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  1. thanks peter, this sides i have covered, just the end i need a little help with.
  2. i'll drill those out and see what falls off! thanks
  3. Yes i'm there. Marshalling in the woods. Good little off road course and quite a lot of exhibitors to spend your money on. Go say Hi to innovate crew aswell, we have cier you know!
  4. Got a 110 rear tub, took the sides off it by drilling all the rivets out, cut 20" off the end of the tub, need to re fit the end panels where the lights etc go.....drawn a blank! help!!
  5. shame you've been tucked up ajh, it's just not cricket. Dave- does he sell the body shells of as a whole?!
  6. I've been involved as a consumer in the bmw 1 series launch and the vw golf gti buyers surveys....paid to talk about what and why you buy and also your demigraphic. Nice sandwhiches aswell. So if wunderman will contribute to the coffers i believe you have come to one of the best forums for "landrovers" and what we believe "landrovers" are about. A working utility no frills vehicle that has lasted for 27 years as a 90 / 110 etc without much change. Don't be put off by the mods, theya re protective of there brood! So free samples, insider knowledge of the next gen defender and a loan vehicle to evaluate what it's like to roll a tdv8 downa bank!
  7. theres some wind ups going on!
  8. i find disco 2's high geared without a caravan on! what sze wheels tyres you running? could go down a profile or two to lower the gearing?
  9. yes, i recently bought a 200 tdi disco with the same symptons. poor sarting, bellowed out white smike until on boost diesel in the oil. bottom pulley had worn the keyway away and the cambelt was half a tooth out. replaced the pulleys,belt etc and she's fine.
  10. injector pump and timing are out. re check the cam belt instal.
  11. i read an article years ago about the cost of a mk3 escort in parts was nearly 4 times what it cost to buy as a whole! i'd continue as you are my friend....then remove the abs when it packs up all together.
  12. worth that in scrap! think they weight 180 kg...ish empty BOC are twats,stopped using them years ago....air liquide for me.
  13. Looks good. Had enough slack inmy 90 pipes to use Gwyn lewis mounts if they can be made cheaply enough IRO£60, then yes they'll sell all day long
  14. around £40 for a pressure test and re gas. Did the wifes motor recently myself but what the kit costs £26, it ain't worth it. If there isn't the presuure in the system the clutch on te pump won't engage and the system won't run.
  15. Can't find my pics so i blagged this off the net. Nice chap, even got a discount whilst discussing the old girl! In a lot better nick than a few td5 i've seen that have been used to put the boats in the harbour!
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