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  1. Afternoon All, I've just tried to get a quote from Heritage for my Hardtop 90. After going through most of the questions, the guy on the phone then said that they couldn't offer anything, as it's a hardtop. Has anyone else experienced this? Luke
  2. Thanks. I noticed the graphics, I've only used standard character displays. The picture is of my Leonardo based milling machine spindle controller.
  3. Those screens are nice. Have you got a link? What's the interface to them?
  4. That its less likely to be an earth fault. Well, less likely to be an earth fault at a lamp holder. Could be elsewhere.
  5. Is that still the case with all bulbs removed? All four corners - sideslights/brakes and indicators.
  6. What you describe points to a typical earth problem. What are the bulb holders grounded to? Have you tried running a new earth cable from the lamp holder back to the battery, just for testing purposes?
  7. Were you connecting 12v between a supply and each indicator? If so, you probably have a short in your indicator wiring. First thing I'd do is remove the lenses from the indicator bulb units, and remove the units from the wings, and see if you've still got an earth fault.
  8. The tests on this thread will allow you to determine if the hazard switch is the issue or not. If you add the links as described, you can test both hazard and indicator functionality.
  9. If your indicators and hazards don't work, I'd suggest the the flasher relay is faulty. What does and doesn't work at the moment?
  10. In practice, people who genuinely want the clearance for off road use have generally veered towards re working the wings and tub. An awful lot of work is required to lift the body and the rewards are slight, especially as you have added the disadvantage of increasing the height of all the body work.
  11. Nice!! A mate and I had been looking in to using one of these Lexus v8s, but keeping the auto box and mating it to a LT230 to sort out 4wd and output flanges etc. Nice work on the adapter plate, smart. Looking forward to seeing this come together. Luke
  12. With the ignition off, hazard switch on, and no additional wires added, do you have 12v at the flasher relay base? Do you have 12v on the same wire at the switch? Should be the light green wire in both cases. I wonder if the flasher relay supply isn't wired correctly.
  13. If a fuse blows as soon as you turn a circuit on, I would suspect a short circuit. Does the fuse blow when you indicate left? right? both? Have you tried unplugging either the flasher or the hazard switch to see what happens then?
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