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  1. Yes, used to live near Grafam Water, the police on duty in the car park couldn't keep up with ticket writing .....
  2. Came across this one at about 90 quid, fair point about getting it up there though.
  3. A little bit OT but I am looking for a towing bracket mounted scooter carrier for my LR and other 4X4. There seem to be several out there for motorhomes but seem hugely over engineered for a 90 kilo scooter. I know I could fab something using tube like this US type, just wondering where to start in terms of materials, I think it needs to be steel, just looking for a balance between strength and weight. .Any thoughts appreciated!
  4. Just some bearings, Ashcroft do a diy bearing kit if you have a look on their site. Don't know about the gearchange, I had a V8 90 from nearly new, seem to remember 3rd gear nearly hit the radio and 4th gear was almost in the cubby box.
  5. Of all the lr's I have owned I wished I had kept my (SXF) series one
  6. I use enamel paint, but there are plenty of other options.
  7. If it had the number it could have been stolen anyway, you have no way of checking. Ebay, car boot sales, classifieds etc will always have stolen goods guaranteed.
  8. As a novice you are best off selecting a single panel and going through the whole process on just that panel. If you are a natural bodyworker it will look great, chances are that it will look carp and you will have learnt enough to do a fine job on the rest of the truck.
  9. So are we all agreed, the best place for a diesel is in a tractor. Hat, coat etc.
  10. To me converting a v8 to diesel would be about the same as hearing that Kelly Brook was having a sex change.
  11. Anybody got any thoughts on using this 40 litre tank?
  12. If you run a dedicated 12v to your radio which doesn't touch any other circuits you won't blow the fuse. Suggest a 3A fuse would be suitable.
  13. These 240v tubular heaters start at £25 and are IP64 rated - bit easier to mount neatly behind the seats. I bought one last winter but it is still in the box somewhere.
  14. It might be a revival but nothing has changed. JC - nice bit of history even if you haven't mentioned your own participation in most of these publications!
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