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  1. Depends on what paint, how many layers, etc.. We used 5 ltrs. Keswick Green for the OneTen, several litres of thinner and some more for the primer. Ask you supplier once you roughly know the surface M2.
  2. Goedemorgen, You don't say manual or power assisted You could consider getting a replacement box - other bits will also be worn.
  3. Weatherstations & wireless doorbells are known to cause these problems.
  4. Oh yes.... Laat maar komen !! This could be a very interesting post....
  5. The website is....... Never heard of them. But I live in a country far, far away.
  6. We love mini-digger pictures.......
  7. There is no need what so ever to be sorry about your feelings for the dogs, horses and all the others that join us in this voyage called life. Cherish the memories. Engine looks interesting !
  8. The Ninety chassis gained 107 kilos when it was galvanised and powdercoated.
  9. Powdercoating versus Pain... There is many different methods of PC and some are good, some less good. I have powder coated several chassis after galvanizing and this is the last one awaiting collection in Holland. The various companies in Holland have explained to me the differences and what UK seems to do most is not PC but Nylon Coating - and that is quite different. So I suggest you ask around - give FirstFour a call and ask them where they get their PC done as the did my sliders and they are very, very good. Price wise painting is slightly less expensive.
  10. As y'all are a wise and experienced bunch, I'd like to ask you for your experiences / opinion on a pit in the workshop or a (4 poster) ramp. We're hoping to build the workshop (8 x 8,5 x 3.75 mtrs.) this Summer / Fall and both options are possible. May I please learn from you ? Thanks.
  11. Normal nuts and R-clips come to mind to lock that in place... Nice work !
  12. Goedeavond, TTBOMK I have the standard Series LWB MBC with servo off a 109"export as we initially had the bigger drum up front set up. No bias valve.
  13. Obviously : YES ! Series are always worth saving - and this looks like an interesting project.
  14. Looking very nice ! have a save testdrive..
  15. Do you want more height - of normal height when fully loaded ? I suggest you weigh the vehicle empty and loaded and take this information to the various suppliers to see what they have to say. There are several good spring suppliers in the EU, saving you the extra paperwork etc. from buying in the UK... Simply raising the vehicle without good data can be a waste of money as lift does not mean more carrying weight etc. 200 - 300 kgs in the back - spread out - is not excessive. Nice progressive springs with matching shocks will be much more comfortable for both people an
  16. Fully understand that feeling. "In Stock" here means often that the supplier of the vendor has the bits in stock. Since January 1, that means nothing really.. So best practise is to call and make sure they actually have the part on their shelf - not on one at the other side of the Channel...
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