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  1. Hi Orange, Thanks for the confirmation... I too think its a bit OTT - hence the question. I think I'll opt for my second choice - clean up and refurb mine - with the options I've got Im not likely to find another like it - not for a proper price anyway. And as most of us, I've changed so many parts that, appart form the running gear and body pannels, its almost a new car ! So... a refurb of the gbox and tbox and some engine/diff seals is an attractive option. Cheers Simon
  2. Yes, I wasn't complaining, just curious. Having read the DiffLock section on the Disco2 website, I checked my TrasferBox serial number....41D, so I could add the Diff Lock to mine. That'll help get me out of some sticky situations. Maybe Im better off paying a few grand to a-guy-I-know to rebuild my trasfer-box-gear-box and re seal the diffs... everythings leaking a bit now (10 years and 250K km) and starting to go clunk clunk. I'll clean it all off one sunny day and see where the leaks really are. Maybe even refurb the Turbo. Thanks everyone, Simon
  3. Hey guys, Thats what I like about this forum... lots of friendly people ! I didn't know that the face lifts also had a few little tweaks like this. Are there any nice places where I can find Rave-for-face-lift ? And whilst Im at it, is £13000 OTT for a LHD 2002 facelifted TD5 Disco (new lights and fuel cap on instrument cluster) XS 5 seater with 59,000 miles on the clock...? From what I can tell, no AirSusp or Heated Seats, and, like the Steering wheel, all cream interior. Cheers Simon
  4. Hi BogMonster, I like the picture... Here are extracts from the 01 & 02MY English EXPORT (ie LHD) car manual... <-- See annotations in the image Even if the manuals are not the same, they show the Filler Button in the bottom middle of the 6 fascia switches, same place as my LHD 1999 car. So either all my Rave Manuals are wrong or there is something Im missing... None of the manuals I have show the Fuel Cap button under the fog lights nor a RPM counter with an "ideal" RPM range (see "Reduced 85%" above). I asked the seller to send me the VIN so I can ask better questions, but for the time being Im stumped ! Thanks Simon
  5. State the obvious ! Yes, ok , it opens the filler cap, but why is it under the Fog lights and not in the group of 6 buttons over the ash tray as per the manual ?
  6. Hi folks, Looking at maybe changing my disco for a more recent model but Im a bit curious about the dash board... Anyone any ideas ? Whats the Fuel Filler button doing on the left below the Fog switches ? Cheers Simon
  7. If you want to check the fuel pump, turn the car on then unscrew the fuel filter. If fuel spurts out all over the place under preasure then the pump is ok. If you just get a mild trickle then the fuel pump is dead. Been there, been stranded 160miles from "home". Luckily I wasnt in a rush to go anywhere and I was in the UK. Advice to anyone with a 200,000km or more car, change it before it dies !!! Its a 30 min job to change it, once you empty the boot! Cheers Simon PS : Oh, and for what its worth, on my LHD TD5 , the inertia switch is just behind the injector-meets-engine area, bolted to the bulk head.
  8. That was indeed quite en-light-ening , but you forgot the where-abouts.... So here are some round-abouts... not quite what Im looking for either From Rave, I've cleaned C0018 but cant find C0562, the place under the bonnet somewhere where the Shuttle Value is earthed. Can anyone tell me where this earth-point actually is ? The Magic Round-about in Swindon, UK
  9. Hi everyone.... I remember reading about an offical document by LR on how to diagnose and repair the Earth Path of the ABS system. Something about checking the earth points in various locations (like by the air filter box). Now that I've the car in pieces for a bit of maintenance, I'd like to check what was in the list of things to check. Can anyone enlighten me as to its whereabouts... ? Thanks Simon ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1999 TD5 - 250,000Km, still looking new, still pulling like new...
  10. CYmon

    ABS Light

    Los Tres Amigos... typical problem. I drove for 14 months with mine. A trip to a local (and VERY EXPENSIVE) garage in Paris fixed the issue. I think they put my ABS module into TEST mode. I didn't have a Nano at the time. Every now and then the Tres Amigos come back, but a full ignition OFF --- ON cycle clears the fault. Never had a real problem since. Nano com says I have a faulty pump - same fault lots of other people mention. Nano people tell me its a faulty earth to the ABS box - sounds about it to me. What you may want to do is clean the Earth return path on all connectors - hell of a job to do. Unplug / plug / unplug / plug each connector, wabbling it a bit and, like Monster said, WD40 them too. That'll clean the contacts (a bit at least). Then get the system reset - this 3-light ABS fault is a "major" fault that is kept in memory and not cleared automatically; unless your ABS is in "test" mode or whatever mine is : Im not 100% sure what the garage did, but as mine re-sets itself, Im not going to change it. I did change a rear hub (that includes the ABS sensor) before I went to the Parisian Garage but they said that the fault was on a front wheel - Im more inclined to believe that it was an earth problem - I did WD40 all connectors and checked all relays (unplug - sand/clean contacts - replace). Good luck ... Simon
  11. My TC light comes on every time I pull away on a bend with gravel. The ABS pump does-its-thing when I park on a bend (in gravel) too. TD5, so no V8 gut, but clearly enough umph' to trick the Traction control. My 0.5€ worth is that when there is a speed difference between left and right on the same axel, TC comes into play. No big deal... with 140,000km on my BFG AT KO's Im about to get a new set. Simon
  12. Me too... I got mine 2 months after I got the car to replace the bald Michelin city tyres. That was three years ago. 120.000 Km later and I may replace them next year, before winter 2009. I agree that they spin every now and then when my TD5 breathes a bit too much, but on the whole, ad Tony would say, they're Gr-r-reat! If Nick90 swears by cleaning out his pipes when "flooin' it" I just let the Traction Control do its bit and smile. At a recent "field in mud" where many eastern 4x4's were being pulled out by the local tractor (mainly due to driver problems), my Disco simply kept going. Some "normal" card with winter tyres also managed on their own, but at one point there was only me and the tractor moving. I'll certainly be putting At2's on again. Merry Christmas, Simon PS Where in France are you?
  13. CYmon

    Merry Xmas

    Hiya Guys (and Ladies if there are any lurking in the background)... Just a small note to say Merry Xmass to those of you that have helped me over the past year or so... ...and to all those who read the forum! I recently had my Td5 Fuel Pump fail on me...but having read many posts here, I knew what was wrong. I was 100miles from "UK home" and had just taken possesion of a Horse Van, but at least I was in UK ! Very nice people (www.barlowtrailers.co.uk) took the Van back to their yard and came back with a trailer for me and took me home. The local non LR garge had a pump in stock, so 30 mins later on a saturday morning, the Td5 was alive again ! So many thanks to all of you who regularly reply to everyones posts... I think Bog Monster is a must "thanks" but also all the rest... Im sure you know who you are and are too many to mention... M e r r y X m a s s ! Simon PS : Currently in Glossop!
  14. Andy, I dont know whether to love you or hate you... I gave it just one turn... AND WOW... !!!!!! Even when there is no need for power, its there...its sudden, its raw... ... its frightening ... Yes... I'm going to have to learn to drive again now and remember where the road cameras are (hence the "hate you" bit). So big a difference it made that I plugged in NanoComm on "Read Fueling" mode to monitor what the WasteGate ratio is... runs off load at zero % (expected) and shows between 25 and 40% activity when my foot is hard down going up hill (and accelerating all the way). Max boost is now 1.1 bar constant (I see more when I put my foot down hard, 1.14Bar tops, then it drops to 1.1). As I was seeing 1.18 max (1.2 peak) before, I guess I can add another turn. But I'll wait till I get used to the current setting. I'll be pulling a tonne or two tomorrow and be back in a week or so. Thanks for the tip... Cheers Simon
  15. Hi guys, My Waste Gate solenoid died on me a while back so I applied the Defender Fix whist waiting for a new one to arrive in the post (ie MAP sensor side of turbo directly into the WG Actuator). Nanocom showed me driving perfectly, be it only up to 1 bar of Turbo pressure. {Symptoms : Permanent over boost and ECU going into slug mode : Nanocom showed boost at over 1.4 bar before the ECU shut down the fuleing or whatever it does in these cases} After a hard search, Bearmach, Swansea sent me one over that doesn't look like the original. Well, not completely. The problem is... I threw the old one away. Gone. Woosh... oops. The new one has been in place for quite a while - but... I used to get about 1.2 bar of boost when pulling 2 tonnes up a hill... now I'm lucky to get 1.05. Its as if the solenoid is passing the trubo side directly to the WG Actuator all the time. Can some one tell me the normal set up of these things...? (just to check I my tubes are right! ) Are there various models that are tubed up differently ? The WG Solenoid I have is tranparent plastic (other was solid) and has three pipes I expected; top left (verical ) top right (horizontal) and bottom (vertical) - all when looking at it from the side of the car. These are connected, in same order, to the inlet manifold (ie between the AirFlow Meter and the turbo) , the WG Actuator, and the Turbo outlet. I remember that my dead one had a free flow of air between the Inlet Man. and the Actuator, hence the Turbo pressure not causing the WG to open and reduce boost. The current one has free air flow (when no power applied) between the Turbo outlet and the WG pipe (hence it seeming to be in Defender mode). Any help greatley appreciated because Im being overtaken by Lada's and Kias at the moment - very embarassing Cheers Simon
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