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  1. just loosen the three bolts on the pas pulley
  2. is it a chirping sound if so that's normally a uj .
  3. how do i adjust the float level ?
  4. hi all i have just fitted a new carb on the quad bike and now when i start it it is fine for about 20 ft then it loses power then if i leave it ticking over for a few secondes its back to full power for another 20 ft .i am hoping someone can help
  5. i think they have a relay on the heater plugs maybe start with that ?
  6. i dont want to sound perverted but i always stop for women that have broke down only as i think i would like it if someone stop for my mrs. i was on my way home a while ago now and there was a car in the middle of the road and a young mum behind the wheel she had a baby in the car seat and everyone was just beeping at her and driving round. i could not believe it. i did the same as the guy above and helped her out. it makes you feel like a gentleman
  7. i did my 90 with fiberglass resin then black paint over that and that was about 6 years ago no. and it i go out to it right now and rub the dust off it is still like new underneath it just dose not flak or peel like paint
  8. i just put it on a tee piece of the turbo and have the controller on the dash .i fitter a boost gauge at the same time.
  9. i got it from ebay and it was only £20 just remember not to set it to high as you can damage the turbo. i fitted a boost gauge at the same time just to be sure not to over boost.
  11. how the hell did you manage to put a hole in them things they are thick as you like
  12. that sounds like a UJ going they make a screching sound when they are on there way out
  13. sounds like the diff you put in has play in the bearing's i have had a few go like that and they only make that rumble sound when you are engine breaking .
  14. what your describing is what i had my truck would take ages to start but once started would be fine for rest of the day . maybe try the [ bleed off flexies] first would be cheaper .
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