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  1. Arjan

    Buying a Range Rover classic

    As a lover of the RRC's, I have to say they don't rust... They dissolve. Almost everything has been tried and it seems that acid rust removal, welding, more dipping and galvanizing is the way to get result worth the effort... Bon Courage !
  2. Arjan

    Pick up conversion.

    It is a really bad idea if you ever have to remove it.... Bon Courage !
  3. Very Nice ! Simple and safe - by the looks of it..
  4. Arjan

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    " Maybe it's time the owners caught up? Bring back night schools! " True... However, this owner had a Volvo V70 for 300,000 miles and carried the Volvo car <-> Laptop interface in the car with me. The real one, not some chinese thing. Reason being that sitting at the side of the road, 1,900 miles from home in th rain, because a sensor generated a weird signal that caused the computer to stop the engine, is not my thing. I don't mind computers - I mind not being in control of something I paid for, that talks to computers telling things I don't know about and the "mechanic" is not much more than a "parts swopper" doing what the computers tells him, even if we both know the computer is wrong.. But it is called progress I'm told and this new Defender will be something good. Just not for me..
  5. Arjan

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Do we really care ? I, for one, will not buy one. Doing between 40,000 - 50,000 miles a year, D3, D4 and the various RR's were discounted on cost, reputation etc. To meet all sorts of standards, this model will be another computer on wheels and made not to be worked on by the owners..
  6. This one we did for the Series, many, many years ago. At the moment, it is getting an "new" on as the vehicle is being rebuild and I want to add a few things to the roof.
  7. As said above - replace the rear 1/4 and be done with..
  8. Thanks Daan - good footage !
  9. Please, tell me.. What part # / Part No's are involved to make this as I have the filter - but not the 2 clips and the rest.. Anybody has one perhaps ?
  10. " I might have put them on the wrong way round " Not sure... As they fit both ways this was obviously designed this way - LHD & RHD versions perhaps ? .... or to cater for the Monday morning assembly line mood... You never know, do you... This looks to me more practical
  11. Many thanks - this helps a lot ! I'd rather not undo the cylinderhead bolts to fit it there though.. However, I think there is plenty of space between the engine and the bulkhead for the filter to go... Thank you !
  12. Will look into making something - breakers also want quite a bit of money for the shipping to France. Perhaps in Holland next week..
  13. Thank you very, very much ! Serious money for a bracket it seems..
  14. Thank You !! Breakers is here a problem - off to Holland next weekend and I'll try to visit one while over there. Otherwise it will be down do making one...
  15. Hydraulic would be nice - but complicated as the vehicle is quite a few metres....
  16. Nice ! Need to make a new ramp for the Hulco trailer - the digger slipped off in the rain and bent it..... No hydraulic fold out thingie ? 😁 These semi's have air suspension and pneumatic sliding ramps. Pull the switch and the rear lowers and the ramps (very long ones) slide out by themselves. Finished loading, throw the switch and the rear goes up again and the ramps slide in - off you go. Very nice. Very much money, too..
  17. Arjan

    Superwinch H14 information?

    WD40 will not do it - use proper penetrating oil stuff. Drown it in the stuff - they easily seize up when not used regularly. Had the earlier type on a Ninety - big, heavy, slow and pulls everything. Bon Courage !
  18. I hope some of you can help me as here in France I'm running into problems making the lifting roof for the 110 The nice people of Whitbread4x4 were nice enouogh to make this cage to my spec and now it is up to me to eventually cut open the roof for the lifting section between the B and the D Hoop. Below some pictures to give you an idea - the hole in the roof is not in mine.... Roughly 185 by 112 cm. for the lifting roof on the outside The opening in the roof needs to be a bit smaller obviously to allow for struts, fabric, etc.. There is about 10 cm. height for the lifting roof itself to make it sit inside and under the top of the cage When up (about 65 cm.) it will give me standing height and a lot of comfort en route It makes a lot of difference and I think well worth the effort. Sleeping inside and sitting upright or standing while cooking is so much nicer when away from home for a long time... Now, the problem I have that getting the roof "folded & welded" here in France will cause me to take out a mortgage and really, that is something I rather not do. The lifting roof part does not need to be strong enough to stand on - just on the "inside" a few additional profiles need to be welded in for the struts, fabric, etc. Insulation will be glued in once it build. In case I bring a passenger, I have a Brownchurch roofrack with a Hardshell RTT that sits on the roll cage and should not touch the lifting roof section. And before you mention polyester or the likes, they are not what I like. So, is it possible to fold the roof myself without the use of some big fancy machine ? What I need is a " How to fold 2 mm. aluminium for Dummies guide" really... The welding of the seams etc. seems to be sorted.. Thank You !
  19. Hi Mike ! Caliper seems fine. The various nuts and other pieces of metal have been fused into a lot of nasty, smoking stuff. Small miracle I got it to a friend safely..
  20. UPDATE - the roof section is now in France ! I cannot thank everybody enough for their help. However, there always is one... The 110 isn't mobile as you can see. We're not sure what happened, but the result was not nice. The parts are ordered tomorrow, but I'm off to Holland next weekend for 2 weeks of work so collection is a bit of a problem.. Not happy with the 110 at the moment......
  21. You were lucky. I have to replace the front cover on the 300 Tdi when those bolts worked loose....
  22. Arjan

    Husky Winch Brushes?

    Please note the Husky requires a special grade oil - stick to it. The gearbox / wormwheel needs that to work correctly.. First Four usu. has the correct stuff.
  23. Arjan

    Defender Double Din

    Very nice - well done. I have a single DIN Pioneer in the 110 & Hybrid up against the roof. There reallywasn't much space elsewhere, this is a nice solution.
  24. Arjan

    Snorkel / RAI

    Not sure why.... Think a lot of Series are seen as something to keep "original" and snorkel don't somehow seem to fit into that picture. Me, as some may know, is not sure what original means so mods are made as we go and a RAI is one that is to be done once the Hybrid is running again - need to find time.. As I have a 200 Tdi in there, the airintake system isn't very original so I need to decide what goes where and than make something that sort of works - but most of all is waterproof, has provisions for the various breathers etc... Perhaps some of our Series owners with one can show us a picture or 2....

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