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  1. 1 ton front springs are the samepart as 109" diesel/6 pot and iirc V8, the difference is the hangers and shocks.
  2. Use the correct Rocol ASP, anything else will let you down as there is no oil feed in there. I killed the splines in mine in just 12 months because i did not use the ASP even though i had some at home, i had used a dollop of heavy grease.
  3. Same cam shaft in 2.25d, 2.5p, 2.5nad, 2.5TD & 200Tdi. Its only the thread for the pulley/sprocket bolt that was different being changed from 3/8"UNF to M10 when the 2.25d went metric.
  4. I used to drive a Muir Hill tractor powered by a Ford 380 diesel, that went well at high revs but low down was carp, it started fine and ran clean. The engine had been fully rebuilt before purchase and when I had a look at the engine the fuel pump was fully advanced. The timing gears were helical cut so I suspect the workshop monkey had got the timing 1 or 2 teeth out and could not be bothered to pull the pump and move the gear to realign the timing marks on the gears teeth hoping that fully advancing the pump body would bring it close enough.
  5. I recall looking at 6 pot Santana's and the gearbox was a different box to a series and I don't just mean that it was ribbed, LT85 comes to mind as Santana did that in 4 pot flavour.
  6. I know a chap with a 200Di in an 88", it goes but over 50mph(IIRC) it runs out of puff, he wishes he had kept it Tdi. So if you are looking at a 109" or require it to lug weight about or tow anything of any size then keep it turboed and be gentle.
  7. The seal track should not push on by hand cold that's loose, dropping on when the track is hot(smoking) and the stub is cold is fine likewise a drive fit cold.
  8. It is a late Santana built series 3 gearbox, suffix D it should be as regards internals. One of the traders was selling them a few years ago brand new as he had bought a job lot of NOS clear out, possibly MOD stock. A very good friend of mine bought one for his 109" and it was very nice to use but failed due to a flaw in the mainshaft steel resulting in the rear threaded section falling off. So at some point I have to replace the mainshaft for him when we get the chance to sort his 109".
  9. My 109" is fitted with a defender clutch pedal box and to be honest although it is lighter in operation it is not massively so and I don't find any problem with lack of feel.
  10. Mine was issued with a 1996 reg in 2007.
  11. Anybody got a pic of a std 110 damper in situ? post 7 shows the unused opposite hand damper mounting on a coiler chassis so that looks tighter to the chassis than IIRC the series bracket would be.
  12. As the damper is dropped to the mounting on the drag link the difference in length will be greater, so full left lock will not be limited by the damper.
  13. It sounds like the stop solenoid is getting a feed from someware when the ign sw is in the off position or the plunger is missing/sticking in the stop solenoid.
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