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  1. Pity it is on fleabay. I'd love to give you a fiver for it and pay postage to my UK friends for late collection. Would look nice one the Hybrid....
  2. Apart from the transmission you may have an engine issue and forthat you really need to get a suitable computer to talk with the engine and see what they have to tell each other. Otherwise you're completely randomly trying things.
  3. Thank you. Regarding the oilfilter : would it be possible to use the oilfilter housing from the 200 Tdi to overcome this challenge ?
  4. Thanks Tuko - I have a spare 300 Tdi and a tired 200 Tdi. Hmm.....
  5. Just to be sure I understand this correctly on how to mate an LT77 to a 300 Tdi : - Remove flywheel housing from the 200 Tdi - use a 200 Tdi rear crankshaft seal on the 300 Tdi - Fit the 200 Tdi Flywheelhousing (with sealant) to the 300 Tdi engineblock - fit the flywheel & clutch (200 / 300 Tdi are the same ?) - Mate LT77 to the 300 Tdi - Modify enginemounts as 300 Tdi sits not in the same position as the 200 Tdi.
  6. Hi Glenn, welcome to the Madhouse. Like with most modern cars - but certainly the D3 & D4 - you really need to get it to talk to a computer. Otherwise it is basically a wild goose chase.
  7. Need to fit mine to the Hybrid... They are seriously heavy...
  8. Call Pirtek 24/7 service. They may fix it at the side of the road
  9. I have an old "Minus 40" that has turned out to be perfect for our needs. Heavy but solid and, if needed, very very cold. Good fridges are not cheap - cheap fridges don't usually last very long..
  10. I suggest you measure the other one to see if the spring sits centre
  11. I have both a vacuum and a pressure bleeder and find for the brakes the pressure bleder much easier and effective than the vacuum one. For clutch the vacuum one seemt to be better - apart from not having a good fitting cap for the TWR reservoir...... Manually bleeding the system may help you to achieve a good pedal.
  12. TTBOMK, there will not be a CoC issued through LR for Wolfs I'm afraid as they were never compliant. We've had the same problem here and it is a #^$%^#$%@#%!@ Bon Courage
  13. Mr. George White could be of help. But it will cost €€€ I hope to get a roof some time this Summer this way. Last year I could have collected it easy enough, but that @~!$%@$$^& virus killed that. Now with the UK out of the Customs Union, things are even worse. Bon Couarage !
  14. Good one, again, this is different and to me much more interesting to watch than most other "overlanding video's" - many thanks. Care to tell a bit more on the camera's etc. you've been using ? Thanks
  15. Asking for a friend (....) As the warning lights etc. are invisible and he is not too impressed by the standard dash, does anybody have done this ? Any pics ? Also, is there a Tacho (Rev. Counter) that would nicely fit the Series dash ? Thank you
  16. Talk to a good galvanizing plant and see what they have to say. Cast iron is different from a chassis etc. Is there is just rust, you may not have to get it blasted as the nasty stuff in the various basins usu. takes care of rust and brings it back to bare steel / iron. I have a bulkhead to be dipped this Fall. Good luck
  17. One can't see the decades... Enjoy !
  18. Interesting.. Yes, the OTR price in France is more than eye watering, too. Even for us as a business user it is seriously much money..
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