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  1. If you look at the measurements of the pre-filters you will notice that this one is the same size, not the one you listed Yes there is a price difference between the two but one is an agricultrial plastic version and the other is a metal bodied, powdercoated version made by ARB in Australia after plenty of R & D in the Outback. The price difference is only £16.11 so its not acutally that bad considering its come from the other side of the world
  2. £118.85 ex vat with free delivery http://www.devon4x4.com/products_a/p1752c266/0/zu-alloy-rim-for-defender-/-disco-1-anthracite.html
  3. Hawkeye is much better than the Nanocom unit. It works with all LR's from Td5 Defenders, P38 RR, D3, L322 and Sport RR's Yes you have to pay for the unlock code for each vehicle (if you have more than one to play with) or if you ran a garage you can buy a completely unlocked version with all the cables Much cheaper than T4
  4. Who told you that the N73L is discontinued?
  5. I've used their heavy duty steering arms and i'd buy them again
  6. Looks nice Shame we'll never be able to buy them here
  7. Looking at the picture of the bikini kit it will fit a D44 HD bumper. The recovery eyes will be outside the mount so won't foul
  8. The easiest way to remove a prop (say the front one) is to lift one of the wheels of the ground, undo the nut and bolt at the bottom then rotate the wheel. This will bring the nuts and bolts to you rather than chasing them around the flange. With wind spanners, prop off in 30 secs on the floor.
  9. I have a 300 Tdi 110 that i'm fitting a Outback roof console too. The console has the red, yellow white wiring fitted to it. The intructions say to put them to the red, yellow ane white. Which is proving to be a pain, being as i have a purple, blue-purple and black ! Back to the car and some more head scratching Cheers
  10. Defender 2002 110. Front interia light. There's 3 wires. red, white and yellow. Which is which? Help
  11. My driver left I'll be back though. Just not this year. I really do wish you good luck, this could be so very cool. See you there
  12. Is there a map for the event? I fancy coming along to view
  13. They are £106 @ Devon 4x4 http://www.devon4x4.com/products_a/p13332c-2/0/general-grabber-at2-tyre.html Free carriage if brought over the net too
  14. Do you mean these? http://www.devon4x4.com/products_a/p13417c10050/0/triangular-blind-spot-window-set-clear.html
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