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  1. The darker bit is where fuel sprayed while bleeding the injector lines😇
  2. Well the Ibex has been sulking in the shed for too long and as a consequence the fuel pump had gummed itself up. He still started but just wanted run away, apparently the pump delivers peak fuel on start up and then the governor kicks in to control the fuel. When stripped they found the internals corroded so that the governor couldn't do its job. Took the injector pump to Hickley's in Bridgwater and got the pump back a week later looking like new. They suggested that I took the rest of the fuel system apart to clean out any crud that had migrated so I stripped everything between the fuel f
  3. You want the torque to be high enough that the preload on the assembly is greater than the force exerted by the pressure. Its a really fine thread so they shouldn't need to be ridiculously tight but it took some force to undo them as there was coke in the annulus between the nozzle and the securing nut and some light corrosion at the end of the threads. They are unlikely to come undone once installed as fixing is pretty positive its more of a fatigue issue imho
  4. Bosch, found supply on ebay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-200-TDI-NEW-BOSCH-INJECTOR-NOZZLES-SET-OF-4-DSLA145P208-0433175017/274456947691?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Part number on mine is DSLA 145 P 208 its etched on the barrel of the injector nozzle.
  5. I think this may be an exception, they were proper friction tight to undo - I think carbon and 30 years didn't help. They are a proper fine thread so I wouldn't expect such a high torque to do them back up. My sphincter twitchometer would be having convulsions😂
  6. Love it, do you have an indicator of imminent failure?🤕
  7. Thanks Mo, but that's the clamp which retains the injector in the head. Unfortunately LR didn't consider the injector to be serviceable so there's no information in the manual, Bosch would like you to take them to a service centre so I've not been able to find any torques figures.
  8. Evening all, I've just had my fuel pump rebuilt and was told it was full of carp so I decided to pull the injectors to check they were clean and clear. Having done so I realise that the nozzles are worn and have bought a spare set. The nozzle retaining nuts take quite a torque to undo but I'm assuming that's a function of the coke that builds up around the nozzle to nut interface and general age. Can anybody tell me how tight I should torque them back up or do I go with 3 white knuckles and a grunt🤪. Thanks Rob
  9. I made a crow foot ring spanner up when I did mine to get them torqued up properly. Buy one of Halfords finest spanners cut it in half and weld an M10 nut to the ring end. Make sure you check length required before cutting.
  10. I've fitted a bilge blower in line with a standard defender heater box. I've retained the resistor pack as well and have a pretty good two speeds. I remover the original fan and made my own duct up which the fan slips into. Will get you a photo later.
  11. I'm fitting forward facing rear defender seats in my Ibex. I'm just trying to get them set up right and was wondering whether anybody out there could take me a couple of dimensions please. Ideally I'd like the dimension from the rear tub floor to the flat in the wheel box which the seat pivot bracket sits on. The other one would be the centres height of the fold down arm on the lower bracket pivot to the centre pivot of the upper seat bracket. Thanks for your help - hope it gives you something different to do in isolation😂 Take Care Rob
  12. Thanks all, yes isolated pump with the solenoid supply. Yes the engine turned off on the key and the turbo was refurbished albeit several years ago. Will persevere with a a little messing about with the throttle and give it a few more starts - wasn't aware that start setting was equivalent to full fuel. Might also try pull the boost pin to see what it looks like. Watch this space🤔
  13. Evening all, Unfortunately project Ibex has been languishing in the barn untouched for a couple of years. Time has come to push it over the line, so having installed the battery I decide to give starting the old girl a go. This is an engine I know the history of as it ended up being rebuilt when I originally bought it to replace my original trucks turbo diesel. I had the engine running a couple of years ago without any real issues and drove the truck round the farm. So why 2 years on having cranked the engine over for 30 seconds with the fuel pump isolated to give the oil a stir does
  14. Hi Dizzy, I bought a TD5 seat box to retro-fit into my 1988 90. I decided it was too much hassle in the end and I can't remember all the detail but you either need to cut out the tunnel mounting section from your old seat box and attach to you new TD5 or you need to get hold of all the tunnel sections and floor panels. I think part oof the issue is the TD5 tunnel is much wider and there are braces down the back of the front face where you need to cut. My old seat box is still cluttering up the garage. For its age its in ok condition, the side flanges are corroded around the bolt h
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