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  1. Just finished stripping the inside of mine out unless a member wants it ebay beckons
  2. never heard of them and never seen them in any off road competition truck. they advertise a good 5 yr warranty so there is little risk to trying them other than fitting time for me i would only use ashcroft whose warranty is top notch.
  3. Cheers I'll let you know if I find something suitable
  4. did you buy the locking diff in the end?
  5. I sold a set of these recently and as far as I know this was the 1st set for sale in a long time .i have found a couple more brackets but no cross bars. Depending on where you are I have a110 hardtop Tithonus and have converted one from soft top to hard top and back door.i possibly have some of the unusual z shaped mounting brackets that hood the roof to the body left. I'm in Lancashire if that helps you .pm me for more info
  6. Kam used to be good not been for a long time Warranty perfect at Ashcroft Nuff said Good service from dave
  7. With all the idiots on the roads why would you risk refitting knackered parts Buy new...
  8. Lift car on chassis Lower axle unbolt tray and it will wiggle out
  9. There are. I think three versions. Original which is one piece from middle to back Aftermarket two piece with flange on rear pipe and aftermarket with no flange just a slip joint I think landorver went to a two piece one over the back axle during the production run. Auto to manuals spec are also different
  10. Just back from the bama event in Staffordshire great weekend.plenty of banter we beat most the Yorkshire lads.......bar thence that won the competition Roll on the next one in June 1 st at a very special location in Bedfordshire
  11. Nope some of them are open too civvies as well. The mudmaster in Scotland being one of the best I've done. Plent of navigation both on road and off and enough driving to keep me happy The aim of all of these events is to improve driving standards and teamwork in a car plus the places you get to go too are superb.
  12. Have a look at the bama events These are aimed at std. Motors and hark back to the old days of teamwork and navigation style events. Almost no need for winches but plenty of grey matter needed ,well the ability to use it helps Google mudmaster for an idea
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