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  1. Thanks Ralph. all I have is the plate in post 4 with the contract details, no military plate like I have on my 101 with the full details of vehicle type and reg etc Regards Ben
  2. Good post bump thanks for the extra info Western - is there a way to find the military reg number if its unknown? Cant find anything on that link for this contract number. Regards Ben
  3. Great thanks, will take a look at my bulkhead before it goes for galv
  4. Any pictures? or measurements I'm about to send my bulkhead for galvanising and once it goes back on the 110 will be auto so ideally want to drill prior to galv I have the same footrest from Ashcroft Cheers
  5. yep I had to think about it a bit when I first received one of these senders in the post
  6. Hi Mo, normal non-insulated female spade, probably 1/4 inch 6mm I use these for my coolant temp. Cheers
  7. Cheers, Pretty certain the ones I have here would be +2 at the most so will have to order a set of +5 by the sounds of it. I'd ideally like ones with stainless end fittings too if I'm changing, any ideas of anywhere that makes those? Thanks Ben
  8. Hi All Fitting Gwyn Lewis challenge suspension to my 110, I've found a set of braided flexi brake lines in my garage that I bought for my old 90 years ago but no idea now if they are extended (and if so by how much) or standard length. Does anyone know what length flexis would be required for Gwyns kit? Regards Ben
  9. Cheers Paul Simple enough, thought there must have been some tabs or whatever but easier than expected. Mo All removed ready then will send you a PM in a mo Cheers Ben
  10. Hi Mo, Here are the photos showing where each connection to the brown plug goes, the connection to the engine harness plug goes straight to the fusebox and isn't connected to the brown plug at all but is A/C related (guess it provides power to the conmpressor clutch etc) I've removed the brown plug and all wires intact and labelled. I had already cut the ECU plug off before you asked about the A/C plug though, but these will obviously route somewhere else on a TDi anyway, they were cut to within about 2" of the ECU plug so theres plenty of length to get anywhere needed So its just that conn
  11. Hi Mo new screwdrivers and tools arrived today, I'm having trouble getting one of the fuse terminals out at the mo and I'm totally stuck on how to remove the terminals from both the male and female version of this plug: I've clipped the secondary lock over and still really can't see what is needed: Once I can figure that out I can get your A/C bits removed. Cheers Ben
  12. ok traced the brown plug wires WG - to a blue header splice behind the centre console (with all the other WG wires fed from it seems F15 (5A fuse feeding various relays and switches) B - to an earth header splice in the engine bay (only perhaps 10" in so must bolt to the bulkhead) NP - goes to the 30A fuse in the main fusebox the others, YS and PB went to the ECU under the seat theres then another fuse marked for A/C (20A) which goes to the plug which connects to the engine harness Those two fuses are marked F28 and F29 and seem to be for the blower motor and cooling fan relays accordin
  13. Hi Mo, I have the brown plug, don't have the 3 way one though, I don't remember seeing it on the ROW loom either, will trace the brown plug back anyway and remove as much as I can Cheers Ben
  14. ordered a set of screwdrivers and a pair of the Durite terminal release tools so hopefully I can continue once they arrive in a couple of days all being well
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