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  1. look in the tech archive, it is there, thats were i found it and made a bracket for my 109" 300 TDI
  2. that contains - Dodge Power Wagon, real cool truck, but don't remember them being build as station wagons
  3. Hi i have LT230 in my car, with a hole for a neutral switch, i don’t have the Light or the old switch, so need to blank the hole, What is the tread size to find the right bolt
  4. I guess a lt77S would give you better rpm in fifth gear, a friend had the same experience after fitting a 200 TDI with LT77, LT230 1.2 ratio and series diffs i his 109"
  5. HI Tuko Reading this up again for my own 109" build, I was wondering: is your LT77 a Standard LT77 or a LT77S ?
  6. Check to that one, but 109" STW Project still on +10 years now.... Althougth in that time the Daily drive 88" got several jobs done, rebuild the house twice, plus complete garden redone. In other words: life got in the way ( took all the build money)The 109" project got stranded when we bought the farm, and first got back on track last winter when time finally was left for it. And now the motivation comes natural from finished bits and putting things back together, also the final goal of being able to fit the hole family in one Land Rover is a great motivation.
  7. i had the same problem, finding a good used one, by luck i got 1 for cheap, stripped it and had dipped in zink, hope that will extend the lifespand. it did not warp or any thing and looks nice and shiny now.
  8. I know it is in a series, but my take on the CD-free radio install the sides are the original center console and the plate is a copy of the plate made for the belgian army 2wd version, where they mounted the NATO light switch. i put some toggle switches on the driver sides, mine been a LHD and on the other side, a new fuse box for this panel alone. the sockets have been change to normal 12v socket. on the blank part i today have a Ram mount arm for phone/tablet. Best part - No new holes drilled, all holes are already there.
  9. Thanks, well i use a LHD box because a RHD won't fit behind the frontpanel. and LHD is more common i Denmark. The angles on the photo looks a bit extreme, I moved the complet steering around a bit, which divided the angles more to both U/J's. also the bottom end of the steering coloum is not fixed yet, i have to modify the bulkhead support first and find the right length on both sides of the bulkhead - glad i have the 88" to take measures from. about the pitman arm, i have research a bit on Santana and it seem a pitman arm from a Santana 1982 and forward has the same splines and the needed bend, so have to get one of those - i guess SWMBO aka GLW won't mind a holiday trip to Spain to pick up some parts....
  10. also been busy cleaning parts using citric acid in this big grey tank with lid. drop it in leave for 24 hours or more, wash in water, wirebrush them a bit. if not clean enough, just back in the tub and wait 24 hours. easy, clean and it will remove everything: paint, rust, etc. but no oil or grease.
  11. Well, better get this back on track With a little help from friends i got the Pitman arm of the P38 servo unit and set to work, machining Grinding it down in size to fit in the original series steering relay hole. along that i made the top plate which will hold the servo unit. well see pictures. removed the alternator and a trial fiiting of steering parts. parts used: P38 Servo unit, steering coloum and links from 2008 puma 110" and the original pitman arm - maybe i can just lower the Servo unit 5-10mm more and bend it ?? any one tried bending cast iron this thick Can any one give me a measure on how much of the steering coloum i should have on this side of the bulkhead ? - i have no reference, as i'm building from collected parts, no donor car.
  12. I looked at that too, RHD will mean it won't fit behind the frontpanel, if you look closely on som of the photos in that tread, you can see his servo unit is very tight with the front panel. i will try to make a try fit and take photos, just need to get that pitman arm off.......
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