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  1. Another update for those who'd like to know. Paddocks are now, finally, going to replace my damaged chassis. It's being built and will be delivered in a couple of weeks. Apparently, due to the ending of the Defender production line, GKN now only build chassis by hand now, they have taken the robotic system offline but they still have the jigs available. F.Y.I., Marsland order books won't be officially open until sometime in February. As far as I know, the reason for the lengthy delay has been because no-one had any stock left and Xmas put the proverbial spanner in the works. Reading between the lines, it would seem as the chassis I ordered before Xmas from Paddock, supplied by Marsland, was one of the last ones they had in stock. Ho hum.
  2. Just doing the formal request thing, right now. I'm not touching it, was told by the experts (GKN), so for now, its sat covered from the elements, waiting for Paddocks to pull their finger out of their ?!?
  3. Acceptance of delivery isn't the issue, the delivery driver was made aware of the damages done. He took photos, he got me to say on the delivery paperwork it was damaged. I also took lots of photos of all the damages and sent them directly to Paddocks and to the delivery company in about 10 minutes after I took the photos. I had a reply the following day from Paddocks that they were sorry that there is a problem and we are looking into it. Thats as far as it's got, so far. Paddocks were paid for delivery and even after me explaining to Paddocks that a 40' articulated lorry would not be able to get down a Farm track, let alone turn around, they were adamant that the delivery company will deliver it in a 40' lorry. I told the delivery company to use a vehicle that was big enough for the chassis or take it back to England. That took 2 weeks to sort out, the numpty in Paddocks couldn't see that a 40' articulated lorry is both too tall and too heavy to clear the low hanging trees and drive on boggy ground. A few of my work colleagues and me still had to help the small truck manoeuvre as he was having difficulty. In case you're wandering, the small truck was actually just big enough for the chassis and the box part was made of Aluminium. No way was the chassis going to move enough to have the damages its got to it, the chassis would've damaged the box part.
  4. I don't think thats a good idea, personally. I think most of us know who are the companies to avoid, etc. I've used this company for many years with different Landys I've owned, even when I worked in the Middle East. I have, so far, never had an issue with getting lost, damaged or incorrect parts resolved by them, and they have done it extremely quickly. This is, I hope so, mostly due to the worst time of the year to get things done. Everyone ceases to function properly over Xmas. Snagger, I wouldn't mind betting you've experienced the frustrations that Ramadan causes? I know I have, and when both of them coincide, deep joy.
  5. Oh, goody. Manager isn't available today. Was told that the information was passed yesterday and was also told that the Manager is planning to get back to me by the end of the week. I said, I want someone tomorrow to phone me and tell me something, anything.
  6. So far, Paddocks still haven't got back to me, either by email or phone. I phoned yesterday @ around 2:30 (UK time) and asked to speak to the supposed Customer Advisor Manager, that I was told its been passed on to; he's in a meeting. Ok, fine, could you please get the said person to call me back. "Ok, I'll endeavour to get him to call you" It's now 15:20 (UK time), the following day - nothing at all. I have managed to track down the exact place these chassis are made ( GKN - in Telford) and managed to have a chat with a knowledgeable person who confirmed my suspicions with the front cross-member. It's not repairable, plain-n-simple. Whilst waiting for Paddocks, yesterday, to phone me back. I contacted the said company that handled the delivery, here in France, and they haven't received any communication from Paddocks, either. So, off to try to speak to 'the Manager' again.
  7. Thats the problem, still don't know what they are going to do yet, it's been 3 weeks. Xmas holidays put everything on hold. All I know, today, finally, it's escalated up to the Manager. Whomever that is?
  8. Marsland dont deliver abroad, I don't think they deliver anymore. It's palmed off to Paddocks now, I think.
  9. Unfortunately, direct bank transfer.
  10. Hi, I am now the proud owner of a shiny new galvanised chassis that was finally delivered before Xmas, but it's obvious that due care and attention wasn't adhered to during its travel "in the back of a lorry" consequently it has suffered a few impact damages and I’m most likely going to have to fix it myself or order another one and hope it doesn’t fall into the same fate as this one. I decided to get the chassis from Marsland Chassis as I didn't really fancy the extra weight that Richards Chassis make. Also Richards had a lead time that would have meant it would not have arrived before Xmas. Marsland Chassis so far have said, we don't do repairs, we buy the chassis from the factory, you bought it via Paddocks you deal with them or you fix it yourself, locally. According to Paddock Spares, they are still looking into it, 3 weeks now. Their latest advert says "Export specialists - from small packets to 40' containers" As you'll see from the photos, a few of the sticky out bits were hit, my main concern is the damage to the front cross-member. As far as I can tell, the front cross-member is an important part for structural integrity. Now it has a weak point in it, will it fold at that point, in an accident? Don't know, don't want to test it either. The rear cross-member damages are at the extremities, but for now, I've no idea how to go about fixing them. Any one up for ideas? Whilst I'm waiting for Paddocks to make a decision on something and before I attempt to make some form of repair, my question to those that know more than me, is it fixable/worth it? All I know, if it is fixable, welding is required. How do I get galvanising back on the inside of the affected area? Will the front of the chassis move, upsetting the position of the suspension/steering fix-points? What sort of jig will be needed to keep the chassis aligned during welding? So far, this lump of metal has cost a total of £2600, from Paddocks and to get it delivered, in France.
  11. I did, I can e-mail it to you, if you want. I've managed to convert the PDF into 4 pictures so I've placed them into my gallery. Try here
  12. I can confirm that this mod works. Aside from what I've already mentioned, nothing else has been moved/tweaked/bent or adjusted to get this mod to fit. The previously posted pictures give you an idea in what to do. In actual fact a pretty simple mod. The only other thing I've done against the norm, is re-route the main power/charge cable from the Alternator behind the exhaust to the Starter motor. It's encased in two layers of heat protection sleeving for good measure and also held in place by 'p-clips' behind the turbo oil return line. I've been driving it around now for a few hundred miles, apart from re-tensioning the belt to the alternator, nothing has gone wrong. No knocks and no signs of rubbing anywhere. Regards
  13. The yellow connector is for the Voltage Sensitive Switch. I have one of those on my dash with a Yellow relay in it. It should have 3 wires connected to it, Black, Brown and a Black/Slate. Hope this helps.
  14. It's close, but, no. I've got about 5mm of clearance. The rubber/silicone hoses can be trimmed a bit to give a bit more clearance, if needs be the silver intercooler hose can be given another flat spot in the right place , it's got two of them already. The flat spot you can see was closer to the Filter Housing than the Alternator looks now. When I get the new engine loom, I'll be able to start the car up and check for fouling/knocking in that area, for now it looks good. As soon as I can confirm all is good with this modification, I'll update this topic for all to know.
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