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    See there has been some activity here so I will give you something.
    Land Rovers, Bikes (the real thing not Aussie bikes-pushy's) Boobies, Beer, Exploring this beautiful country.....Australia.
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  1. I envy this couple. https://au.totaltravel.yahoo.com/inspiration/adventure/g/28233708/landrover-around-the-world/ Just pure magic.
  2. Awesome, some people should just not be left around vehicles.
  3. @ hangover Is that a strait bolt on an drive? How did you bypass the electronics on the turbo? I know every one is concerned about remapping the ECU, is it that critical? I am asking this because my forte is not tuning things up everyday. You are not increasing the boost pressure and if it does I can not see it being much, I do see that the VNT will easily supply the full boost from much lower rpm and think the ECU would cope with this.....or am I completely of the mark??
  4. Can not see a problem with the mod, the only thing that may be of a small concern if my memory is still serving me correctly is the re programming of the injector grades into the ECU, done this ten or so years ago, it my not like the new numbers but she should still run good.
  5. Could be the transfer box, hub members, half shafts, diffs.......or all of the above.
  6. Is the ECU standard or "chipped"? It sounds electrical, if not the control unit acting up. Inspect the engine harness very careful for chafing, it seems when the chassis is twisted a certain way the wires short somehow. Good luck, these are very tough faults to hunt down.
  7. As above, the pump is cavitating, and as above between the steering box and reservoir, you need to cool the oil after its used for its job and before it goes into the reservoir. Nice cooler, you also increased the volume of the oil, so there is more to go around and will last longer.
  8. I have one, yes it produces the hex grip, I use it extensively and my work looks fantastic.
  9. I think most tools are made there, you can ask them to put your logo on there and away you go. Cant see why it wont work, if worse comes to worse the gauges may be a concern.
  10. You got the route correct?
  11. Put a VNT on, cant be much difference in price.
  12. The clutch on the alternator does as above, also reduces the dragg it puts on the belt and the engine witch in turn gives longer belt live and lower fuel consumption and emissions......on deacceleration, yes deacceleration, you will not benefit from the latter on your V8. The intellegint alternators are NOT intellegent without the engine control unit, the engine control unit "knows" what type of battery is SUPPOSE to be fitted and different batterys need different charging rates, a AGM battery for example needs to charge at 14,4V to charge propperly and is different from a Calsium battery and different from a normal lead acid battery. I see every day of my life how people try to be imtellegent and fit the wrong battery than recomended to save money, and then things go wrong and cost absurt amounts of money to fix. I have no clue what vehicle you got the alternator from, I dont get the lingo, but I think you are safe.
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