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  1. Hi Joe, If thats your Disco in the pic then its not the TD5, think thats the 200 isn't it? My last one didn't have ABS so thats one less potential problem solved! There's an excellent post on the tech section, under 'How to' by Les. telling you (with great pics) how to do this job. Its on a front wheel but except for the odd bit, like the swivel bolts, its more or less the same. Did mine a short while ago, missed it and got a MOT fail so found the post and sorted. Good advice on the hub spanner and ensure you've got plenty of the right grease for the bearings. I'm sure you've already down
  2. Thanks Andy. Sorry been a while responding but been away. So, once I've fitted the new spotlights in the bathroom, sorted the new loo and cleared the rubble from the back yard I can relax and do the Disco door!! Good link to the Aussie site but can't open the Discoweb one. They still about? My own link to them doesn't work either. Cheers Rob
  3. Thanks Andy, excellent post. I'm just trawling through looking for pics of an earlier model, 300, after a rather loud 'clunk' sounded in my door on the M6 yesterday and while passing Loch Lomond the glass dropped into the door!! Due to a bit of experience with these beasts, I dont go anywhere without even a rudimentary kit and I was able to pull it up and jam it..got me home dry and winsome if not windswept!! I'm going to continue my search but if anyone can point me in the right direction or a link, cheers!! regards Rob
  4. Hi Tomas. Good advice there, particularly the links from Nige. As you've probably seen, they're excellent step by step pics. I recently did all of mine and they made it a lot easier than it could have been! There's a very good LR Disco manual available on here in the tech section showing all the parts they should have, (turned out mine was missing various gasket/seals.) I got all the parts needed on line, fairly cheap. I got spare hub rear grease seals as they looked as though I could knacker at least one fitting them! And the locking washers cost about 50p. Tips? Well, new to this but I fou
  5. Welcome from a fellow newbie, Andy. You're right, there's a lot of friendly, knowledgeable people on here, and I know, I've used advice from most of 'em! Rob
  6. Thanks jasp and jim. Yes, very much the novice on cars so been a steep learning curve (wearing fecking crampons in the workshop!), even if pretty basic stuff for a lot of the guys on here. And as for helping a bit, thats like saying the popes a bit of a catholic! Great site and knowledgeable, friendly members. I washed the greasy fingerprints off the front wings and bonnet, got carried away and waxed 'em and, bloody hell, its shiny! Might do the rest and get mistaken for a tourist!
  7. Thanks guys, raises a few questions! Landyman, yes, I fell foul of that once before, I bought a set of nearly new tires on nice allys off a guy with a P38 (very,very good price and worth the drive Brighton to Birmingham!) and when I went to fit them to my previous Disco 1....oops, with more than a few swear words thrown in! Ended up doing a refurb on the original, very tatty, wheels (they looked new almost two years later(!) and the secret is clearly in the number of paint/lacquer layers) and swopping tires. Western, thanks, that fills in a knowledge gap (novice here! and viewing the 90 pr
  8. Hi python, thanks mate. I'm afraid you can't drive it anymore to the best of my knowledge but at the end, for the last couple of miles,there's a logging track parallel to it slightly further up the hill, to the north, on the west face of Mullach nan Coirean (this hill backs on to Cow Hill!! ) The snow is just going off the Ben with the good weather we've had and the Six Day Trials have gone well (bikers everywhere and full pubs!). Afer living and working all over the world but based in the south of England, near Brighton, for so long, it's great. What is it they say, Eskimos have 20 words(
  9. Thanks Alex. The pic was taken today at Blarmachfoldach, (pronounced Bla mah fol cha ), about a hundred meters above the end of the West Highland Way, the footpath from Glasgow to Fort William, I could see very tired looking walkers just below me as I leant back and enjoyed a cuppa! This is the back of the hill I live on but I'm at the front, overlooking the Loch. Great having the Disco back on the road, it's been weeks! If ever there was an incentive not to drink and drive and risk losing it, it's not having your car for a few weeks! Talked last night with my friend in Rathmullen (by coi
  10. Hi all. I've got the chance to buy a 90, on a 'T' plate, in good nick at a good price. I was wondering if there's more to swapping the wheels/tyres to something like the allys on my Disco. I've seen plenty of 90's with ally wheels and bigger tyres and like the look but dont know if its as simple as one off, one on, so to speak. I've looked through the various tech forums but haven't seen a mention of an 'upgrade/swap'. Any info welcom. Cheers Rob
  11. Just a quick post to say thanks to the peeps who share their knowledge on here, I got the Disco MOT'd and taxed yesterday (thankgod its pre '01!) and it's bloody marvelous to be mobile again instead of being driven or driving her Renault skateboard! Had a quick spin up the hill behind the house and took a few pics that I've posted in the Albums section. Nothing exciting and no mods but it means a hell of a lot to me, more so as I did all the necessary work myself. Cheers Rob
  12. Hi all! Got the MOT and tax yesterday (thank god its pre '01!) so went for a drive on the hill behind the house. No mods but all legal thanks to the help from the peeps on here! Cheers Rob
  13. Hi underdog. Not sure if you've tried this but there's a parts catalogue pdf file in the tech section, same place as the workshop manual. Hope this is of help. Rob
  14. Hi bigjohn, welcome, got a red one too! Funny how many red ones you see once you get one!
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