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  1. did your donkey start ****ting around again
  2. front and rear are equal. I think, not sure !! 600 gr = 8.5 PSI 800 gr = 11.4 PSI 1000 gr = 14.2 PSI the comma can be on the wrong place But it's quite flat !
  3. We've always used them on 600 up to 800 gr's on beadlock rims. When a lot of tarmac was involved, 1000 gr MAX
  4. Hi Nokiamutt, The D&G switches can always be send towards you. Dieter is on Skiing trip, send him a mail next week and he will supply them towards you
  5. Nope, we did not weght this. We estimate around 2.200 a 2.300 kg. This was including 3 winches and 3 batts............. Lets see what future will bring
  6. THANKS, I will give it a try in the comming weeks and months............ I'm sure that I will re contact you later ;-)
  7. @ LR's foreever, yes we are @ Diesel Jim, so, the job was possible to do ? @ all, any idea where I can find a rave for a 2003 ?
  8. I would like to simplify the existing wiring loom of my Td5. Both of them are out of the car. Now, I would like to get rid of everything, which is not needed to have the engine running. SO, get rid of all lights, dash, horn, wipers, alarm, radio, 10AS was already removed, and what else ?? Anyone who has serious tips or experience ?
  9. Well done guys !! Looking forward for the complete story and pics !
  10. Ced

    Defender PTO

    Contact Dieter from D&G Tuning WWW.dgTuning.com He designed his own PTO system for LR's. It will be a full mechanical one. There are different winch gearbox set ups to choose from, fast, stron, reliable !
  11. @ Alan, Are you looking for this maybe ?? www.winchsaver.com But, I know some guy's using this, and those rubber bals get cut also ..........
  12. what is it with them and ferry's ? Do they ever be in time for there boats ? Anyway, good luck and have fun !
  13. good luck over there !!! Keep us posted and don't freeze your balls off
  14. As written before, I think a permanent rolled blanket on a rope is acceptable, thats why I voted on it. It doesn't hurt anyone beeing there, and it can straight away be used to protect the rope on sharp edges. If it's not there, you will not protect your rope, because it takes time to take one. And, when crossing roads, it's there aswell........... Having it in the middle, doesn't make sense and is dangerous for the co. I refuse to doe it when I'm co-driving .......... Imaging trying to do this when the car climbs a steep bank, what kind of danger is the co going through .......... I agree on Steff's firts aid kit, I also lost a part of a finger, squeezed between a cable and a bumper. I can imagine what will be going trough your head when this happens in the middle nowhere ............. But, as Steff, i'm also a wussie Concerning helmets, here in Belgium and Holland, we are always oblieged to wear them during comps, and why not ?? I don't see a down side on it !
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