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  1. With thanks to Western for the link to part numbers that I needed at this thread http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=86024 all is now back to normal. I replaced the belt at the same time. Having seen various posts before about removing the fan to do this thought I would say it isn't necessary to do this. The belt can be fed between crank pulley and rad (from above) making it a sub 20 minute job.
  2. Thanks. Just what I need. Now I just need to find someone who will supply a Genuine Part rather than an unsatisfactory one.
  3. Getting a bit of the wrong sort of noise from under the bonnet and there seems to be a small amount of ally dust on the exhaust side of the engine. On further investigation the likely culprit is the idler pulley for the serpentine belt - it wobbles and the yellow seal is floating around loose at the back! Non- air con engine so there are two idlers and it is the one on the left as you face the engine (nearer the engine of the two above the PAS pump). I think I've got as far as working out that each of the two idlers has a different part number (ERR6493 and ERR6658) but can't find which it is that I need. And while I'm asking, are the spring retainers available for the quick release screws that retain the fan shroud? One has disintegrated and the other three will soon follow it. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Mine does this too. It is only ever noticeable when twirling the wheel at parking speeds and 'moaning' or 'mooing' describes it well. I think it is probably a bush or bearing somewhere in the steering column but it has got neither worse nor better in 4 years of ownership (all belts and fluids are per spec). So, for as long as the steering remains as good as it continues to be I'm not planning on spending time to track down the cause. (And by way of reassurance I've had to replace a ball joint this year and started looking for the cause because the steering was starting to wander.)
  5. The main problem I find with my TD5 is the unbearable drone it seems to provoke in owners of Land Rovers of some models with other engines!!!
  6. I bought an S3 bulkhead with steering column, brake servo, dash, pedals and so on still attached and did not feel uncomfortable transporting it in the back of an S3 SWB. The door was partly open (about 18") and kept 'closed' against the bulkhead by the means of a couple of bungie cords but the bulkhead was firmly restrained by a couple of ratchet straps. I was comfortable lifting it myself (I'm no Hulk) but if your truck is pretty and vulnerable inside then you may worry about cosmetic damage - I wouldn't try it in my Defender which is a bit of a tart.
  7. Not sure where you've looked for a new head but Turners are probably much cheaper than LR Gen TD5 heads and I'd trust their judgement in stating that the ones they sell are better than standard. But still £1095 plus VAT. And the £150 cost of their fitting kit might tell you somehting about why the allegedly sorted one that you bought failed so soon afterwards, even if it was OK to start with.
  8. GL88

    TD5 remaps

    I had mine done 2 years ago at http://www.jeengineering.co.uk/old/ (same as yours - new chip rather than remap required). They are in Coventry which may be an issue for you. They datalogged mine on the nearby dual carriageway and reported it as having gone from 18s 0-60 to under 14s which isn't bad considering I also have Disco final drive ratio. I'd thoroughly recommend JE but you might want to ensure you have an insurance quote first.
  9. Saw these on a silver D90 in Wells earlier this week. I think that they would be fine on a black one but look a bit odd on any other colour (and you'd need to tint the glass in the rear door).
  10. GL88

    nanstarting td5

    When you say 'run normally' do you mean it will run but produces vast clouds of white smoke and has no power? If so then it probably has petrol in the tank instead of diesel. If you mean it has trouble starting on cold mornings then something may be amiss with the pre-heaters (glow plugs) - the TD5 has 4 despite having 5 cylinders and at most temperatures above zero they will normally start without pre-heat but may be a bit rough.
  11. This is the bottom line - I think that the people selling LR specific upgraded intercoolers are taking us for a ride. £119 for the ebay one mentioned shows that over £400 for the similar LR offering is a lot. Bear in mind that the ebay one is not a basic box with pipes coming out like the cheapest ones (uprated offering for sierra cosworth). There must be some profit for someone in getting an upgrade TD5 (or whatever) pattern made in China - I'd buy one because I haven't the time for modifications and fabrication at the moment.
  12. A friend had this problem some years ago with a very heavily breathed on V8 110 (basically raised to TVR spec). One of the things he did was have the bonnet louvred - this looked a much less bodged than the hole-saw approach.
  13. GL88

    Glazing Felt

    Search on Google and you'll find the dimensions. Buy slightly wider from Woollies (2 rolls about £2.50 each) and cut it down with a scalpel/steel rule. I cut it a few mm wider than standard (to fully fill the channel - unlike the standard stuff) and sprayed mine with aerosol silicone water proofer for good measure.
  14. If you are looking for something with good road manners and reasonable performance off road I'd recommend BFG AT which happen to also be available in 18". I recently replaced my fronts at 67,000 miles still well legal. I'll soon do the rears with over 7mm of tread left but sun crazed side walls. http://www.camskill.co.uk/m65b702s0p0/4x4_Tyres_-_SUV_Tyres_-_All_Terrain_Tyres_-_Off_Road_Tyres_-_18_inch_BF_GOODRICH_TYRES_4X4_BF_GOODRICH_ATKO_ALL_TERRAIN_BFG_AT_KO_-_ These seem a bit pricey so it will depend on how long you plan on keeping them/the vehicle whether the absurdly long life makes them worthwhile.
  15. I'm glad this has come up to remind me. A while back I fitted a decent Kenwood head unit and small under dash speakers in my 90CSW. As Si says that was good but too tinny. Next stage was to fit a pair of 7" (I think) units into 'Defendoor' enclosures either side of the back door which was much better and I was happy for a year. But last week I hired a cheap Hundai i30 for work and drove a fair distance out on the motorway in the morning listening to Radio 4 concluding that the steering was much worse than the Defender, the fuel consumption very little better, the radio pretty poor and wishing the 90 was insured to drive for work. On the way back I decided to hook up my iPhone using the lead in the glove box and it was absolutel fantastic!!! Nothing like the kit in the house but it blew away the Kenwood gear I'd installed. Messing about led to the conclusion that the difference was purely down to the Hyundai having a sub so that will be the next step.
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