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  1. During my last outing I ended up in a very deep muddy crappy mud hole/puddle which was about 3 foot deep......! My carling switches are on a centre console and were all underwater, and since which they aren't working too great (/not at all!)...... so can anyone give me some direction on stripping and cleaning them please?
  2. Mine does this also, so would be very interested in finding out why and how to cure it.
  3. Just some local laning today near Castle Howard, York.....
  4. My garage would be: HOFS Mouse Alisport Tomcat Bowler Nemesis Dakar Kamaz race truck Ferrari 275 gtb 4
  5. The frightening thing is.... it sold at auction just after the film for peanuts!!!!! About $5K IIRC
  6. Its finished early on ebay, did you buy it Nige.....!?
  7. The world would be a boring place if we all had the same vehicles!!!
  8. Nige, I've just bid on it, on your behalf
  9. Thanks for the advice guys! In the end I went for the Memory Map Adventurer 2800, as got a very good deal on a new unit with the full UK maps included. The main selling point was that I could also use it on my mountain bike Now gotta get out there and drive!
  10. The House of Flying Spanners built Petal - a series 2 88" on C303 portals Here's a thread link - clicky 'ere
  11. What are you wanting to use the end result for? Challenges? Drive around days? Laning? How many seats do you need? Look at what you want and work backwards from there. It sounds like it needs to be road legal, without the need for an SVA test so the 200tdi disco may be a good place to start at 100 inch wheelbase with your winch, hydro assist and arms installed on it, then with something like a gwyn lewis kit, would be rather capable! C303 axles are still fetching good money and are not everyone cup of tea for UK sites/events, so if sold would fund the rest of the build....... just a though
  12. Are you gonna make it for KORC next weekend? Hoping to bring the yellow peril out as well
  13. Thanks for the advice guys! So it looks like its either a handheld GPS or a receiver plugged into my laptop running map software to verify where my location. The Memory Map Adventurer 2800 GPS looks a nice bit of kit, any one else used them? Is there any software or program out there which can take the information on the trailwise maps and overlay it on OS? Or is it always going to be a case of sitting down and plotting out each lane? Are there no transferable gps co-ordinates?
  14. Over this last year I've found myself doing more and more green laning on lanes local to me in North Yorkshire. So far I've found the lanes through GLASS / Trailwise and then transferred them onto OS maps for when out navigating in the car. I'd like to however would like to run them through a laptop with map software, but presumably I'd need a GPS receiver for this? So therefore, before buying anything, I'm interested in how other people get on with navigating (particularly in forest complexes!) and what they use while out an about, just maps? or software as well? Anyway, here's some pics
  15. The last time he put it on fleabay he was after about £8K for it....!
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