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  1. Hi all Looking like i may be selling my truck so need some thoughts as to what its worth in the real world 2000 X reg Disco 2 4.0V8 ES, 6800 on the clock 11 months MOT. was wifes/family car up to last summer when it became mine and i converted it to on/off road spec, cars been owned by us for years (second owners from new) and only been off road at Biling last year and a weekend at Yarwell.. all following parts are new and only have about 300 miles on them . genuine Safari snorkel custom side exit exhaust with oval D44 finishing plate Performance disc's and green stuff pads Braided exte
  2. cheers for the replys chaps
  3. Fair to say that 110 is loaded up lol what I'm after us the best way to fix the bikes to the rack, bungees?
  4. Thanks for the replys, the paddock one is two parts the bit sticking out past the wheel removes in seconds just held on with a pin or padlock to a plate on the other side of the wheel and joins through the centre cap hole
  5. anyone use one of these, interested to know how you secure the bikes to it? http://www.paddockspares.com/bike-rack-for-discovery-2.html
  6. i have found in my vast non medical experience that shoving my slashed body parts in a bag of cement dust stops bleeding pretty well, sets nice and hard too... try this at your own risks though lol
  7. Thanks mate, that looks like them.. cheers
  8. need to replace one of the solid ABS pipes on my year 2000 D2 V8, its the pipe that connects to the front passenger side brake hose. anyone have a part number for it? cheers
  9. ok found the answer to the extra breather its from the EVAP canister, part of the emission controls on the V8...
  10. cheers Les thats what i thought just dont no what the 3rd one is by the gear/trans boxes, but it dosent seem to go any were just sat there not connected in the cable clip with the other 2.. maybe it was put in by mistake knowing Land Rover tolerances lol
  11. Hi all just extending my breathers on my D2 V8, have sorted both axles no problem and have found what i think are the gear and trans pipes. coming from back of the engine were the plug leads go down theres 3 black pipes that run down to the boxes. on tracing them as far as i can, 2 seem to go up above the boxes but cant feel or see were they ended up but the 3rd pipe isnt connected to anything?. i managed to pull one of them out from behind the engine and its defo a breather as is hooked over at the end but cant get the other 2 out. so can anyone tell me if two of 3 pipes are the breathers
  12. i no they have been checked but does sound like air springs, mine did the same thing. would go days with no problem then all of a sudden go down, there was a small hole that sometimes would seal its self depending on the position of the spring as it rolled up/down sometimes covering the hole if your get my drift... i fitted the coil conversion and all air spring related problems are a thing of the past...
  13. was at my mates workshop today and had My D2 reversed up on ramps with me underneath removing the side steps when Bang some muppet drives into the front of it!! the car rocked back and just managed to stay on the ramps. talk about life flashing in front my your eyes, anyway i crawl out in whats fair to say not in a happy mood, turns out he was reversing backwards and didnt see the huge great red disco 2 i wasnt on the road but in the front of my mates workshop so said muppet shouldnt have been anywere near me. i may have suggested he reminded me of a certain part of a ladys body Now every
  14. i prefer it now, always found the old one a bit tricky...
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