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  1. steve200TDi

    MegaSquirt Install on my (Dad's) Defender Pick-Up

    Good to hear!
  2. steve200TDi

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    A closer look at what can happen when you get to near a tree! Quite impressive really as it's quite thick wall tubing, circa 3mm. We did manage to do 'a field' repair with a wheel brace to two people pulling on it! A more substantial repair has been done to the wheel arch ready for Slindon this weekend! And when we got home the racer was clean! Steve
  3. Finally some photos from the last race! Everyone eager to get away!
  4. steve200TDi

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    It's official, I've checked, and we are racing at Brick Kiln. It should be interesting judging on how small the site is, quite looking forward to it actually! Steve
  5. Our fastest lap, which happened our last of the day, being lap 9
  6. Another successful race! A minor wheel arch issue, but completed 9 laps of the 5 miles course and in the end the rain wasn't as bad as forecast. Scores are in: Now in fastest time order! Yes, I'm down the bottom! Still 12th! Steve
  7. steve200TDi

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    Another successful days racing! We knew the weather wasn't going to be dry, but in the end it was just a bit of drizzle and windy too. The course was 40/60 split of grassy fields and tight woodland. The grass was going to be slippery and the woodland was long and tight. The course length was 5 miles and we were tasked with completing 9 laps. I set off cautiously on my first lap and had a few slippery grass moments where I was a passenger! I genuinely thought my brakes had failed at one point, but no I must have applied them a little to quickly and locked up all 4 wheels. I then braked earlier and slower there after. I continued to complete my laps. The new steering box performed well with the addition of the cooler, nice and tight and the cooler was just warm to the touch. I did manage to clip a tree which bent the rear wheel arch support (quite a bit) and ripped the wheel arch. With a bit of brute force we were able to straighten the tube and with the aid of cable ties we were back out. That was the only drama I had and I went on to complete the 9 laps. A third of the course retired again and so I came away with full points again which was good. The next race is at the end of September at Brick Kiln Farm near Alton which should be fun! I will check over the rear wheel arches, try and fit a steering damper or two and maybe start looking into new body work for next year as that can be done offline! A video and photos are still to come! Steve
  8. steve200TDi

    MegaSquirt Install on my (Dad's) Defender Pick-Up

    Well it looks like a new thermostat has fixed it. We put the old one in boiling water and it didn't open! But now its being drained down again to reseal the water pump as its leaking! We did put a smear of instant gasket on either side of the new gasket but it obviously wasn't enough! Steve
  9. steve200TDi

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    I've fitted a different steering box and today I fitted a cooler for the PAS system. A 13 row cooler I think will do the job. I have left the pipes long as I'm not sure on placement and I might move it, so they may get shortened in the future. That's all done, I've packed my tools and fuel so I'm ready for Sunday's race over at Bilsington Priory. We've had a bit of rain here today and apparently over at Ashford, so it may not be completely bone dry, we'll see. Lets see what Sunday brings! Steve
  10. They've now cancelled the closure due to high traffic in this hot heat! Whoop!
  11. steve200TDi

    New product from xcess4x4

    So am I right in thinking the other bit goes on the rear axle? Steve
  12. Oh no! The M20 will be closed all of next weekend between junctions 4-6, which is the same weekend as Bilsington Priory! Plan your routes people! Steve
  13. steve200TDi

    TD5 flywheel bolt torque. 110NM really?

    What’s the latest with the bolt torque as the manual says 40nm + 90 degrees and now I find 110nm............ steve
  14. steve200TDi

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    Thanks Jon, good to know!

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