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  1. Progress !!!! Hope it goes all smoothly from now.
  2. Being on "the other side" you may have a different wiring.... However, I've towed many UK trailers and never problems.. Care to share some pics of your beautiful, if windy, part of the world ?
  3. "Arjan -In the UK the blue wire is for the rear fog lights" In Dutch, sorry, but this is the "sort of standard" on this side of the Channel.. # 1 (L) = Yellow = Indicator Left # 2 (54G) = Blue / brown constant live # 3 (31) = White = Earth # 4 (R) = Green = Indicator Right # 5 (58R) = Brown = Rear lights / side light Right hand side # 6 (54) = Red = Brakelights # 7 (68L) = Black = Rear lights / side light Left hand side Colour can vary but having towed trailers everywhere on 7-pins they always have the same function.
  4. This is very interesting !! Many thanks.
  5. Not sure they are around in Europe - Scandinavia did them a lot. We use either the Webasto types - they work on fuel - and have a few Kenlowe type mains heaters here. But they draw serious Amps....
  6. Looks good ! Those ramps are nice but look heavy. Any chance of making them move in and out by air ? Saves a lot of your back...
  7. Hat Off !! Well done - your welding is soooo much better than my splattering ! Truck looks very good - better than I thought it would be.
  8. Sorry - Do not have that.. Bon Courage !
  9. Santana had GRP roofs, with or without alpine windows.. Several companies in the UK made in the '70's - '90s all kind of GRP roof in many different shapes and sizes. This is a Dutch one....
  10. Oh yes - solar panels are very useful. But we find that tipping a load of concrete 8-10 times a day needs additional power into the battery in the trailer.
  11. I have the socket (the one that sits in the chassis) on a 110 here. It that what you need ? ... or the trailer side (sorry, don't have that)
  12. On the 7 pin trailer connection, pin 54G (Blue) is "extra / not used" Many people use that to feed a "live" to the trailer. However, please note they're not for serious Amps.. We have the electric tipper on a separate lead to charge it's battery while driving.
  13. Congratulations !!!!!! Well Done - hope all goes as planned !
  14. " Trailers having a maximum laden weight not exceeding 750kg are not required to have brakes fitted. However, if the trailer (regardless of mass) is fitted with a braking system, then all brakes in that system must operate correctly and efficiently. This means that the braking systems of small ‘microcars’ (under 750kg in weight) must still operate, even when the vehicle is being towed. Unless the vehicle is broken down, when C&U makes special provision." So, basically, any car being towed fitted with brakes, as most have, is being towed illegally as the brakes are not operated. The situation on the Continent, regardless of Brexit, is grey. But many get stopped and fined. Most use a small trailer these days.. So, basically, it is the "hysterical female horse owner situation" where most law enforcement officers know wiser than to stop these people as one ends up with a lot of problems and no real solutions. I, for one, just took the time and money to have all licences and a few more to drive & tow anything...
  15. You sound very much where we are with our Ninety. Tried to sell it 3 times. 3 times it was sold. 3 times it didn't get closed by the buyer. So, he stays. Galvanized chassis is to be bought (Brexit is not helping) but I have a spare bulkhead that will be prepared and galvanized. I suggest you consider to do the same as it is not a lot of money and the result is trouble free motoring corrosion wise. The Series Hybrid was done that way 30 years ago and still a perfect. Bon Courage !!!
  16. I have both "Pivlock" (not attached to the rear door) and the "Mantec" versions (attached to door) in use. Drilling in the capping is not too bad - zinqspray is your friend.
  17. ".. one of the trailer wheels isn't supposed to be at that angle... .." Oh yes...... Know that feeling only too well.
  18. IF there was for me a way to find time to learn to weld properly etc. I'd love to have a RRC again. Over the decades there were many - one V8 engine on LPG was moved 3 times into another shell and did over a 1.000.000 kms. on LPG and was sold eventually in a very, very late 2 door and still going strong (the new owner can weld..) However, the Softdash with the 3.5 Mazda engine was the best. I miss that car.... Pls. keep it coming !
  19. I tip my hat in awe for this man's skills. Life long lover / sufferer from RRC's I know what he 's done. Very, very well done Sir.
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