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  1. Does someone recall the london taxi pickup on 109 chassis? I think I saw it on s2c, looked quite natural. Maarten
  2. I agree, have got a SD 33 in my IIB, together with the 5 speed 'box. Wonderful engine! regards maarten
  3. I've got a Nissan SD33 straight six diesel in my IIB, together with the five speed gearbox. Fits nicely with a small cut in the upper rails, ie the one on top of the chassis itself. It needed two custom made propshafts, which set me back €100 a piece. It now cruises at 90 km/h all day. It is the engine out of an 1980's Nissan Patrol. Hth Maarten
  4. I saw one on the S2 Club forum a while ago, very nicely done too, dark blue IIRC. regards maarten
  5. My modified IIB is capable of speeds around 90kph, so am thinking about uprating the brakes :-) Now I recall that coil sprung axles are wider then standard series, but that a IIB also has a wider track. Now, would a coil sprung axle fit under my IIB, without the coils of course? Regards maarten
  6. Hi, can I ask what kind of price range these things are in? Would really like aircon in my IIB, as we are taking it to Portugal on the motorway, and am looking for some sort of aircon system. regards maarten
  7. After spending two days in bed with 'zinc fever', caused by some quick welding of zinc treated steel, I'm wondering what everybody uses for protection during welding. I'm looking for a welding helmet, as I am currently using a hand-held mask-not good. I only weld once in a couple of months, but enjoy doing it very much. Does anyone use special breathing filters, ie Adflo? , other masks? For the amount of welding I do, I find it hard to justify the E500 plus for a Speedglas + Adflo system.. Zinc oxide is a tad worse for you than normal welding fumes, but they can´t be very good for you either, although I know one welder who swears by doing a bit of stick welding to cure his cold... So what do you use against welding fumes, filters or your nose. Maarten
  8. Thanks! I'm afraid 1000 euro's is way above my budget, although that shop offers some nice bargains! I guess its off to the scrappy, and fabrication time. Thanks for all your replies. Regards Maarten
  9. That refridgeration unit did cross my mind, but I know exactly what you mean when you say they're noisy... As my IIB is already 3 meters high, I'm a bit hesitant to increase that. Over 3 meters is also a new toll tariff in France, a country I don't live in but go on holiday quite often. I maybe forgot to mention my IIB is 24 volts, because of the Japanese engine. So if I could run the electromagnetic clutch of an inverter, and buy a 24 v fan, which I suspect will draw much more amps, I should be in business? Thanks again, Maarten
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I'm more inclined to go the scrappy route, I've got a 3.3 diesel engine, so I thing it can cope with the extra load. The electromagnetic clutch only needs a small amperage, doesn't it? So I can get away with a 12 volt system using a inverter? Regards Maarten
  11. Have checked upon the camper roofmounted airco's , they come in at around 1000 euros. Mostly they work on 220, or use a 12 volt inverter. I guess I could make that a 24-220 inverter, but it still would be a huge inverter. Also, there's the matter of the 1000 euros... Checked on the vintage air solution, seems pretty well made and the cost around 900 dollars. Still a lot of money. What is wrong with the RaRo system? Have to check that electronic/electro magnetic clutch. thanks, Maarten
  12. As I experienced last summer, when I took my 110" FC to Portugal, it gets quite hot in the cab. This gets quite tiring, and driving 3000 kms with the windows open and the vents full open is not quite relaxing as well. So, there are two options: A) Don't go anywhere when it's hot outside. B) Install some form of airco. I tried google, but haven't found a good write-up. As far as I can tell, installing it consists of salvaging a complete system, and installing that into my FC, and than having a airco place fill the system up for me. I'd need to plug in a separate vent system with a fan, as I currenctly don't have one. Is it that simple, and has anyone tried this before? Also, as my FC is 24v, the only electrical component I need is the fan, right? Regards Maarten
  13. Cheers Diff, that gives me a lot more options! Maarten
  14. I'm in the process of fitting a heater to my IIB, but first I need to locate a suitable place for the heater itself. How long can the heater hoses be to remain effective? Is for instance two meters too long? It is not a standard Land Rover, but a 24 volt Nissan Patrol heater, which was very effective in said Nissan. What do you think? Maarten
  15. Hi Donald, BTW (19%) is VAT, the BPM is around 30-40%. If you look at a 110 double cab, chances are that there is no BPM on it, as it might be classed as a commercial vehicle, which don't pay BPM. Also, in the Netherlands companies can claim back VAT(BTW). I think your supplier will be able to advise you on these tax matters. Maarten
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