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  1. My replacement loom , came without a flasher relay. My truck won't be towing . Will I need a 4 pin flasher unit Or 3 pin flasher unit ?
  2. Td5 10p engine. Has anyone got the correct diagram for coolant flow around the engine. I have put an aftermarket heater box, and heater valve on the truck so need to make sure I attach the right hose to the right outlet . Thanks in advance
  3. Not sure on the sender . For my application one that's 180mm tall. And a normal 52mm gauge I believe Measure depth of tank , take half and inch , if not inch , off that measurement that's the length sender you want
  4. My trucks going to be running td5 . Running a td5 gauge .at present My Ali tank doesn't have a sender in to it , I won't be running a td5 sender and pump. Hoping to fit a vdo floatless style sender in to it . So need to see if a vdo gauge is needed also
  5. can anyone tell me the following. Td5 90 . fuel sender unit m what range does it work between in ohms . what reading in ohms should I expect to see when the tank is full and when it's empty.
  6. td5 engine mounts. is the little metal dust shield cover actually needed ? theone that sit on top of the rubber mounting ? mine is have 1 missing and the other bent up
  7. I should have added itsome for my defender which has auto bo fitted . and atm I have cable drive in transfer box
  8. Transmission speed sensor failed d2 discovery td5 Can I use a speed sensor from a d1 300 tdi Thanks
  9. chris2010


    Nnw501300 Salldhh57
  10. chris2010


    Is this the one I need ?
  11. chris2010


    So anything with nnn is a suitable ecu ?
  12. chris2010


    I'm confusing myself now, td5 ecu I have a early td5 ecu for my conversion . Now from what I read these arnt remappable via flashing. I keep reading posts what I need to get to be able to remap the truck . But I keep confusing myself . What part number ecus will work with a 10p td5 in a defender ? Thanks in advance
  13. chris2010


    hi can any body give me dimentions on the position of td5 engine mounts. and pics of possible as need to weld these in place . many thanks
  14. if it's use able. I may install compushift if not il convery my 300 autobox and run it that way
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