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  1. Right, en route to the Alps, the 300 Tdi started to makes weird mechanical tapping noises. Nothing was to be seen but it sounded awful.. Eventually, the charge light etc. came up and the "fan belt" was in pieces and the viscous driving pulley waay off. Took stuff apart and found this.. Tried a side of the road repair but it eventually gave up, some 200 miles from home. Recovery to home is planed for tomorrow. But what caused this ?
  2. " Only available with replacement front cover " Yes....... <deep deep sigh> Tomorrow off for the 400+ miles to recover the thing. The garage where it sits now does not allow me to work on the vehicle there as I have the parts so that would be much easier.... Oh well....
  3. Got a helmet yet ? Looking forward to the updates !
  4. Arjan

    Vertical lift door mechanism

    Interesting site... Could spent a lot of time there..
  5. Awesome - just Awesome !!!!! Really looking forward to receiving it in May and to start on the lower frame.
  6. I hope some of you can help me as here in France I'm running into problems making the lifting roof for the 110 The nice people of Whitbread4x4 were nice enouogh to make this cage to my spec and now it is up to me to eventually cut open the roof for the lifting section between the B and the D Hoop. Below some pictures to give you an idea - the hole in the roof is not in mine.... Roughly 185 by 112 cm. for the lifting roof on the outside The opening in the roof needs to be a bit smaller obviously to allow for struts, fabric, etc.. There is about 10 cm. height for the lifting roof itself to make it sit inside and under the top of the cage When up (about 65 cm.) it will give me standing height and a lot of comfort en route It makes a lot of difference and I think well worth the effort. Sleeping inside and sitting upright or standing while cooking is so much nicer when away from home for a long time... Now, the problem I have that getting the roof "folded & welded" here in France will cause me to take out a mortgage and really, that is something I rather not do. The lifting roof part does not need to be strong enough to stand on - just on the "inside" a few additional profiles need to be welded in for the struts, fabric, etc. Insulation will be glued in once it build. In case I bring a passenger, I have a Brownchurch roofrack with a Hardshell RTT that sits on the roll cage and should not touch the lifting roof section. And before you mention polyester or the likes, they are not what I like. So, is it possible to fold the roof myself without the use of some big fancy machine ? What I need is a " How to fold 2 mm. aluminium for Dummies guide" really... The welding of the seams etc. seems to be sorted.. Thank You !
  7. Arjan

    Range Rover Hybrid Engine Number - RPI

    RPI in the past did mark engines they'd worked on. You can try to reach out to them and see what they can tell you. Bon Courage.
  8. Arjan

    computer says NO

    Try having imported vehicles....... They spent up to 10 min banging on the keyboard, calling around and still not understand why it doesn't come up... Not to mention Hybrids....
  9. Longest or not - it goes to show we have seriously nice people here. Merci Beaucoup All
  10. Arjan

    Best engine

    We have to be green aware, haven't we ?
  11. Mike has come to the rescue and can store the hatch there until it is collected... May I say, again, this is just absolutely brilliant !!!!! Many, many thanks to you all !!!!!!
  12. Arjan

    Best engine

    I know 2.5 N/A diesel bashing is a popular thing but they are actually quite good engine is looked after and it has taken me to several mountain tops in the 10,000 feet region...... One just has to accept is takes longer...
  13. Awesome - just plain awesome !! Looking really, really good !!!! Now, excuse my ignorance / rudeness / etc...... I've had an offer for the roof to be collected and taken to France by one of our fellow forum members if he could collect it when he goes over and he will be goint to the Bristol area... (roughly 2km from the site of the original 'old sodbury sort out' Is there any way we can make this work ?
  14. Very, very nice ! Keep it coming please....
  15. Arjan

    Fuel filler extension tube gauze repair

    Try the various sort outs - but beware, they're differeent sizes / types around..
  16. You guys are AWESOME !!!!!!!! Thank you very much does not cover it.
  17. Arjan

    Bolt-on LR portals

    Serious money for some metal bit... but € 11.250 Hmm....
  18. Hi Gerben, welkom They're different in many way and for rebuilding, when you have the bits, it is a weekend job. Front axles (RRC / D1/Defender) can be sort of interchanged but details differ per axles and require work. In the end, we jusr rebuild the axles.. Succes !
  19. Arjan

    My 300tdi engine rebuild

    Oh yes - please keep it coming !
  20. Wales would be very, very good as LATP is in the Midlands.. sort of
  21. Arjan

    My 300tdi engine rebuild

    Bon Courage !!
  22. Arjan

    Best engine

    We have had several 300 Tdi's and think they're quite good.. However, the Mazda 3.5 Tdi is for me the best....
  23. Arjan

    Best engine

    What did the 300 Tdi do to be omitted from the list ?

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