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    300 Tdi wiring circuits

    THANK you so much ! Wish I was back in you lovely country again. (Visited Recife, Natal, Pipa and so to long ago. Best regards from Stockholm Sweden Lennart
  2. Myran

    "Check Engine" light 300TDi EDC

    Sorry for the delay. Thank you very much. Bets regards from Sweden
  3. Myran

    "Check Engine" light 300TDi EDC

    Hello, can you tell me what diagnostic tool you are using ? Best regards from Stockholm, Sweden
  4. Myran

    300 TDI EDC Fault

    God day, I have read this post today first, so this answer is maybe too late. Anyway, it seems to me that maybe some start in the wrong end of the line. I suggest: - Clean and check !!!! the fuel-separator. - Change fuel-filter - Change air-filter (!) - Check the return to tank that it is open. - Check fuel-pressure (after lifting-pump) - Run the car with diesel from a separat tank. Maybe, if you havenĀ“t found any fault, you can have the high-pressure pump tested. However I will say it is most likely lack of fuel, nothing else. Best regards from Sweden

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