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  1. Yep - all is once again well in the world (well, at least my little corner). ....although I'm still rather sore after the mental kicking I gave myself.
  2. Well - I did check the fuses, but somehow I missed that one (probably due to the less than optimal conditions (dark, rain, cold)) and also that the break in the fuse was small & down to the side of the fusible material. I'm still kicking myself over it and have made a mental vow to never again think that a fuse is ok without conducting a continuity check in addition to the visual.
  3. Woohoo! - The "tractor" is running again! 😄 I had apparently not been diligent enough while checking fuses. Fuse F13 in the engine bay was blown. This fuse supplies the BCU with +12V, whithout which the BCU goes on strike and drags the ECU & IDM with it it seems. I blame the damp, cold darkness of my carport for the oversight.
  4. Ahh - ok. Now I understand (a little bit at least) Unfortunately I have no way of verifying whether or not any of the units are OK. That, coupled with the fact that I really don't have a clue about this sort of thing makes me think that I'm welkl & truly buggered and now need to get shot of a 2T paperweight sitting in my carport. To quote a certain comic strip protagonist: Augghhh!!
  5. Cheers! So, loads of continuity on that wire. No visible corrosion on any contacts in IDM & BCU - plugs & sockets seem fine. I'm unfortunately unable to procure an engine bay fusebox as the owner of the parts disco is on holiday for the next week or so. I'm wondering how the engine bay fusebox comes into this as I've only been mucking about under the dash? (or does the eng.bay fusebox also have some built-in "smarts" like the IDM/fusebox?)
  6. So, after a rather chilly few hours checking all the black wires to the IDM/Fuses, BCU and ECU (all had a nice ground) and swapping all 3 units (from a similar vehicle) I'm still stuck with the flashing B-with-a-slash. I fear this is where I have to toss in the towel and hope to find someone knowledgable to help out as this is akin to rocket science for me. Thanks for the suggestions though
  7. @sierrafery: great info, thanks - this seems worth a shot. I may have access to borrowing a few items for this purpose... ...more info when available ...
  8. Hi all, Firstly, let me apoligize if this has been covered elswhere, but I don't really know what to search for. Aaaaanyway, after fiddling with the electrics on my LHD D2 td5 (`99) the car won't respond any more, and I get the attached display in the dash. There are no other issues (as far as I can tell) and I have no clue as to how to proceed. The fiddling was me trying to figure out why my LH headlamp dipped beam wasn't working, so I extracted the under-dash fusebox and started measuring things. After reassembling everything, the headlamps worked fine, but the ECU/BCU (or somesuch) had decided to become unresponsive. Central locking, key-fob etc. are all dead, and when turning the key to pos2 I get 6 "bings" and the odd B-with-a-slash in the display. So now I have a 2 tonne lump sitting in the carport :-(
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