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  1. Hmmm, very odd seeing a green 100" hybrid stuck like that, never seemed to do that when I had it Looks like I missed a cracker, oh the trials of the landyless
  2. Tim, you've never done any work with Jim have you? I think he has a lifetime subscription to the Challis school of organisation - "if you have a big enough box, with enough bits in it you'll have everything you need. Sadly you also need a lifetime subscription to have time to find the bit you need" I now understand the meaning of the phrase "duck and cover" lol
  3. I'll find some time to lend a hand one way or another chap. Give me a shout with more details closer too. You aren't going to ask me to weld plates round thin air upside down with arc again are you
  4. Due to circumstances beyond my control I've had to let Bish down this weekend in his pursuit of making the Bishtail run on God's fuel, and can't offer much help till next week. He'll be pulling his hair out/herniating himself trying to swap v8/zf/borg warner for Tdi200/zf/lt230 on his drive, probably in the only thunder storm in the country, on his tod, and all this for a man who's team of man servants and wallah's have up and left his employ on the grounds that he's pulling a v8 to fit some dodgy, stinky oil burner. If you're not up to much this week end and could spare a couple of hours, I know he'll be very grateful and you'll be going a short way to easing my concience. BTW I think he's short of an engine crane, Tdi timing kit & sprocket pullers, chunky trolley jack, arc/mig to stick the new engine mounts and about 20 hours of spanner time. Cheers muchly, Jonathan.
  5. I'm deffo with Mark on this, this isn't an x-eng sponsored campaign nor has Simon directly sanctioned or approved of what you/we are doing. Best to stick to the anti SR logo IMHO. On that cheery note, 2 x XL (stumpy) please Mr Warne, and no tit adornments if I can have my way, I like my tit's just the way they are!
  6. FWIW Lund turns around stock items quite quickly, what you have to join the waiting list for are non standard stuff: porting/balancing/relinering/modded fueling/ignition/turbo and supercharging and "in the vehicle modifications" and fitting etc. (and that is what he tends to be over-run with). He works in partnership with JB Landrovers in Honiton (which is how I know about him), so if you want to leave the vehicle for additional non engine work to be carried out, it has to be slotted into their (as well as his) diary. If all you are looking for is a stock 3.5 through 4.6 short or long exchange engine he should be fairly rapid and he is competitive. The other thing that Lund is quite good at is helping you plan and build the engine over time (ie short engine now, but with consideration for exchanging heads, change in cam, fueling and ignition system etc). You can top hat liner any ali block as long as it is made sound before the engineering work is done. It is a permenant cure for the buick/rover v8 porosity/slipping liner fault and is effective as a repair or before the problem becomes evident. Hope that helps Jonathan
  7. Not a hope in hell - 5th wedding aniversary and I've used up my brownie points persuading the missus that being at the event of the year after a quick candle lit meal for 2 is an acceptable night out - the constant interuption of 20 odd ORRP'ers later on may well result in Lynsey arranging the cordoning off of the village for the evening So what's wrong with your lawn then???
  8. Fair shout chap, Better to run a good event later than a p!ss poor one too soon. I'll hang the punches back up and start polishing my welding mask
  9. Dave, What tyre/tranny ratio are you using at the mo?
  10. fruity


    As long as the mods were made pre 2002 you should be in the clear, it's radical mods since then that are the issue. When I discussed this last with our local DVLA inspector last it was one of the few definates that there were. However, what DVLA will acept as proof............................. keep guessing.
  11. fruity


    OK, constructively speaking cos Nick will hold the tyres I'm running on to ransom IMHO for the majority of modded vehicles that are represented on this forum, there won't really be too much of a problem: Those that are trailered to events will stay that way, there may be issues for RTV trials and insurance for competition etc but folks will just have to be more selective about the events they enter. For the rest (probably the majority), the vehicles (which probably recieve more maintenance, care and attention than the owners "daily drivers") will have to go for SVA in the light goods class and will, in the main, pass with little trouble. SVA isn't really anything to get worked up about, just a test of the vehicles sound design and safety to be on the road. There may have to be a few "tweaks" made in the name of pedestrian safety and handling, but that will be about it. The only vehicles that may struggle are: Heavily modded CSW's, ra/ro's and Disco's that want to keep their 2nd row permenant seats, but in general these aren't the vehicles that get heavily modified and Tax dodgers - coil sprung, tdi engined, roll caged, 88" shortened raro chassis'd defenders running on SIIa log books - for the owners of these vehicles, sorry guys, the game is finally up. The only thing we should collectively be worrying about at this point is the lack of insurers that will deal with Q plated vehicles, but I hope that demand will improve competition (a vain hope I know). If you are worried, take heart from the fact that Dave, Richard (TrickyS) and I have all built non standard (100" "defenders") in the past couple of years and got them through the SVA system with little trouble and we started from scratch. Is that more constructive Mr "panicking bout his Bob"
  12. fruity


    [smug mode] wot Dave said, the end is nigh, I tell you, THE END IS NIGH [/smug mode]
  13. If you talk to one of the specialist re-corers they'll probably braise the bosses for the 22mm thermoswiches into a radiator for a couple of quid (especially if they're re-coring at the same time). Is the way I got mine done, and if you get 2 bosses you can also add a 110 degree thermoswitch and wire up a warning light too. Rasons Radiators did mine and I know of at least 1 person who has used Pirtek in Exeter (and they're a national company), and there are several other re-corers who I've heard have done the same
  14. Whilst I'm far too polite to comment on the size of Jims arse, could I call a point of order: Surely this shouldn't be in the "Getting Out There" forum. Possibly the mods would like to add a "Squeezing It In There" forum, just for the occasion
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