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  1. HI well that worked out a lot easyer that i thought i called L/R and they said about log book £10 and pic id i thought sh*t i got no pic id lol so out of interest thought wot would happen if i dissconected the batt shorted it a few time then reconected it and guess wot it work lol cant be bad ! cheers for the advice tho guys much appreciated ! mik
  2. cheers for that dude il find out code and give it a try ! il let u know how i get on but something is tellig me its not gonna be that easy lol cheers again mik
  3. hi mate well it a 1996 disco commeral its not got central locking would that code still apply ? mik
  4. hi mate cheers for that the thing is i dont have or use a remote ! never got one with it ! so sound like trouble any idea,s? mik
  5. hi could anyone one tell me what the light on the dash is its the one shaped liki a car with a key in it next ti the batt light ! i thing this is why my disco wont start but i dont have a user manual to look it up in many thanks mik
  6. hi cheers for that i have looked for lose bits didnt find any the strange thing is the way it stops when u put a little pressure on the brakes ! its ad a hew clutch about 3 months ago so wouldnt of thoughtr it would be that plus that would noise would prob come n go when using clutch , mik
  7. hi guys well i drive a 1996 disco commercal and it started making a strange noise while ideling along in gear ! it a rattling noise that go,s away when accelarating or if i just brake litely any idea,s many thanks mik
  8. hi i run straight and it sounds great and peolpe who ride in with me say it is powerfull ! and it dose great on fuel, so i would say that more power and better fuel is about right ! oh 300tdi by the way mik
  9. mikmon

    crank pulley

    hi mate i bought a puller off ebay which cost me about 9 quid then went and bought 3 4" blots in all cost me just over 10 quid mik
  10. mikmon


    hi les no mate its deff the crank cause last time i done it i noticed a little run of oil coming from the back of the crank gear mate but as ot was late and i needed the motor on the road i thought i see wot happened , lol which is it leaks loads seems worse under pressure thats why i questioned the crank bearing mate ! mik
  11. mikmon


    hi cipx cheers for that not sure it will apply but il look , the sprocket was in a kit not sure off he top of me head who by though ! and put it this way i bought the truck around end of jan , and after a few day i worked out something was amiss i thought maybe injection pump timing slight out or something so i thought id take a look , on removing the timing belt cover out came a gush of oil ! i would say about a cup full , sothe problem was there before i changed the sprocket , but as i said to les its all coming apart again tomorrow so il take a good look at the sproket , i gotta admit im not the best with motors but i can find my way round but this is a real tester ! cheers mik
  12. mikmon


    thats wohat i thought about the O ring mate , and yeh the seal had a little grease but not loads like i said il have it off agian the weekend and make sure i do all that you have said plus have a good look at caseing . les the crank seal is only suppossed to fit flush with the caseing int it ? il let u know how i got on after the weekend mate cheers for yur time ! mik
  13. mikmon


    hi les cheeers for getting back mate ! well like i said its sounds ok when running engine that is , and to be honest i never really cheaked the housing that closely but im gonna have to take a look the weekend cause i bet im losing about 50ml of oil if i drive for a good half hour ! As for when seal was fitted it was well tight what i done was sit it square and then put the crank gear on backwards and thightened it up which in turn puushed the seal in nice and square and flush ! like i said before not sure if the O ring is going right home dont think oil would leak from where it is comong from if it was O ring would it . mik
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