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    1998 300tdi Randomly cutting out?

    Thanks... can you advise where i can find it please? sorry not that mechanically minded on the 90's.. well anything these days ;-)
  2. Hi all, Happy New Year. Anyone got any ideas? A few times recently i have been driving a long.. either feathering the throttle as i go or accelerating and bang (not the noise), all of a sudden i lose power and then come off the throttle, back on and we are away again.. Thought it was just under load but sometimes whilst cruising. No lights etc come one, just like you slipped off the accelerator and then carried on.. No ECU etc to worry about, so any ideas? Thanks Nick
  3. Hi all, I have my car with a specialist today to do a few jobs.. he just called and said that the planned swap to a tubular winch bumper, housing the Warn 9000 will not work as i have a larger intercooler fitted. He says the only way is to fit the aircon winch bumper which will mean everything being higher and further forward. Will this look ok? any functional issues? any pics or is this quite normal and i should stop worrying? 98 tdi 90, standard winch bumper currently fitted with warn 9000i Many Thanks Nick
  4. Tried them and just about anyone else in the UK! Now i need all 5! Got 5 secured for tomorrow pm in Winchester, although £60 more for 5 plus my time/fuel.. got a bit silly in the end as my local ATS were supplying at a good price and were getting them from this same place in Winchester also... apparently retail beats wholesale but i lose out! frickin odd! ATS has gone mad at the way this happened. Anyway, Pugwash, you have KM2's with 10k miles on?? why you selling? and for how much? Cheers Nick
  5. Hi all, My new ZU rims and tyres arrive tomorrow for fitting but just found out the distributor only shipped 4 tyres and not 5!! arghh. They dont know when they will get more in. I am in Surrey, anyone know if there is one lurking in someones stores etc? Ideally needs to be in Leatherhead tomorrow or worse case Saturday. Had a quick ring around but to no avail. Any help appreciated. Regards Nick
  6. NickH72

    Adventure challenge

    I would be for sure! although based in the south east! Cheers Nick
  7. Ahh, thats not good!.. so what happens if i did fit them? would they not work as designed or look right? dangerous? ZU also do 8 x 16 for the P38 and disco, could i fit these? Thanks Nick
  8. Hi all, Having a play about with wheel and tyres changes at the moment and would like to get 5 x 285/75/16 BFG MT's to fit on some new ZU Rims for my 90 Where is the best/cheapest place to source them? It means i will end up with 5 x boost wheels with 265/75/16 At's & possibly a nearly new set of 5 insa turbo's, if anyone is interested. Cheers Nick
  9. Hi All, Well and truly caught the bug as my 90 continues to get spoilt with toys and the first camping trip to try the new Hannibal gear is next weekend! :-) Now ever since i got it, i have wanted a more aggresive stance but the last owner fitted 265/75/16's BFG AT's to the boost alloys and it seemed a shame to waste them by swapping them out. I have asked before and there seems to be no right or wrong answer on wheel and tyre combo's so i am going to try one more time! The car us used on the road a lot for local commutting, workhorse, camping and dog wagon. The plan is to extend the camping to some laning in the UK, Wales,Scotland and possibly a few overland treks, maybe Morocco next year. Plus a few pay and play days. I love the look of the Mach 5's but heard they are a pain to balance, so have settled on the ZU rims from Simmonites in Anthrecite so the question is tyre size?? The car has OME suspension with 2" lift, discovery gearing and the JE stage 2 tune. A guy at work just rocked up in his modded Wrangler with 285/75/16 BFG MT's which looks pretty cool and having driven it they are very good on road too. So what tyre size? is 285/75/16 MT's going to look good and perform well? go to 285/85's? and ideas or examples, pics etc much appreciated. Since a kid (well still am really) I fancied a chunky black "monster truck"! so now being a little more realistic, how chunky before it effects the driveability or practicality?? Heard the new BFG MT's are really good, can we get them yet? Cheers Nick
  10. NickH72

    Defender maximum tyre size?

    Hi all, I have a Def 90 with recent 2" OME lift, I am running 265/75/16 BFG AT's The 90 has a JE stage 2 tune and discovery gear ratios. I want a slightly more aggresive stance and ability that i have seen on other 90's.. and what i have gleened from "search" is. Keep wheel and tyre combo and get 30mm spacers - cheapest option.. downsides? Change to 285/75/16 BFG MT's - wider tyre. will it rub? cause articualtion issues? Or change wheel and tyres ( i love the black / grey mach 5's on the black Def 09) Question is.... what is the best combo? Does it adversly affect the handling? road noise? Will it impact off road articulation? A few people have mentioned the BFG MT is not much more noisy than the AT's... So what's a guy to do? Cheers

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