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  1. Sorry Chris , but for those who missed it http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mgvw Paul
  2. I recon the beeb should give Saley a free tv licence next year for single handedly doubling the weakest links veiwing figures . Chris, what T do you feel right now Paul
  3. ,not my fault Nigel.Its actually Alistairs car because he didnt want to trash his triumph Hope you are ok Paul
  4. just had the same dilemma myself.Ended up with a 2003(03) clio sport 172 stolen recovered with cracked bumper and bust halfshaft for £1000.Was at javelin trackday at oulton this weekend Paul
  5. I used to run the 36" simex and they also fitted the notorious club off road 35" tyre guage,even though as Adrian says the 35" is very close to the limit The 35 has a more open pattern but the 36 can be modded with a tyre cutter to improve its center tread although i could never bring myself to attack a £200+ tyre with the cutter Paul
  6. When i saw the thread title "7 sisters in the snow" i was hoping for different pictures to these :unsure: Paul
  7. Christmas week off :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Yeah right!! Paul
  8. Hi Ron,the golden rule is to work out what you think it is going to cost,double it add £100 then double it again and you shouldnt be far off .Not been on here for ages because work has been bonkers busy Dont forget,when you do yours if you have any probs give me a bell Paul
  9. I have carried out over 50 chassis swaps in conjunction with Richards Chassis(next door) and this is how things are- all the info below is assuming you are replacing the chassis with a direct replacement(eg not shortened,lengthened traybacked etc) If you are fitting a NEW(ie Richards)chassis,you DO NOT need to inform the dvla as it is classed like any other direct replacement part You DO NOT need to stamp the new chassis(although i would advise you do or your car is a sitting duck for tealeaves ) Richards are not legally allowed to stamp your chassis(unless of course i am doing the swap and can confirm the old chassis is destroyed) but the garage or individual carrying out the work can.This is due to the fact that if the original chassis re-appearred a couple of years later on you would have a hell of a job proving that yours was the genuine vehicle(please dont be tempted to resell your original chassis!!! cut it up and destroy the number if you are scrapping it) For this reason when i carry out a swap i do a photographic record for the owner and cut the corner off the original chassis with the number on,this way the owner can prove both that he owns the original vehicle AND that the original chassis had been destroyed and if the number ever appears elsewhere that they have the original(genuine) stamped chassis section Obvously older series chassis dont have a number stamped so this isnt neccesary(plus usually the series chassis are in such a state as the could never be re used ) Recently there have been several "galvanised chassis " appearing on ebay rediculously cheap,these have turned out to be second hand chassis sandblasted and galved(including galving over sheared bolts in a lot of cases. .These are what the police are clamping down on as sometimes the donor chassis is knicked and if there is any doubt you have a second hand chassis you will be sent for a vic/iva test and it will be up to you to prove the chassis is legit Hope this helps clarify things Paul
  10. Another thing that may be worth considering is this.A few years ago we had a 110 that we used for roadside breakdowns,when it retired my mate bought it and removed the light bar and the mpg increased by about 10% .Another thing to consider is that if your greenlanes have overhanging trees/branches it may get expensive?? Just a thought? Paul
  11. Ow,my sides are killing me :hysterical: .Sad thing is that most if not all of us can relate to your stories,must be a landrover thing Paul P.s Girlfiend? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  12. A galvanised 90 chassis new weighs 190kgs so you will definately be over 250 with the axles Paul
  13. When you build the bulkhead up make sure you put the steering column in before the pedal boxes ,dont ask me how i know but it wont go in with the pedals in :angry: Paul
  14. I suppose you will find out when you come to fit the remainder of the bodywork?.The series chassis are all made in the same jig so i would say that if the chassis is twisted that it is more likely that it has happened at the galvers or it may have been strapped down on the truck??(you would be suprised how many get damaged at the galvers ) Keep me posted on what you find and i will raise your concerns with Alistair tomorow Paul
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