet! And added in one tube! It's round 3 of the SCOR 4x4 Comp Safari this weekend and I'll be helping with time keeping as I wont be racing! Steve
  12. I made a start on the strut brace today. Will be putting in a cross from the top tube down to the ends of the rear stays which will clear the winch and just need an extra funnel to refuel! Steve
  13. Awesome bandsaw - you can't beat the old stuff, just carries on working, maybe after a little TLC though Steve
  14. I feel an A-Team quote coming on........ If you have a problem that no one else can help, if you can find him, maybe you can hire..............Mike Tomcat!! dum der dum dum! But I don't think he's wanted by the government!! Steve
  15. So the burr was so good I thought I'd invest in a new one and use the wonder that is amazon prime! So it would be here for my days off After getting a plan in my head I notch a piece of tube and put it in place with the tabs to form the rear shock mounts. After a few tacks I was able to test fit the shock. And the same for the other side. With a little bracing tube as well. The new burr came into its own here! I'll be timing the tubes down and fitting these little tube caps. Handy when you have the tools at work! I then welded the rear mounts fully, welded the lower mounts and added a spring seat too just like the front. For storage purposes I wanted to fit the boot lid. I knew it wasn't going to fit and needed some tlc like all my panels!! I started by drilling out the rivets of the large back panel, remove the lower bit (where the exhaust exited, it was only held there by the short tube in the centre, the edges had twisted off and friction was holding it all together!) and test fit it knowing only too well I would need to cut out the piece of box section. I was pleasantly surprised as it cleared! So plan is to add a tube just under the grilled panel with all the lights on as it needs a bit a bit of stiffening as its all rattling about. Then that box section can go as I'll be boxing in the shock towers and the reservoirs will be around there too. I'll be incorporating some defender grills as the ventilation holes too, but not too sure what I'm going to do yet. So in the mean time my next task is to sort out the strut braces. I'm going for a full cross at both ends, but whether I can have that and provisions for a winch, I'll find out tomorrow when I do some measuring and pondering. Steve