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  1. many thanks for all the info, looks like its not going to be a simple fix after all
  2. Thanks for that can you explain what the BCU is? I am thinking issues with a relay re the indicators are these just pull out out replace items? Thanks again
  3. Hi Over the weekend the indicators stopped working on my 01 plated Discovery 2, the indicator indicators on the dash still work as they should but I have nothing working on each corner?7 I have also have a regular fault with the central locking which bizarrely seems to be related to the weather, in dry spells the internal switch works fine but in wet weather it doesn't work. Many thanks in advance Bigant
  4. Hi Heading off on a camping holiday and need to fit my roof box to my Disco 2, are the factory fitted rails up to the job? its a short Thule box with locking bars total weight will be about 40-50 kgs Thanks
  5. Hi I have a 01 Discovery 2 TD5 and as we all know they are not the quietest running vehicle, however, the engine noise on my vehicle is drowned out by a high pitch whining which I am told is coming from the fuel pump? It is most noticeable when standing behind the vehicle and has got the point now when people know I am arriving as the can hear the whining above the engine noise! Anyone else encountered this, what is the fix? Bigant
  6. Hi I need to run a volt metre test for sure, as far as the battery its brand new and the belts seem all a OK. I can't remember what setting to opt for to run the voltmeter test, any suggestions? Bigant
  7. Hi Each time I run my series 2a 21/4 petrol the battery runs flat so I am assuming that there is an issue with the alternator, however the alternator was new when fitted and has done barely any mileage. Could there be something else that is faulty and preventing the alternator from passing a charge back to the battery? Ant help greatly appreciated. Regards Bigant
  8. Thanks for that could work out a bit pricey but its one option I may have to explore!
  9. Hi I run a RR based trialler and recently the power steering box let go of all its fluid so I bought a second hand unit and yesterday I fitted it. All went pretty smoothly until I tried to connect the pipework to the box only to find that neither pipe will fit as the box requires a different type of flange to the ones on the pipes? I would have expected all the fittings to be the same but at this stage there is no way that I can connect the pipework, has anyone else come across this? I am faced with trying to source a new set of pipe work with the correct "flaring" to match the box or could I cut off the ends of the existing pipe and then apply the right "flare" using a suitable tool. As always any advice wisdom and or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Bigant
  10. Hi Finally got the series 2a back on the road this summer and have had great fun driving around with the roof off. However, she hasn't been started for about 4 weeks and now she won't start? It is as though there is not enough power in the battery to turn the engine over, however, I have fitted a brand new battery and the result is the same. I am guessing I have a wiring issue somewhere, maybe an earth cable problem? Any help will be much appreciated Bigant
  11. Hi all Finally got the series 2a back on the road with a full MOT, first trip out the engine starts to misfire pretty badly, mange to get home, I was only down the road and after initial examination I can't find the problems. I have checked the spark plug gaps, the gap on the points and all is good. I have removed the HT leads from each plug with the engine running and interestingly the misfire only gets worse when one particular lead is removed. The question is therefore what could cause this misfire issue having had the engine running and ticking over nicely prior to the MOT? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Bigant
  12. Hi All I am based just south of Guildford in Surrey and I need jto get my wifes Disco serviced, I don't have the time at the moment and its due a good check over by someone that knows what they are doing! Can anybody recommend a Company in the area? Cheers Bigant
  13. I am replacing the front disc's on the wife's Disco and the Haynes manual indicates that it should be possible to slide the calipers off the discussion once the brake hose top clamp on the swivel housing has been undone? However as far as I can see this is not possible as the whole mudshield is connected to the top clamp. Is there a way of getting the caliper out of the way without undoing the brake pipe and losing all the fluid? Cheers Bigant
  14. As always excellent help and advice, I even questioned the testers report with the garage and they just supported what he had said even though I asked if he meant the most rearward of the TRE's. I will check out the cost of the new tube as well as I have read that changing the TRE is a pig of a job! Thnaks again guys Bigant
  15. Hi All The wife's discovery 1 failed its MOT today as both the "rear track rod end ball joints" have failed? Where are the rear track rods and how easy are they to replace? Does anyone know wether the track rods are both right hand thread or is one left handed? Cheers Bigant
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