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  1. Thank you ! Looks very,very interesting.
  2. Interesting - would love to see more
  3. Arjan


    TTBOMK : no, unless you get into really serious modifications. I'd keep the Series kit as is and get standard calipers for the 110. Easy and no issues with parts etc.
  4. Very nice - well done. We like our concrete - as you seem, too.... That floor will take a ramp OK.. Hope you can continue the build.
  5. Sorry - non native English speaker....
  6. Also, several army Series had a mod where the engine / gearbox was laterally fixed to make the handbrake more effective. It is also possible to create an hybrid handbrake that uses the Seriesdrum but is cable operated and very effective.
  7. oohhh...... I like that ! What airfilter housing is that please ? Can you do some overvieuw pics aswell please ? I have a useless heater in the way but that was to be removed anyway....
  8. easy fix. welcome to the madhouse
  9. @Stephen : Once this ..... Sugarbeetseason is over I hope to fit paint the roof, fir it and do the fabric. Build thread - if people really care - will follow so it will be a compact write up.
  10. Oh yes..... Ideal testdrive for the 110 with the new roof......
  11. Fitted this one for a long trip : Standard DIN plugs in the dash. You may need a nice surround for some..
  12. Use a spacer ring. Either ready made or spent some time with the DIY tools and make one yourself.
  13. Industrial finish they call it......
  14. Oh YES !!! Looks like a very good weekend ! Please, share more pics..
  15. As a sort of on topic..... France, unlike Holland, has tankerdriver strikes, blockades, etc. from time to time so out here in the nothings one learns to have your own stock of diesel, petrol and fuel for the heating as they come up almost always when not expected. On average we have some 700 ltrs. in stock. Not to mention the 20 M3 firewood. Trouble with this modern fuel stuff is that you need to keep the stock moving as it does go "off" LPG / CNG would help but is sooo expensive.
  16. What he said. Welcome to the Madhouse.
  17. Yes. But prices for FR are still unknown. US from about $ 80k Hmm.... What happened to the 40k I wonder
  18. Thank You. That French one looks like on a "Garagist Plate" What is usually done for vehicles that you can't get on FR plates.. Restrictions apply for them but in every days reality...
  19. Oh yes - we love pics of those rare beasts !! One does not see them in FR...
  20. Hmm.... Is it live ? Could be the handbrake warning light.. Nothing in the manual / diagram ?
  21. Picture will help. Could be anything
  22. Interesting to see how you like it in use
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