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  1. Garmin has a wireless camera fot their various SatNavs. Looks at some wireless CCTV camera's - quite a few work on 12 volt and have a WiFi option.
  2. I have a 6 mm2 wire and a manually operated relais to feed the glowplugs on the Tdi's. Simple and works very well
  3. As I could do with 2 sets - that is 8 injectors - I 'd be very interest to hear what Mr. Bob has to say in this (contact details, please) as one engine will be off the road for a major rebuild soon so sending them off is no real problem.. Serious money indeed..
  4. Ok - interesting... I'll have a look under the thing..
  5. Oh....... Love this one ! What type of Renault is that please ? I am seriously considering building a moving office - and that bed is what I had in mind using cables - but the self leveling is a very , very clever idea !!!!! Please keep this coming
  6. Idea behind the boards as they are fitted now is that they point sort of outwards - making a flow around the trailer regardless of on what side of the road I drive.... They are seriously visible.. We have put a feed on all 7 pins and the fog light will not come up. It does work when a direct feed is done on the light so I assume a cable problem. So a rewire seems to be on the list of jobs... Many thanks for the link !
  7. This year, this Ifor Williams trailer found its way into the circus here and so far we're quite happy with it. Ifor Yes, reflections boards were fitted by me as I like them a lot to make the trailers as visible as possible.. Question 1 : The foglight does not seem to be connected to PIN 2 (54G) - is there a special IW wiring thing ? Question 2 : Does anybody know what LED units will a +/- direct swop for these bulb units ? Thanks ! .
  8. We have the standard Series MBC with the standard Servo
  9. Under the passenger seat is where mine is to go. But it has to wait for the chassis swop before it is fitted.
  10. We have them borh front and rear - very happy with them.
  11. Not so much better IMHO. But try getting bents etc. in rubber ? Have them on the three Tdi's and do well - but you need seriously good clamps. And they do come in black, too
  12. As said before by many - we're not the market for JLR. IF you guys think £ 81k is bad - wait for the French on the road price... You'll stop complaining as LRF will happily give you s showroom price but are somewhat vague in what the "on the road" figures are. And they are worse. than you can possibly think. In Holland they start at € 101k (basic model) and got to the € 128K without options. France is worse.. So, nice car etc. and I could make the accountant happy to lease one, but I won't. But others obviously do as even here you start seeing them more and more.
  13. Thank you all !!!!! Love this place - there is usually somebody know knows more than LR's and this is one of those examples !! Once the freezing cold, snow, mud and other joys of Winter are gone I'll drag the thing out and have a close look. Parts are going to be a problem here in France as it is unlike UK.. I am considering going for some serious tools in the form of a mini-digger with a few atachments - like a rotary cutter - so sort this out for once and for all... (interested in a 1,5 tonnes hi pump capacity one..) as it is garden warfare here and the majority of machines ju
  14. Thank you - that is a good idea...... I'll have a look to see how the underside is. Old doesn't mean bad - it is a beast of a machine - but the engine is not happy.
  15. Right - Mods, please feel free to move / delete this but I'm really in need of some help with this project.. Perhaps somebody here know - you guys are a fountain of knowledge.. This is the Mrs. her Garden Attack Tool. A serious machine that died and we are in need of some help getting a gasket for the carb. Any idea what type of engine this is / gasket we need ? Thanks !!!
  16. Please do not mention DAF45.... I still miss ours we had in Holland for the horses.. Ideal ! we could not get it on FR plates so eventually sold it and had a trailer for years. Now the Iveco and it is soo much better. Love to have a 7,5 tonne camper. Esp. 4x4......
  17. Although a fuse in the startermotor feed is possible, is is not practical. IF you're worried - please fit the that system and I hope it will never bee needed. We have an extra insulation on that feed (gardenhose - don't tell the Mrs....) with a cut off switch The rest is fused.. I understand that our wiring is not standard - nor are the vehicles.. - but fuses are easy to fit.
  18. IF fused correctly, wiring should not cause a fire. For a dash to get to 120 C. and that tube to respond, you will have a serious issue anyway. However, if it makes you feel more at easy, why not. Often, some smell & smoke will inform you of a serious problem before the fire starts and this tube would work. A good cut off switch makes less mess and is IMHO more effective. Fuel can cause problems, obviously. Good, as in tested, certified etc., automatic systems will cost more than the vehicle due to liability etc. And a few fire extinguishers are never ever a bad idea - as long a
  19. I think - think - you may find in the parts catalogue something on export side windows. Not steel panels - way to heavy and expensive. In Holland they were usu. some sort of "plastic" and used a lot to convert cars to commercials to avoid taxes. Make a template from carton and cut some 5 mm panel in the correct shape. and although you may find a part no, I seriously doubt LR will have it in stock....
  20. 2-doors are here in France easy to find. ... at a price mind you ! Had several 2-doors over the decades and ran them in the ground eating motorways in Europe. Most were V8 on LPG. Last two door I had was basically 490 ltrs of LPG, 2 Recardo seats, a very loud Pioneer Stereo and a V8 on carbs that served me for over a million kms.. Moving the sparewheel on a Pivlock gave even more space for LPG tanks... We'd change oil every 3 weeks when we were very busy. Thing has been everywhere, often towing a trailer..
  21. Here you go : and a standard 2 Door Hope this is of some use..
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