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  1. I seem to recall buying mine through Rimmer Brothers but have been unable to find them. The only one I could find now is http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/LAND-ROVER-DEFENDER-HEATED-CONVEX-WING-MIRROR-GLASS-NEW_W0QQitemZ330362074054QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20090923?IMSfp=TL090923148004r3623 I might try it as I need one for the drivers side I have smash the mirror a few time and element no longer sticks to the mirror and there are issues with the connection to the element.
  2. I have been looking for somewhere to put the onboard PC as it's currently attached to the back of my console and has had a few close calls when wading the other though is if there is room the ECU. The new dash fitted over the week end looks good although Im' going have to add thing to fill up the space.
  3. I'm quite happy with EBC Disc but wasn't that impressed by there pads I do about 20 mile on the M6/M6toll from Coventry to Tamworth, and had a lot of problem with them not working after a time on the motorway, which can and often does come to a sudden holt. I have gone back to using the standard pad my local seller uses which happens to be Mintex very impressed with them they give as good braking as EBC last longer and work in all conditions.
  4. Yes, I looking to put an order in at the end of the week when I get paid.
  5. You can pretty much have it cut (although at a cost £10 a panel) to what you want or just order blanks and cut them yourself. Roof console would be a great idea you may want to suggest it to him as I believe the only 1 available is the ARB and that cost £250-300 It shouldn't effect the the windscreen vent as they are behind the gray plastic panel(certainly no more than TD5 style or after market designs) which this looks to sit up against.
  6. Thanks for information about whats needed to be done to fit one, in will certainly better than the plastic thing I have, and looking at the photo's it looks well made.
  7. Looks Nice, just wondered how much cuting did you have to do?
  8. If my understanding is correct Heavy Duty 110's (not all) and 130 have a 4 pin diff in the front a slightly machined down version of the rear.
  9. Yes even better if it handles the way Lara explains not only can you leave them in a straight line but play with them in corner. Yes the the front bumper doesn't look good but hey I'm sure that would be easily changed with that sort of cash.
  10. The standards people are seeing the advantage and approving them as the understand the reason for them the law often catches up later. IT a bit along the line of it actually was something like ten year after the last manufacturer had stop making cars with arm type indicators that the law was changed to except the current flash indicator. Oh driving in this morning made me think of another reason for an advantage to LEDs Fog, LEDs tend to produce a few frequencies of light rather than the scattering you usually get with Tungsten or halogen (hence the reason the are whiteish) so you get less scattering of light (only in Red, Green or Blue) therefore in fog LEDs should penetrate the fog further.
  11. Interestingly Manual adjustment is illegal in the ECC, European standards did not like the idea of a driver being able to adjust there own lights as they would be dangerous, My dad has a Volvo with manual adjustment. Also with regards to failure they could be end up in an incorrect position as can self Levelling mention in a meeting with the major manufacturer of HID's in Germany although this dates back to 1997 but I can not actually believe the ECC would u-turn on that even if there was a default mode it is possible for failure in an incorrect position and therefore more dangerous than the standard mechanic adjustment. Strangely I seem to recall the reason ECC only approve 50/60watt Halogen bulbs and not higher wattage was due to them being a safe brightness so how could any HID's system be legal as they are claimed to be 3 times brighter. Back to the original Question LED's The only advantage is you are likely to reduce the chance of some-one running into you as LED react faster then standard bulb LED something 10 thousandth of second to full brightness Bulb can take up to 0.5 seconds as it requires a filament of metal to go to white hot There is a saving in theory due to the lower power requirement IF my understanding of the Law is they are illegal even the ones the are fitted to the vehicle at manufacture due them not having a single source of light even though ECC homologation personnel have approved the various Jaguars, Land-Rovers, and Aston Martins I worked they will admit they don't comply with current rules. The rule for fitting bulbs to vehicle aren't as easy as it may seem as it depends on how old your vehicle is vehicle manufactured after 1983 can fit a non E' approve bulb to an E' approved lamp, Vehicle build after 1991 require both E' approved lamp and bulb. There are no regulations for vehicles manufactured before 1983 other than positions for lighting EG minimum distance headlight or side is from the side of the vehicle.
  12. There is a blue Defender an the front of LRW this month with a silver version of this grill and looks fine as this is like LR Concept in SVX shown in 1998 (I believe) this doesn't have the strange rings around the lights which make it look awful.
  13. I would guess that the side panels are the same as an 88 as the ifor williams back body i have fitted is the same as an 88 a ninety is longer. Yes in effect a CSW will be in a more expensive tax bracket.
  14. Mine had wading plugs with it just had nowhere fit it. LAnd-Rover Recommend No deeper than 500mm with-out proper wading kit( Snorkel Axel Breather, ETC)
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