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  1. Waldorf

    Limited slip diffs

    It was the Belgian Army that bought 2x4 S3's in 1974/1975. Years later these were retrofitted with LSD's as our troops got stuck in their two-wheel-drive Land Rovers. Some 15 years ago, when I was new into Land Rovers, you could still find some new old stock with parts for these diffs, maar that has dried up now.
  2. Waldorf

    Any Colour gurus here?

    RAL 1019 comes close.
  3. Waldorf

    Diff lock overheating?

    You should have asked us sunday, Koen. There were plenty of people who would have been more than happy to help you out. I was in the sand coloured military 110.
  4. Waldorf

    Tall skinny tyres

    Black Star Guyane are great in mud. You see them quite a lot in France. I had them in 7,5x16 on my 88 for almost ten years, and they are huge, compared to any other 7,5x16.
  5. Waldorf

    X-Eng handbrake conversion

    Hi Geert. Klok = bellhousing.
  6. Waldorf

    Gearbox numbers

    That's a gearbox out of a Dutch army Lightweight.
  7. Waldorf

    Rebuilding a steering relay

    I rebuilt mine last year using the same method, and the shaft was realy stiff. I had to press the bushes inwards to get oil between the shaft and the bushes. After that it worked well.
  8. Waldorf

    Snow chains on Defender

    On snow I don't lock the centre difflock. Locking it will force one of the wheels to slip in corners, and you don't realy want that.
  9. This is the website of Jansen: Jansen used Laro parts
  10. Waldorf

    110 fuel tank

    The pipe on top of the tank is the return pipe. The pick-up pipe is on the left hand side of the tank with the fuel gauge sender unit.
  11. Waldorf

    Can't get my SIII out of 4WD

    At the front of the transfer box you will see a cover with two protruding errr... bits. Take this cover of. Under the cover you find two shafts that move in or out of the housing of the TB. I don't know if they're in or out for 4wd, but it's the top shaft you need to shift between 4WD en 2WD. Apply lots of oil or WD40 and gently (!) tap it with a hammer.
  12. Waldorf

    chassis quastion

    He is trying to get past the (very strict) Belgian legislation about modified vehicles. He wants to register his TD5 110 as a Series 2 to avoid our MOT.
  13. Waldorf

    Handbrake seal

    Ok, thank you. I will give it a try.
  14. Waldorf

    Handbrake seal

    I have a leaking handbrake seal, caused by excessive play in the rear output shaft. The manual describes how to adjust the preload on the bearing, by adding or removing shims between the transfer box and the speedo housing. But this is done with the err... well, the other shaft, the one above the output shaft, removed. As I am not a skilled mechanic I am not too keen on ripping the transfer box to bits. Can I measure and adjust the preload with everything in place? Thanks.
  15. Waldorf

    How the devil

    If you put the new bushes in the freezer for two hours they are much easier to fit.

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