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  1. Thanks. I noticed the graphics, I've only used standard character displays. The picture is of my Leonardo based milling machine spindle controller.
  2. Those screens are nice. Have you got a link? What's the interface to them?
  3. I agree, normal. When the lift pump died I got home using jerry cans strapped to the bonnet. The fuel gauge was going up as I drove.
  4. Another vote for VDO. Have had one fitted for the last 10 years or so.
  5. Check if the motor is wound with both star and delta windings brought out to the terminal box before buying an inverter. If it's 400v star/230v delta you're in luck. If it's 400v only, you'll either need a vfd with a step-up transformer or will be in field weakening above 29Hz.
  6. Did this and it works a treat.
  7. Their website says they're closed; You could try ringing, just to be sure; 01582 496040
  8. I'd be interested to hear how the enquiries for new doors go. All three doors on my 200tdi 90 are looking sorry for themselves. Luke
  9. Similar to these?
  10. No insisting on HSS at all, just learning with what I have available, which is predominantly HSS for the milling machine at the moment (except the face cutter), and a mix of HSS and indexable for the lathe. Is there a definitive reference for cutting speeds? I've found a lot of conflicting information online. I'm machining the back of the tool holder, not the tip itself.
  11. Hi all, I got my Bridgeport up and running again over the weekend, and tackled a project that has been outstanding for a while. My indexable tip tool holders are too tall, so my plan has been to machine approx. 0.3mm off from the back of the holders, to drop the tip height. I tried using a 16mm HSS end mill at approx 50m/min (so approx 1000RPM). Feed rate was approx 60 mm/min. I'm feeding by hand. What I found was that very quickly, the outside tips of the end of the tool went blunt. They didn't get overly hot, as there was no colouring of the metal, it was just missing! I tried lubrication (light oil applied manually) and also a constant air blast to clear the swarf. In the end, having taken the tips off two cutters (16mm and 20mm) I resorted to my 2" face cutter, which has done the job ok. What am I doing wrong? - Too fast? - Too slow? - Wrong use of the tool? (I've read that facing may or may not be right for an end mill?) - Tool holder too hard? Thanks, Luke
  12. Where did you get the dimensions from Ralph?
  13. That's what I thought, but I don't know Mach3 in detail.
  14. Mach3 one day! That sounds cool. Does Mach3 already have the ability to vary spindle speed? Now, I need to test this, and get the right gear ratio factor between the inverter setpoint and the spindle. It's not far from 1:1 but it definitely isn't. I have a feeling the reference speeds for each material might need playing with a bit. This is my first foray into Arduino, (as opposed to Microchip, raw Atmel AVR, basic stamp) and I have to say I'm impressed. Certainly takes the faff out of building a board and at less than 20 quid for the Leonardo it's a quick and easy way to get up and running. Blue LCD is worth the extra few quid, it's certainly bright. Luke
  15. Flip! I knew what I use, but couldn't remember the name, I googled it and Rocol sounded right, but it's Trefolex I meant! light green oily, paste-y stuff?