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  1. jai_landrover

    Tdi conversion - where do I stand?

    Keep calm List problems hand them to the owner and if they refuse then citizens advice or other such organisation as to how to take them to court or indeed recover money lost
  2. I've got one an LT230 1.4 to refurbish and a Pto if it doesn't sell and I can get a clean route to the rear X member. (90)
  3. Chicken drumstick Be thankful, my 90 filled with tools and loaded To the roof typical on 255 85 16 tyres and a1:1.003 transfer box. Motorway are ok but it doesn't like long hills! 4th and 3rd get used a lot don't get into 5 th until 62mph sat nav cruised to the Nationals loaded up in 5th on slightly smaller 235 diamonds singing away about 75 all the way (except for hills) I'll get around to fitting the 1.4 at some point so it can tow the trials motor
  4. jai_landrover

    oops.. fire :-(

    Wires over the bell housing in those pesky brittle black clips known for the wire to fall out eventually run through and short causing all sorts of live shorts to the engine harness I had the same thing but was traced to faulty wiring that had worn through and shorted causing the other sites to melt and create all sorts of weird things. Glad you spotted it could have been a lot worse
  5. jai_landrover

    LT95 driveline angle queries - 109V8/One-Ten/RRC

    Diff angle was for clearance of the track rod on coil Spring models 22 degrees? they rephrased the front propshaft ie not in phase to combat the dreaded vibration I suspect they kept with the same angle as it was proven to work. As for the engine tilting up that I wouldn't know.
  6. jai_landrover

    4 spline diff flange dimensions

    I have loads if you pay postage you can have one
  7. jai_landrover

    LT85 Gearbox makes strange noise

    Lay shaft bearing are prone in those but they can be god awful before you need to do anything with it
  8. jai_landrover

    200 tdi Oil Cooler Fittings

    12s to 1/2 bsp or 3/4? I have the adaptors for the rad somewhere
  9. jai_landrover

    Rear PTO from a defender 110. Anyone fitted one to a 90?

    Actually Mike I thought if you when I picked this up. I wrapped it up good and proper so it wouldn't get my car dirty. I remember coming down 3 hrs after picking my brand new co car to your place to pick up some old axles. You asked how old and I said 3hrs Lol many moons ago!
  10. jai_landrover

    Rear PTO from a defender 110. Anyone fitted one to a 90?

    Still asked for my own design as I want two separate draws one for tools and one for other hobbys toys.
  11. jai_landrover

    Rear PTO from a defender 110. Anyone fitted one to a 90?

    Was on a face ache page. Couldn't say no tbh Had a couple of results latley. Went to get a rear draw bent up to my design for the 90 full depth. The guy said yes no problem now I semi know the guy use him for all my sheet metal and he is really really good. He told me to come upstairs and he shows me one he made for his 110 which he sold. It wasn't full depth and had wings that went over the seat boxes where my mobile storage lockers will eventually go. He said take it away or it will get scrapped. I offered him a few quid but he flatly refused. So I'm adapting it to work. Will bolt it in tomorrow eve.
  12. jai_landrover

    Rear PTO from a defender 110. Anyone fitted one to a 90?

    Only paid £50 for the tranny box and Pto and it worked out I finished work within 10 miles of the guys house. I think I may have to cut a big hole in the cross member and tube it. I just know I want to make use it. It's not something you see every day in a 90 or ever
  13. Just picked up a bargain PTO, while I could probably sell it for a profit I'd quite Like the idea of using it in some way or other. I can fabricate rear crossmember mounts for various things. But my question is: Has anyone ever fitted one to a 90 or indeed was there ever a factory fit option???
  14. jai_landrover

    200tdi engine oil presure

    Also be wary the pressure switches can go faulty, had 3 within 6 months of each other where the diaphragm inside gave way and gave a false low pressure reading. All about 130k
  15. jai_landrover

    CV Jointed Series Axle - custom or Stage 1 V8

    Gaz where are you competing in your trials motor? Or with who awdc Alrc club??

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