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  1. Wow been a while! Stuck at home and looking to refresh the springs and shocks. I used spring isolators at the front last time but can’t find the part number I ordered. RBC100111 looks similar but is for a Disco II, will these fit my 90? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Front-Upper-Coil-Spring-Isolator-Turret-Rings-for-Land-Rover-Discovery-2-/292389210046 TIA Trev
  2. Wouldn't do this on a side slope but with a soft bank as a guide ...
  3. More details here and here The 48 hours was an elapsed time from when I arrived Friday evening to driving home again Sunday evening. There were only four of us (and the dog) though we did have some visitors and even took time out to go and do a recovery. In total we put in about 87 hours. I have since swapped out some other parts but we did just what we set out to do and avoided the usual case of a chassis swap becoming a major, year long restoration.
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    Oddly as mod of my own blog I could just delete comments I don't like, edit them or maybe even change my blogs settings to prevent comments. Though I haven't yet worked out how to add my own comments?
  6. LR90

    A forum first

    A first post to try out the new blogging facility
  7. Superb write up. One for the tech archive I think.
  8. Could be a wiring fault, chafing perhaps. Can't recall constant live to the rear though there may be one for those that choose to tow caravans. Anyway assuming (?) the wiring to the rear is stock try separating it at the block connector below the clutch cylinder and measure voltages to each of pins on the main loom side, we can then check out any showing more than a coupe of volts. And also check each pin from the rear loom side of the connector both for voltage (be really amazed if you find anything) and resistance both to earth and pin to pin (possible indication of shorting in the loom).
  9. it all looks on the forums now

  10. Just checked mine. The current (believed early 200 bulkhead) has the mesh pop rivetted in place. Not sure about removing the TD5 mesh and using this instead though, think I'll just get the mesh galvanised and take my chances.
  11. Thanks Mark, some subtle changes from the later one. I'll print both out and start chasing wires, though I don't have many of the extras on the bottom row anyway, to see which matches. Did manage to go straight to the wipers fuse last night, which saved a lot of faffing about, and they're back in action again so I'm pretty chuffed with the results already Edward, as long as you know were to find it that's an excellent idea
  12. Strikes me if I can work out which label I should have its well worth getting a label form the dealer or a s/h cover from the right year form Sodbury or wherever. LandyManLuke's JA920*** looks like a good candidate so far. The fuses I have tracked down seem to correlate nicely. Be interrested to see one from an earlier model, late FA, GA******, or early HA though if only to confirm that is not a match. Seems pre FA didn't use blade fuses so that rules them out.
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