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  1. I have, very carefully, been trying a few things with the new Defender, and in any of the off-road programs it needs very little throttle to activate the TC. It is quite a difference with the D4 I had before the Defender. That needed a lot more wheelspin to get the TC to work.
  2. That's not quite correct. The new G-wagon (released in 2018) is an all new design, made to look like an old design. Mercedes had engineers design the doors in such a way that closing the doors sounds exactly like it did on the old G-wagon. The orginal G-wagon (the W461 as they call it) is still in production as the 'Professional'. It's not available in all markets, and it doesn't have any of the bling. Old and new are both produced in Austria.
  3. The 1982 Camel Trophy was in Papua New Guinea. And they drove... Range Rovers!
  4. @elbekko You may want to read up on the Belgian tax rules. Real hybrids need at least 0.6 kWh/100kg, but there is a second condition for a vehicle to be a 'tax friendly' hybrid: maximum 50 grams of CO2 per km. The Defender produces 74 grams, so the tax man will consider it as a pure petrol vehicle.
  5. It's good to see that modern Land Rovers are just as much fun off road as classic Defenders.
  6. They don't have a dealership network. How are Ineos going to sell these things? Let alone service and repair them?
  7. You don't know who's behind the wheel. I have been on such a trip with Land Rover and most people on these trips are motoring journalists. They usualy know how to drive a BMW around a fast track without getting into too much trouble, but very few have real off-road experience.
  8. I have the Britpart stainless pistons on the 110, and they are fine. I used a Lockheed seal kit.
  9. The new G-wagon is a totally new design, but Mercedes is a lot bigger than LR. Mercedes asked the engineers to make sure the sound of shutting the doors on the new G was the same as on the old. I kinda like the new Defender. It will be a good replacement for my Disco 4.
  10. It was the Belgian Army that bought 2x4 S3's in 1974/1975. Years later these were retrofitted with LSD's as our troops got stuck in their two-wheel-drive Land Rovers. Some 15 years ago, when I was new into Land Rovers, you could still find some new old stock with parts for these diffs, maar that has dried up now.
  11. You should have asked us sunday, Koen. There were plenty of people who would have been more than happy to help you out. I was in the sand coloured military 110.
  12. Black Star Guyane are great in mud. You see them quite a lot in France. I had them in 7,5x16 on my 88 for almost ten years, and they are huge, compared to any other 7,5x16.
  13. That's a gearbox out of a Dutch army Lightweight.
  14. I rebuilt mine last year using the same method, and the shaft was realy stiff. I had to press the bushes inwards to get oil between the shaft and the bushes. After that it worked well.
  15. On snow I don't lock the centre difflock. Locking it will force one of the wheels to slip in corners, and you don't realy want that.
  16. This is the website of Jansen: Jansen used Laro parts
  17. The pipe on top of the tank is the return pipe. The pick-up pipe is on the left hand side of the tank with the fuel gauge sender unit.
  18. At the front of the transfer box you will see a cover with two protruding errr... bits. Take this cover of. Under the cover you find two shafts that move in or out of the housing of the TB. I don't know if they're in or out for 4wd, but it's the top shaft you need to shift between 4WD en 2WD. Apply lots of oil or WD40 and gently (!) tap it with a hammer.
  19. He is trying to get past the (very strict) Belgian legislation about modified vehicles. He wants to register his TD5 110 as a Series 2 to avoid our MOT.
  20. Ok, thank you. I will give it a try.
  21. I have a leaking handbrake seal, caused by excessive play in the rear output shaft. The manual describes how to adjust the preload on the bearing, by adding or removing shims between the transfer box and the speedo housing. But this is done with the err... well, the other shaft, the one above the output shaft, removed. As I am not a skilled mechanic I am not too keen on ripping the transfer box to bits. Can I measure and adjust the preload with everything in place? Thanks.
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