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  1. Again, this forum and it's unique members have come to the rescue ! Thank you very, very much !! Now, it is just waiting for a possibility to come over to the UK...
  2. Some would call it success. I call it the end of misery where it will happen again to somebody soon. Glad it sort of is over for you !
  3. Get a used bulkhead, fit it to the Richards chassis with the supports and repair it. Take it off and get it dipped (drill some extra holes for the air to come out) Afterwards some pushing & pulling is needed (most one do..) and a quality etching primer is needed but it will make the bulkhead live longer. Did the Series one 30 years ago and still as new. Have 2 Defender one waiting for that to be done once the chassis have been done.
  4. Noooooooooooooooo...................................... They make me cry. Please keep them coming so I can cry some more...😁
  5. I'd said yes for € 1500 😁 Please keep us posted !
  6. For 2.5 K I'd gladly take that beautiful blue finished on off you. However, logistics and most of all a virus.... $%&%$&*%%@! The Mrs. is looking very hard for something as the Argo is dead and the Winter is coming..
  7. Very interesting !!! Hope you'll get eventually a dummies guide as I'd need to to this for a LHD one...
  8. Yes - that begs for a build tread !!! Please !
  9. get it after 1-1-2021 ☺️ all up to you..
  10. Wise words already said by others. Drive Tdi, Td5 and the Puma engine vehicles vehicles and decide what works for you. Some are not impressed by the Puma dash and 6-speed gearbox. Plenty of Td5 / Td4 vehicles going places - electronics are not scary. 33K is not a good starting point IMHO. Esp. for the ATA Carnet (often used by the Overlander) where the value is base for the deposit. I have a good 110 sitting outside that's been places and it will fetch € 11.000 here. Please remember more and more countries are not happy having RHD vehicles on their roads so many things to consider..
  11. Freight will make that an expensive piece of aluminum....
  12. Price will be..... interesting
  13. Think this will be a bit different from country to country.. But I'd love to have an Electric SII !
  14. We're talking to a few suppliers of vans and as they're all white I'm looking for something different. Keswick green is the OneTen so we're wondering if there is a RAL equivalent ? (I seem to remember recently mentioned something about "NATO Green for "civil use vehicles" where RAL codes were mentioned )
  15. ".. I definitely need a throwline that works better than a bit of galv pipe, ahem. .." I use dummy's we use for working the dogs for that - very effective. ...and I once lost one and the dog found it for me.. πŸ˜„
  16. I'm very happy with my Whitbread cage. http://www.whitbread-offroad.co.uk Based in Wales and they're happy to listen to you and try to work with your needs as you don't mention what you'd like / want / use etc.
  17. Some late Disco I's with a 300 Tdi & autobox have a pot meter on the injectionpump. Just remove it. Some say they are more BHP but I've never noticed much difference. While the engine is out, may I strongly suggest you do the timing, seals and fuel lift pump...
  18. Straight swap TTBOMK I have had the pleasure of fitting several 300 Tdi's into the 110.
  19. We swapped the 2.5 N/A many, many years ago for a 200 Tdi and the fuel filter never gave problems. Could be true on paper / theory but in the real world...
  20. Nice one !! Not sure about those tires on those rims..... You want to keep it on UK plates ?
  21. Oohh....... That looks like not fun, really...πŸ˜€ In Holland we call it "veen" and many tractors, machines and people have been swallowed......
  22. I have both a Ninety and a One Ten Brownchurch looking for a new home.
  23. Yes - I have the legs & ladders for this one, too. However, as the OneTen now has the roll cage and the lifting roof it is going to be sold...
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