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  1. Expansion Tank Ejector and pipes? I've now had 2 of the plastic ejectors fail! Can somebody tell me what these do? Are they supposed to be a non return valve? Can I replace this with a Y piece? Cheers Gary
  2. Non what so ever. The later 300 TDI's have one shot. Which is good because there is no drain plug. Beleive me I spent about a week scratching my head over that one. Gary
  3. Totally agree with Teabag. A mate of mine changed all his leads a few years ago for nice coloured silicone leads @ mega ££££££££. Ended up in the bin fishing out his originals. Genuine everytime on the V8 ignition stuff. Gary
  4. Used the paddocks kit with no problems. Can't even remember if it was Britpart. Gary
  5. I used a rear fog light switch. (Fleabay) Had the rear connector and a short length of wire. Sliced it into my new wiring setup and internal lighting circuit. Followed attached diagram. Gary
  6. Used Paddocks Teflon Coated. Brought as a kit. No problems so far 6 months down the line. Good Luck Gary
  7. Has anybody done it? Got hold of 1 and thought it might be easier for fitting 2nd battery but it seem a lot bigger. Will try offering it up tomorrow but any advice would be welcomed. Cheers Gary
  8. I fitted a de-cat pipe. No special parts need.
  9. I had the same sort of problem but tracked it down to the tensioner being slightly loose giving just enough play for the belt to ride over the lip thus causing it to shred. Good Luck. Gary
  10. Hi VAVU, I'm afraid I'm not going to be of much help here but I have almost the same symptoms and have carried out the same remedial actions with the added new steering box. Nothing has changed. My intentions for next weekend are to recheck torques, preloads, and tighten as required in the hope that things have just been bedding in. One thing I have noticed though, is that when towing the caravan the symptoms disappear??????? Could it be rear axle related? That's where I'll be looking next. Gary
  11. Good stuff Mark, I think I'll have a play at the weekend. I like the stengthening idea. Gary
  12. Hi Mark, always wondered what I could put under the seats. Would be really interested in the second battery fit as i planning this. Got a few ideas but seeing a completed job always helps. Gary
  13. Fliipping eck!!!! Thought I'd done well fitting a roof rack and spot lights.
  14. Evening All, I'm fitting a second battery at the weekend and am wondering what size cable I need for the connection between the 2 batteries. Not intending to run winch type eqipment, just a worklamp, aux power socket for portable fridge. Already got 1 split charge fitted for the Caravan and the cable for that is not particularly heavy duty. Would a length of th do the job or should I be looking at battery cable? Many Thanks Gary
  15. On the Rave disc there is an auxilary power socket kit in the accesory section that i thought I could copy to run my portable fridge. However, the relay has a connection numbered 88. Is this a misprint or will I need a special relay and if so where would I get one without paying LR prices. Cheers in advance Gary
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