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  1. Can't help you with this as we use custom build looms & omitted the relay you mentioned. We pre-glow manually However, looking at the relay : Think you can work it out with a simple test set-up. Bon Courage !
  2. Progres !! Good Progress. Well Done. I haven't touched that roofpanel yet as work and the Red Hybrid get in the way. However, it WIL be finished before September.
  3. You have created an awesome 90 ! Very, very nice. The Mrs. mentioned she 'd like hers finished to that standard....
  4. In short, eventually everything corrodes......
  5. Pivlock works fine on a tailgate.
  6. Calais...... LR # 2
  7. Give them a call.... They are usu good people to talk to.
  8. Yes, driving electric is different. Client had one of the 1st Tesla's and I took it for a spin. Out accelerates a motorbike, drifting the thing around is easy and the satnav screen size is awesome - taking you from charger to charger, make reservations, etc. ICE leaves a lot to be desired (many are upgraded after delivery) However, build quality is very much BL era and the range, esp. in Winter, is depressing. Electric driving is easy and obviously fills a need. Me, doing 60,000 miles a year in 40 countries with various levels of road quality, weather and lack of charge points, will be using diesel for the next decade....
  9. Thanks Blanco ! Interesting Site... You have a PM.
  10. Love to see some more on that saw mill........ (hint, hint....😃)
  11. - Construction of new workshop (building permit applied for) - Finish the Red Hybrid - Replace roof 110 with the lift section one - Do 3 Overland trips
  12. We run always direct cable to & from the winch and the battery. Any loss is not pulling power.
  13. Looks very nice - think that overhang is fine as you get less water ingress..... the 9 mtr. truss will be about 150 kgs and goes 4 mtrs. - those tackles are very useful....
  14. I remember a piece Jim Allen did and eventually a helicopter was used......
  15. looking good ! chain tackle to lift the top beam ? That's what I did - and will hopefully do again this Summer as I need to put up 3 trusses that are 9 mtrs...
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