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  1. strange one here we have a rangerover trayback running 101 axles front and rear and have been asked to convert it to discs any idea what parts fit regards mark
  2. ok here goes am i right in thinking 300tdi props will fit on a 200tdi motor or do i have to change the falnges regards mark
  3. how much is it not been in there since i was 17 making the things
  4. thanx for the advice i will look in to it further
  5. hi does any one no if the gap is open this year and if it is whats the dates cheers
  6. my mate has a prob with his td5 the heater it only blows cold its an es with the climet control there is plenty of coolent in it and the temp when running is normal has any one come across this prob before
  7. thanx for the info gents new axle it is then regards mark
  8. yep for a 90 but i can collect hubs easy however i will be divorced if i put axle in her belover g wagon
  9. i am sure southdown do one for roll cages hope this helps
  10. hi gents i was wondering if disco discs brake hubs will bolt on to the end of my drum axle or am i swaping the whole axle over regards mark
  11. make sure the belt is good and tight it can be worth liffting the wheels of the ground and dropping the steering arm then turn the wheels incase it is a prob in the hubs regards mark
  12. ok now my head is fried i think i will just bolt another lt77 any one got one with serfix s please and not to far away
  13. to be honist i dont no but i am sure somone on here will have done it if there is to much involved i will pick up a nother old 200 box but i do seem to be eating them lol
  14. cheers i think the td5 gearbox is the same as the r380 but i dont no about the splines i realy dont want to go to the trouble of getting a plate made up as i need it on the road asap and dont want to splash out on the box untill i am sure i was going to use a td5 cluch kit anyway its wether my trasfer box will go on the the splines aswell
  15. for the room they take up a spare wheel bearing would be a good one to add i keep one in my motor full time after learning the hard way on a sunday morning regards mark
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