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  1. Thanks, obvious question. Thanks Weston for pointing out my mind typo. I was thinking 109 but typed 110.
  2. Aren't they the same thing. BB, BBC and ABB being mergers of companies.
  3. Hi Jason, brought this thread back from the past! are they the front or rear springs from a 110? I assume rear but thought I would check!
  4. Condensation can only form if there is moisture in the gas (air) inside. If it is sealed after being in a warm dry environment condensation should not form. However if it can not be hermetically sealed ingress of moisture is impossible so adding a deliberate breather hole which a silica filter will make sure the air is dry.
  5. Marshall pointed me in a very good spot. I also found it amusing that I seemed to be able to get my notoriously tractionless 1 series BMW in places a Disco 4 could not.. Guessing that was a driver issue. A small show and tickets could have been cheaper, i've never worked out the pricing structure for these things and can I be controversial and suggest that the arena is dead. I never bother watching now as it's always the same old stuff over and over. My wife suggests there should be a lower rate for people who aren't really interested i being there. Adults £12, Children under 5 Free, Re
  6. Over-volting the motor is likely a good way to produce a plug in upgrade but a change in the motor would achieve the same thing.
  7. I was convinced to buy ATZ when my 11 year old BFG AT were in need to replacement as I was told the road noise would be similar. It's not they are noisier. I'll change back to BFG in about 10 years time.
  8. I'm sure I am alone but I have no problem with the introduction of an MOT test and possibly even registration of trailers.
  9. I had a good look around one of these at the weekend. My biggest disappointment was that loyalty that LR have to the side vents has made them put vent like creases in the doors which have no purpose at all. Apart from that I love it. There have been lots of negative posts out there complaining it looks like a ford but to me it looks all Range Rover.
  10. The legroom in the back of a 110 is bad enough without losing 10" more!!I have been thinking about a 100 with a standard 90 tub but the seatbox further back and extended doors to get more driver legroom.
  11. The ECU sleeping fault is often caused by wifi networks interfering with the alarm circuit keeping it awake. The frequencies for the defender alarm are out side of this range.
  12. This should not work? Adding in parallel will have affected the values, as would series.
  13. There are 3 potentiometers in the circuit and one works in reverse from the other 2 i.e. the resistnace drops as the other 2 increases. Not impossible, you just need to find 3 modular, stackable pots.
  14. Why would you ever want to see a vacuum on your gauge? Unless somethings broken?
  15. Really like the look of the Ox bonnet hinges. Nothing wrong with the stock ones though, but I still like.
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