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  1. That looks like the kick down cable. Have a look in my Racer thread here: I had to replace mine, it's quite involved, but if you keep everything clean and labelled, you'll be fine! Steve
  2. Yes, I was thinking the same! They needed a better camera angle for the first two corners as you literally couldn't anything for dust!
  3. Yes, I was surprised at how many channels it was shown on including the news! Apparently due to the dust the qualifying format was changed from a head to head style to a rally format where one team goes out and sets a lap before the next team and so. I think this format worked very well as the drivers could concentrate for speed and the correct line over worrying about dust and hitting another car which is what happened in the main race. It will be interesting to see how the format unfolds for the next race in May as I thought the 'head to head' final races where a bit of a let down
  4. If anyone caught Top Gear Episode 2 the other week, you'll know what I'm going on about! (The new Defender was in episode 3!) Sounds like an interesting concept and there's certainly high profile drivers, so we'll see what happens. https://www.extreme-e.com/en/index It starts in 3 days and looks like you can watch it from the website or youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmlrp3y74JN1L1o1tSdeINw I think I'll follow it and see how it unfolds! Steve There maybe other TV stations that have it judging by the website!
  5. James' workshop build may help. And JU's build too: Steve
  6. Glad you sorted it! I had an issue with a Range Rover 10 spline axle which did turn out to be a case of two different seals and bushes, over a change over year, so I just had the wrong seal/part number! It amazes me how manufactures can get parts so wrong! Do they not trial fit it onto the part it is meant to fit before plans go out the machine shop?! Or maybe it's not getting any feedback from the customer that it doesn't fit! Steve
  7. That's looking really good! There's no problem with your vinyl trimming, that's for sure! Steve
  8. That looks like a Delta-Tek end bearing, part of their freespool, so I think it is probably pressed in to the end plate. Steve
  9. Hi, do you have a link to the kit you have bought? I appreciate you have said you are struggling for pictures, so maybe not! I bought a set of 'standard' looking tubular wings from Whitbread off road, told them what I was doing and they sent me the tubes welded together with a bit of extra length, so that I could trim them down to my own design. Check out my build thread here: Let us know your requirements and I'm sure we can help you out with a plan of attack! Steve
  10. Just to update this, I ended up going for the Erbauer Multi tool. It comes in a case, it has quick change blades and a light. It also has a decent length 4m power cable and it did it's first job of cutting a section of skirting board out faultlessly! Steve
  11. I hadn't heard of this and obviously too young to remember the original series! I found one here, and probably the rest: I'll take a watch! Steve
  12. I have draw a quick sketch of what I thought you could do. It would still involve you drilling some holes, but only M8 and you may get away with 2 holes (I've drawn 3). The pins for the mud flap brackets could them be drilled and tap and bolted in from the underside using countersunk cap head bolts. Hope this helps.
  13. Check my build thread out for quick release mud guard mounting. In your case you could weld a pin to a strip of steel which you could bolt to your cross member for a quick release option. Just found a quote by yourself in my build thread dated 2012! Steve
  14. I did see the copy grinder, interesting......i may purchase one myself! Steve
  15. https://www.mccormicktools.co.uk/tools/hand-tools/socketry/ratchet-wrenches/sealey-ratchet-wrench-flexi-head-extra-long-600mm-1-2sq-drive-ak6698.html I originally bought this tool to undo tight bolts in a small 45 degree opening as a breaker bar had limited positions and didn't work. Since them I'm always using it! It undoes tight bolts, but I still us a proper breaker bar for the really tight stuff as it does state on the packaging not to used as a breaker bar! and it's sealey premier so has a lifetime guarantee. I think I payed £32 as the flexi head was on offer at the time!
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