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  1. Very many thanks to all who replied to my initial question. I am indebted to you for taking the time. Whilst I am unable personally to undertake all that has been spoken about at very least I can now talk with some knowledge to anyone who undertakes the work. Very many thanks again.
  2. Maybe a daft question but, re Johnnok's comment, how do you 'maintain' the air suspension, please? Is there a servicing routine? EAS? What does this stand for? My D2 is a 7 seater (see my earlier notes re suspension spec)
  3. I have checked the factory fitted configuration on my D2 TD5 and it is - - coil springs on the front - air on the rear - ACE Just as another question, how reliable (ie likely to fail?) is the air suspension, please? I see BogMonster's earlier reply says it's easy to switch from air to coils should the former fail.
  4. Thank you BogMonster & Chicken Drumstick for taking the time to help me. Just so that I am absolutely clear, am I right in saying the following? The suspension on the D2 could be by either Air or Coil Springs. Either system could have ACE fitted as a means of counteracting lean on corners. Therefore, should the ACE system get to be beyond economical repair then the ACE can be disabled and a conventional. albeit inferior, anti-roll bar system can be fitted in its place? That is without touching the Air or Coil Spring suspension elements?
  5. My fear is that the ACE system on my Discovery 2 will eventually fail - I've already had one pipe replaced due to corrosion. I've been told that a major breakdown is extremely costly to repair. I have heard that it is possible to replace the ACE system with a more conventional spring system. If that is possible, I would be most grateful if someone could give me an outline idea of the parts required together with the approximate cost. I would be unable to do the job myself so an idea of the man-hours involved would also be appreciated. From a practical standpoint, is it
  6. Thank you for your attention to my question, Nonimouse and JUKE179r. Much appreciated.
  7. Good tip, ballcock. Very many thanks.
  8. Apologies for such a basic question to such a knowledgeable forum. Please could someone advise where best to get a spare wheel cover for a Discovery. Vinyl preferred, no fancy print / picture, plain would be ok, a reasonable life expectancy, genuine LR not required. Some of the ones for sale on eBay look just too cheap to be any good. Very many thanks in anticipation.
  9. The connectors between the tray and the drain pipes referred to by JohnnoK are plastic injection mouldings, the tubes of which I have found to fracture (probably due to the pressure of the roof liner on them) thereby letting water onto roof lining instead of going down the drain pipes. I Araldited the tubes back in place and then Araldited some stainless steel sheet guards to the roof pressing itself to prevent the roof liner touching the plastic mouldings when it was replaced. It cured the leak around the front edge of the liner but I still get water leaking down the shaft of the fr
  10. Or, can I just remove fuse number 6, 10 amps, air conditioning (see attached - I hope it transmits - never posted a scan before!) to isolate the compressor clutch instead of unplugging the clutch wire as suggested above? Scan taken from Discovery handbook. Thank you for your ongoing help, all. It's very much appreciated.
  11. I have no need to do this and hopefully never will - but I came across V8 Freak's description purely by chance & being curious and want to say what a fantastic explanation! Most comprehensive words & excellent pics, too.
  12. Thank you for that, bear. It looks like a multi-pin connector? Will get to the car later to see. Do I need to identify a single lead (ie for the clutch) or can I just disconnect the connector complete, please?
  13. Please could you help me identify the clutch wire to which you refer, supaimpy?
  14. Thank you for your most speedy and very useful reply, bear. Much appreciated.
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