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  1. The second phase of the challenge took place today – Scrutineering. The Saluki has been prepared like never before and headed off to Ibn Battuta shopping mall for it’s high noon appointment with the scrutineers. The scrutineers would go over every inch of the Saluki making sure that safety equipment was correct and up to date, seals were in place, documentation on the vehicle (chassis numbers etc) were all correct in all – ensuring that it complied with the FIA regulations for the car to enter the rally. The mall is an impressive building but it became even more impressive when the Saluki drove through one of the stores to get to the scrutineering point. The sound of a rumbling V8 engine waiting to be unleashed certainly gave the shoppers something to drool over. Unfortunately there was no time for even window shopping – the Saluki had an appointment that it had to pass. We’re glad to say that the Saluki passed scrutineering with flying colours and we are now on the official starting list. The spare parts have been inventoried and the service crews are getting their vehicles ready to travel to the Liwa camp after the stage tomorrow. The only thing that bothers the team is a squeaking clutch pedal which is unlikely to be heard above the noise of the engine whilst racing. The media campaign is paying off – this month’s issue of Car Magazine includes a full two page spread on Team Saluki and the team also make a single page appearance in the Dubai edition of Time Out. The next phase of the Challenge is the Prologue stage which takes place tomorrow at 4pm near today’s venue of the Ibn Battuta mall. The team are looking forward to getting on with what they do best – dune racing – the challenge begins in earnest tomorrow. Regards Team Saluki www.teamsaluki.com A quick note to thank one of our sponsors. Angliss QBB have done a sterling job in supplying meat and sustenance to Team Saluki for use at their camp at Liwa. The meat supplied will ensure that the whole team keep up with the demanding work schedule during the Desert Challenge and we’re glad to have them on board as one of our sponsors. Many thanks to Graham Evans at Angliss QBB who sell and market food products in the Middle East region for their provisions and also for his support of Team Saluki.
  2. Some news from the sand pit. Sunday 6th November 2005 - Nearly there & nearly ready! The first phase of the 2005 U.A.E. Desert Challenge takes part tomorrow as Mark and Tim have to complete the documentation process, showing the organisers numerous documents such as their driving licenses, international racing licenses, team registration, car registration, insurances etc. etc. This will no doubt take a few hours as they struggle for a place in the queue with about 150 competitors, including bike riders, drivers and co-drivers, at the official race headquarters, Dubai International Marine Club. Ard Lampers arrived from the Netherlands last night, and he and Mark spent all day carrying out the hundreds of small but very important jobs on the car to make sure it's in perfect - or at least as close as we can get to it - condition for the race. There was a slight problem when we realised the fire extinguishers were out of certification, so these were whisked off to a nearby extinguisher inspection company and they have PROMISED that they'll be ready for collection by noon tomorrow. They must be installed in the car by tomorrow evening because the all important scrutineering takes place on Tuesday 8th November inside the Ibn Battuta shopping mall. The whole car and the crew's safety clothing will be inspected to see it meets the FIA's regulations and once that hurdle is crossed, Team Saluki will be included on the official starting list. Later today the UK contingent of service crew and supporters will be arriving at Dubai airport where the very busy Ard Lampers will collect them and they'll all, somehow, be squeezing into Mark's villa in Dubai. Various magazines have come out this week featuring articles about Team Saluki, including Game On, Time Out, Middle East Car, Total Sport, Emirates Today and others, whilst Tim has been busy with radio interviews on both Radio 2 (FM 99.3) and Dubai Eye (FM 103.Cool in the last two days. In the UK we also have articles in Land Rover Monthly, Land Rover Enthusiast and Land Rover Owner International this month. The team's P.R. machine continues to roll on... Monday 7th November 2005 - The band of crazy volunteers has arrived Early this morning Team Saluki expanded with the arrival of the rest of the volunteer crew who will support the team during the Desert Challenge - Mark, Nicky, Dave and Craig have all arrived safe and well and spent today with Ard tidying up loose ends on the Saluki. Bob Morrison from LandRover Monthly also made an appearance the Saluki camp. The support crew spent the day getting the vehicle into a fit state for scrutineering which will take place tommorow . Items that were completed today include - aligning the belts on the waterpump / tensioner and drive shaft, electrical changes and checks, and the fitting of new side windows amongst other things. True to their word - the fire extinguishers have been collected from the inspection company and are now back in the vehicle. Since documentation took place today successfully- the vehicle has been plastered with vehicles number (208) as is now well and truly stickered up. The vehicle is 99% complete with only a small number of tasks to be completed for tommorows scrutineering which for the first time ever for an FIA event is being held in a public location - Ibn Battuta shopping mall. Team Saluki are scheduled for a 12:00 appointment with the scrutineers. We'll let you know tommorow how we got on... Regards, Team Saluki. www.teamsaluki.com
  3. It was a hell of a lot of truck for the price though.
  4. Good luck lads. Not long now, huh? This has been a shameless bump post on behalf of the Team Saluki Support Team.
  5. New lenses are available from C&S Tat
  6. Theres a load of pics in the series section, alright, its in a lightweight, but heres my numbers for a 2.25 5mb. Total fill? unknown, assume the numbers above for a 90litre CP tank. Get 250+ miles until empty dependant on the weight of my toe. Mostly motorway work.
  7. Sorry mate, missed this one. Its a 90 litre tank. Good for somewhere just over 250-300 miles at current reckoning. Depending on driving style. Done about 1000 miles on it so far. Mostly motorway work.
  8. Well, its in and running now. Had a bit of grief sorting the HT sensing wire on a screened ignition system, but thats sorted now too.
  9. Same bin here too. Sad really. As was mentioned, you need to decide on a header, a logo and a typeface. After that you can knock out as many as you want. Might be worth a vote? Update the banner to make it a little less 'out of the box'? Text is Bolide.
  10. Wasn't us. We weren't even there.
  11. So go to a show thats not propping up a failing comic. Peterborough this year for example.
  12. Glad Im not going to be on my own then. Fancy a pint over the weekend?
  13. As it used to be yeah. It was built a while back though. I always thought it was odd, but we have checked it out and its kosher. Using the original plates instead of trying to scam tax exemption often helps testers look favourably on things.
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