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  1. so a cheaper and easy method of repair then? any negatives to this over a full turbo other than having to reset the actuator for boost pressure? what should the boost PSI be ?
  2. the seals on my turbo are leaking really badly and so a new turbo is required..... I dont have the £650 for one yet but spotted a rebuild company selling a rebuilt cartridge on a certain auction site for £165. has anyone any thoughts or experiences of fixing a turbo using just a cartridge?
  3. what ratio transfer box is on a 110 turbo diesel ( pre 200tdi)?
  4. I can tell you for one I never look in here, I read international as people over seas, not a general chat. notice how an over zealous moderator has moved my post without informing me as to the fact it was being moved or why, and then doesnt even reply to my question asking why! this forum is going down the tube.... tbink I will be off else where.
  5. why has this post been moved to international, why wasnt I notified of the move? I posted this in the defender forum....
  6. Who is paul stevenson and where do I find him?
  7. I guess RTT means roof top tent? if it does then the answer is because it suits my needs. I know and appreciate that people have different opinions and preferences towards them. those opinions are not the ones I am after in this particular thread. I want to find out from those that have, and continue to use them to let me know what brand they have and how they have found them. has anyone any positive experience from a cheaper brand, or am I going to have to part with £2000 for a positive experience. ....
  8. I am looking at getting a roof tent with the annex that goes beneath and was after others experiences. What have you guys got and how do you find it..... I was looking at www.armadillo4x4.co.uk offerings but chatting to A friend, he has suggested to be wary of the cheaper offerings..... I dont have the 2000 grand plus vat for a new howling moon offering, so wondering if anyone has any real hand experience of the cheaper end. Anyone have say a flat dog offering? Cheers
  9. I have a 1988 110 fitted with 200tdi from a defender, a rear axle with discs from a 300tdi defender and will be fitting the late front axle from the same vehicle. I need to change the brake pedal assembly as its very worn and was wondering if there are any merits to fitting a servo and brake assembly from a later defender? I assume they are all interchangeable, but whats others experiences?
  10. Hi mate, I live just round the corner from you so to speak, in leiston. Give me shout if you ever get stuck or need a hand...
  11. Hi guys... My gear lever is incredibly sloppy. It can be moved around hugely even when in gear and is difficult to get into reverse. Is this going to be a fault with gear change linkage or am I going to have to look at the gearbox. Its a 1998 2.0 diesel. Any thoughts?
  12. Buy my mantec fuel tank guard (the same that is used on the camel trophy) and get a proper mantec sump guard and you wont need to lift it. My genuine camel trophy freelander is not lifted and I havent had any problems. See the for sale section for my offered mantec guard.
  13. 4 - 5 grand, depending on mileage and condition.
  14. Is a 200 tdi defender intercooler the same as a 200tdi discovery intercooler. The reason I ask is a friend has a disco with a twisted performance intercooler that he will swap for my standard item before he sells it, but it will only work if they are the same!
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