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  1. ajh

    5x6.5 Trailer Hubs

    That is one of my options as mentioned, however that also makes getting TC/DOT approval something I need to think about. and if my plan is low volume that may not be a reasonable approach. Having hubs I can just put onto an existing axle probably doesn't help much, except if they already have type approval there/CE it would probably moot the issue in the end. This and the desire to only have to ship the hubs; whole axles would be expensive, hubs alone not too bad if I include them in my sea LCL shipments.
  2. ajh

    5x6.5 Trailer Hubs

    In the long run I would machine flanges that match the Rover axle end and just use stubs and hubs on a 3" axle tube. As long as I am doing one-offs and they are registered as homebuilt no big deal, but if I want to do many then I need something I can get approved, and Spacers will not do.
  3. ajh

    5x6.5 Trailer Hubs

    Fired them off an email, hopefully theirs are both compatible with the axle stubs here and ot excessively expensive.
  4. ajh

    5x6.5 Trailer Hubs

    No idea, they are not sold here. Sankey are for sure but I want freewheeling hubs, not braked.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get trailer hubs in 5 on 6.5 (Defender/RRC/D1) bolt pattern? Hopefully later I will also need the new D2 pattern if that is out there. I would prefer not to have to ship entire axle assemblies if I can get hubs that will fit to the axles available locally. My other option is to fabricate new ones with flanges that will allow the use of LR stubs and hubs, but that isn't ideal at this point. Thanks for any information.
  6. ajh

    Rear Panels

    Upon second inspection, it looks like the change is actually on the inboard side of the panel and will just force a bit of trimming.
  7. ajh

    Rear Panels

    Did the Defender rear tub change shape at some point? I have a set of replacement rear panels sold by a well known aftermarket company and they really don't fit, they're not long enough and the curve of the side panel is entirely in the wrong place. The vehicle in question is a 1999 300TDI 90.
  8. One question though. Always used polys in the past.. with using the oe style one side of the tube sticks out more than the other, is this the inboard or outboard side? I assume inboard to allow more flex, but welcome correction.
  9. Not anymore. I suspect I removed about 1 to 1.5mm and they were still a tight fit, enough that I need to prep and repaint before installing tomorrow. I don't have anything precise enough at the moment, but the fact they don't seem perfectly round makes that harder too.
  10. I suspect they only ever fit polys, but this is a long travel setup and rubber is more suitable. They are clearly not even bored after welding as they don't even seem round when you look closely. The fact they are painted on the bushing surface would also contribute to the idea they never considered someone might want to install normal bushings. Machining a purpose build press die would probably also help.
  11. If anyone cares, the arms are not made to spec... it took quite a bit of time with a drum sander to get things fitting.
  12. One bushing deformed. 7 more chances to press in 4. Even 20 tonnes was insufficient.
  13. This is the new style arms, two halves centre welded vs I-beam like the old style.
  14. Has anyone had experience/issues pressing Allmakes metalastic axle end bushings into Terrafima Defender 3deg radius arms? Just looking it seems like the bushings are larger than the opening provided. After several press attempts I want to make sure I don't need to bore them out, I never thought of the bushing collar as something that would compress very much.
  15. ajh

    TF522 Sanity Check.

    and honestly, all they needed to do was stamp a small arrow on the top.

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