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  1. ajh

    Salisbury axle bracket.

    I'm certainly not $500 urgently needing it. I have the other, I can weld the cuts enough to put it in place while the build continues. I'll keep looking but two months is probably not a big problem.
  2. Looking for a salisbury axle side bracket, the one the ball joint pin goes into. Had to cut one off unexpectedly and hope to source one ASAP. Part No NRC9607
  3. https://protective.sherwin-williams.com/detail.jsp?A=sku-26179%3Aproduct-6843 Also quite affordable, paid about $170CAD for 8L (4L part-A and 4L part-B) and it can be tinted to nearly any of their standard colours. I'm using a satin-black for base-coat and will be spraying colour over top, the best thing is you can add coats up to 12 months after the basecoat goes on with no surface prep (other than cleaning).
  4. I've been using the Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 646, industrial/marine fast-cure 1:1 epoxy for a bit now after getting disappointing performance from everything else I've tried. So far it is amazing, a bit thick but it covers very well and hardens like nothing else I've used. It is also fuel-proof and salt-immersion rated.
  5. Yeah, at this point though it is a 'what's in the bin' for most of the parts, traditional Leyland-style... in the future converting the front to a 3-link and the back to a 4 might be in the cards but honestly doing 2 at once is already going to be a crapload of work.
  6. I know... progressive was just a pipe-dream really. I'm planning to do the mods as needed to get the extra droop/flex. This one is just going to travel on a trailer any time it isn't on trail anyway. I am building a street Tomcat on a D2 chassis as well; only going with stock-height (perhaps +1) on that one, though it is being built more as a tow/expedition vehicle. Just figured since this RRC chassis came in such good shape I'd use some of the other parts lying around to start to build something for weekend fun.
  7. Yep. This one is a bit of a truggy though; so I'm personally looking for really soft springs that will compress quite a bit and stretch easily. So saying 4" lift isn't quite the same as a +4" spring.
  8. ajh

    D1 (97) Rear Door Skin

    That was the first google hit... and no, no rear door skins there only a full shell... which is worth more than most of the rest of the vehicle.
  9. Are there rear door skins for D1 available anywhere? It has reached the point where none of the ones I can find are in good enough shape to restore.
  10. So I'm pretty familiar with mild suspension lifts; but am looking for some advice on doing something a bit taller. I have a LWB RRC chassis that I'm modifying to fit a S3 bulkhead and parts (It's what I have lying around, and I'll fab the missing bits) and since it will be trail-only I'm considering a bit more of a lift. I know doing raised mounts with +2 springs will work, but ideally I'd like to do fully retained light-duty springs all. I'm hoping to find some +4" progressive wind springs.. anyone know of any off-the-shelf options? I know I"ll have to modify some other things and already plan on modifying the rear A-arm and longer trailing arms to keep things in correct geometry, on the front I'm not totally sure yet but in the interest of keeping things inexpensive I may just cut and re-mount the axle mounts for the radius arms to keep things lined up.
  11. That is also an interesting idea. Going to need to get the new driveline in-hand to figure that out.
  12. We all run 200s, 300s, and now TD5s, my application requires lightness and more power so the TD6 looks pretty good. I'm also looking for a transmission I can short-shifter and feels more racer suitable. Diesel is the only option for me as there is a 12 fold increase in fuel costs going from Diesel to Petrol and given some of my plans on the fuel cell side (also a fuel cell in the trailer) staying away from explosive fuels is a legal requirement. If there is another engine I can purchase for 1200GBP off eBay that fits the bill I'm more than happy to look at them. The TDV6 was considered but because I'm dealing with full custom exhaust, the need for space in the engine bay, and the cost issue I just don't see much advantage when the entire vehicle is aiming to be about 400kg lighter than a D90 and the power to weight ratio should be pretty acceptable with tuning of the TD6. Any contrary experiences are welcome.
  13. The main problem is we're requiring ODB on all engines after 1998, so may or may not be able to use the 300TDI I'm rebuilding at the moment and if not I need an alternative and will put the 300 into the OHV off-roader I'm also working on.
  14. We also don't have 200TDI or 300TDI, so why would it be any more of a struggle to support? I certainly don't want to use a 7L Powerstroke...
  15. I heard you need the Simtek ECU for the TDV6 but for the TD6 can use the stock one. Given the Simtek one is about $5K...

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