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  1. I think my main battery has died, currently on charge, but was reading 10v which is never good. Was all prepared to go and buy what I recall being a popular forum battery of choice, the Numax CXV-X 1000 amp but i went to tanya battery and found that it is no longer available! http://www.tayna.co.uk/Numax-CXV-X-1000-Amp-P7632.html they offer a similar alternative by Enduroline, but I thought i would see if there are any other currently popular batteries? The battery on its last legs is an optima yellow top and is used for occasional winching and as the main battery (its in a land cruiser,
  2. a bit late now, but another option for half shafts where the seal has caused a groove is 'mar-tacking' (e.g. blobbing some weld in and filing back) the splines where they go into the diff to move the position of where the seal sits at the cv end of the shaft. this is primarily done to aid servicing, particularly in field, as removing the cv's from the shaft can be very difficult, but it also allows you to set where the seal sits on the shaft. this thread describes things, but unfortunately my pictures have disappeared. I will see if i can find them on the computer http://www.landcruiserclu
  3. interco do a pretty skinny super swamper, which might be close-ish to what you'e looking for. http://www.intercotire.com/tires.php?id=8
  4. Not checked this in about 3 years and its finished! Good work, looks (and sounds) great. Quite a nice fusion of parts that were never meant to meet, hope you're enjoying using it. I think the land rover pumps must be pretty weedy. The isuzu pump on my (now departed) 110 made the steering much lighter.
  5. Did they put a flexi section in the exhaust? I had a drone that came about 2000rpm in 4th and the same in 5th. Once I fiddled with the exhaust to allow it to move more, the noise went away.
  6. The challenge is to get it under £100. I've used Footman James for my 110 for a number of years and my insurance got to £99 at one point, 25 y.o with unlimited mileage and agreed value. since AIG had to be rescued its now back over. £100.30 I think. Best I could get with my Landcruiser at the end of last year was £390. Its only a few years younger than the 110, but Footman James wouldn't insure it as they have a different threshold before they're considered classics, 20 years if I recall correctly. Land Rovers are classics at 15 I think, maybe less, as incidently are mr2's I was told. I'll h
  7. what is this mystical siped buckshot mudder you speak of? I've only ever seen one with solid blocks. Well they do have a single half cut on each block but I presume this is not the siping you refer to.
  8. um, i'm not 100% sure to be honest. when we went to askja we had to walk a bit from a car park. i'm led to believe that straying off the roads marked on the map is not permitted, e.g hooning about in the sand, and some french guys got a big fine for doing so whilst we were there. i'm afraid i don't know the ins and outs of it and it could well be as complicated as green laning laws in england. Best bet would probably be to try an icelandic forum. When the ground has a good cover of snow, i think you can drive where you want and thats when the super jeeps are necessary. and now for a appropria
  9. wow, the ferries are stupid money. Might be best just to rent a 4x4, you'll be cheaper and have more time in iceland. a kia sorento or pajero would be fine for most stuff. only difficulty is bringing camping equipment by plane and you might have to look into renting that in iceland too. we would have probably been overweight if we'd had to take tents with us and cooking stuff, or at least would have had to pack more efficiently. Sounds like your heart is pretty set on doing this in your own vehicle though. You could save money by ditching the trailer. we were fine for space 4 up in a friend
  10. um, i don't know what your closest ferry port is, but you have to travel from wherever you are to hanstholm, actually looking at the smyril-line page its now somewhere in the north of denmark. from there the ferry goes to the faroes and then on to the port of seyðisfjörður on the east of iceland. You used to be able to get the ferry from scrabster, but now its only from denmark so you have the cost of getting there first, then the cost of taking the ferry to iceland. my memory is a bit hazy, but i think hiring a 4x4 would be about £800 for 2 weeks. that was just from reading a sign outside a
  11. Only way now is via denmark, so it makes it quite expensive i'm afraid. To be honest you'd probably be cheaper getting a hire car for 2 weeks. You don't really need any special preparation, unless you're going in winter. Driving off road is illegal (in summer) so you're not going to encounter anything a standard land rover (or any other 4x4) can't handle. There are very big fines for straying off the trail, so its quite funny to be in the middle of a desert with nothing for miles and miles in any direction and two cars will be edging slowly by each other so they don't stray off the track. Ho
  12. ...that their biggest market is probably not the EU. They're based on advances made with the BFG Krawler. The old MT was replaced because it was an old design, just like candles are an old design so we use light bulbs now.
  13. yup, wheel carrier and receiver hitch. got a diagram with the first and the second one didn't really need any explaining or instruction. They both came with all the bits, although I used longer bolts on the hitch as they didn't really accommodate a spreader plate, and both were well finished. They used to supply scorpion racing and possibly some others, so i think they are more of a fabrication company. They also go, or went, under the name of wva holdings or something to that effect as a fabrication company, which maybe explains why guidance and customer service is lacking. I was very happ
  14. to clarify a bit, i think the main issue with the front diff on the 80 is that its smaller and also that its reverse cut to give high pinion and avoid deflection of the crown wheel when driving forwards. the downside of that is it is more likely to spit the crown wheel in reverse and strip teeth. for putting toyota diffs in a landrover casing, an 80 series front is required and a 4runner v6 rear is required to get the electric locker. i'm not sure what the uk equivalent of the v6 4runner diff used in the US is though. these are 8" diffs. the larger 9.25" diffs as found in the rear of an 80 se
  15. i think in your neck of the woods you have a bit more scope for playing with the sals as you can buy some dana 60 bits for it. personal preference i suppose, i would think its not worth your money or effort to change and your wieght saving seems a bit optimistic, but perhaps i'm wrong.
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