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  1. 6 digit VIN-number

    The OP Mr, Greenstream is active on this forum, has 245 posts by now so he might be around for a chat . . . . . . .
  2. Thread identification

    I worked on a 2006 110 last year and I expected it to be metric. The seat belt bolts looked like they would be M11x1.25 . . . . . . Turned out to be 7/16"-20 UNF !
  3. Anti-wrap bars - my solution

    Quoting Fridge Freezer from the Leaf makes thread, about an update on this subject and trying to remain on topic: Well for the last 5 years it's hardly been driven so can't really comment... but I reckon the front binds up a bit but the rear works a treat due to being the other way round and having much longer links (very close to the length of a leaf). I'm still mulling solutions for the front but just need to get the damn truck up & running again before starting more projects! End quote. What about bringing the torque arm for the front axle to the front ? Tie it to a new crossmember right behind the bumper. Too many tie rods in the way ?
  4. depressed top surfaces of Defender wings.

    Front fenders for Wolf type Defenders have internal bracing panels to support antenna's and other equipment. That should give you the neccesary rigidity.
  5. Leaf spring makes

    Interesting story, Fridge. We are 10 years onwards now. Could you please give us an up date on your experience with this solution ?
  6. Plug Tap.... Engineering

    Depending on your business, I think. Actually I used them last week to save some threads with worn /abused beginings. Parts were good to go after some strokes with the file. You do need to select the correct pitch and file at an angle to parallel the original thread properly. Being a tool maker in a large aerospace factory, I do need to restore some threads now and then.
  7. Plug Tap.... Engineering

    And for those in the know , know they are available for internal threads as well ;-) Cromwell stocks them. The tips can be used to scrape internal threads to restore them.
  8. Restoring Series door handles

    Thank you gentlemen. Let's see if this Plasti-Dip is what I'm after.
  9. The rest seems to be still on the bulkhead. Just weld that bit on and make it look like the tab in Ian's photo.
  10. Kris, the pulleys look great. Keep up the good work ! I restore because the way I do it make me feel good. When I cut corners, I feel bad and will probably redo it soon. Better do it right the first time
  11. Plug Tap.... Engineering

    Measure the diameter of the bolt shank. If the diameter of the shank is 8 mm then the threads are M8. Never mind the bolt head, an M8 bolt can have a 13 mm hexagon if it is manufactured according to DIN, a 12 mm bolthead is in accordance to ISO, on newer types you may find an M8 flange head bolt for a 10 mm spanner while an M8 socket head bolt requires a 6 mm Allen key. And these are all standard bolts, nothing special. Measures the bolt shank, the only way to make sure what thread it is. Thread pitch is regularly 0.8 for M5; 1.0 for M6; 1.25 for M8; 1.5 for M10 and 1.75 for M12. Drill size is nominal thread diameter minus pitch. So for M6 drill 5 mm( 6-1.0=5). For M10 drill 8.5 (10-1.5=8.5). This rule works for finer pitched threads too. For instance if you ever have to tap an M10x1.0 thread your drill size needs to be 9. It really is that easy.
  12. The brackets are welded to the bulkhead and not available as a seperate item. Last year I had to make one as well. Seems there are more people thinking you can do without them. Not me though, it adds a lot of rigidity to the steering column. It is a bit of an awkward thingy to make as there are a few bends next to each other to match the contours of the bulkhead just above the vent opening. I ended up with bending two pieces sheetmetal with 90 ° bends, cut them to the proper dimensions and TIG weld them together so it would look like a factory bracket.
  13. For my 1963 IIa I would like to restore the lift up door handles. To be more precise, I would like to replace the rubber / plastic coating. Have any of you done this before ? It is not like heat shrink tubing . looks more like it is cast in situ. Any help in the proper direction is appreciated.
  14. Door leak

    Your problem , and that of just about every Defender owner, is very nicely explained in this video. A bit lengthy maybe but at around 10:00 he comes to the solution. The watch is worth every second and the fix is simple. Mind you, this chap has a ton of interesting video's on Land Rover repairs so it might take an evening of two to watch them all.
  15. 6cyl SWB?

    Does it really have to be the Rover 6 ? I have seen a 110 with a BMW straight 6, seems to be a South African model. Looked real tidy under the bonnet and sounded great. The BMW doesn't weigh that much more than the Rover 4 but has at least twice the power.