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  1. auto jumble opens 10am both sat and sunday, landy sort out is on the sunday
  2. thanks for the input guys, i will get hit for sticking another landy on the drive but i think its the only way to go as people seem to want silly money for a bare engine, more than a whole disco in most cases! madness I read the tech archive about the 300 engine mounts, does anyone make these adapters yet?
  3. ok so finally going to sort out getting an engine to replace my TD but the question is which to go for??200 or 300tdi. Is the 300tdi worth the extra hassel when it comes to fitting? i will be using my lt77 and 1.4 TB for the moment (May consider a swap to 1.2 in future) I will be using the landy for occasional laning and light offroading but 75% road driving i would say. Is the 300 more receptive to tuning up? all help appreciated
  4. cheers guys will try some then
  5. note once the engine is warm there is no smoke at all really
  6. '87 Td engine, it had been sat for about 5 years prior to me buying it mid last year and have just started using it on the road. the performance has increased slightly once the cobwebs were blown out as it were however it has now developed a significant amount of white spoke which puffs every 1-2 secs, so what do people think is due to break first? turbo? piston rings?
  7. i had the same problem, tried jumping it with a petrol astra whilst running to no affect but my diesel insignia with bigger battery fired it straight away whilst running.
  8. sounds like i need to strip mine down and check it out then!
  9. is it common to find td's with 1.61 transfer boxes??
  10. intresting people say these speeds are an issue, ive had 2 td 90's one'89 and my current '87 and both hit a max of 55 the same as the op.
  11. would give me a chance to catch up with my 19j engine!
  12. i shall have to go buy an oxfordshire os map then!
  13. is there anywhere interesting left in oxfordshire these days!?!?
  14. what's the ridgeway like these days guys? i had heard rumours of some it being shut...?
  15. cheers for the quick reply western
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