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  1. hi there martin-s im interested in the tyres , pm me with a price if you could please
  2. Spares can be had from minesota in the US , motors are harder to come by and unfortunately the 8274 motor will not fit as the spur gears are diferent pitch and size . The motor that is fitted to the belleview has its gear cut into the shaft of the motors centre winding . This is a one way motor and the brake is a manual afair being eg=ngaged via a manually actuated lever fed via a cable from the cab . I have one of these in good nick , an awesome bit of kit just rather limited as its one way powered only ,, there is a thread on the pirate forum about a guy who managed to convert his to two way . If your looking to sell it i will be interested for sure .
  3. Went back today with a mocked up set of pipes and explained donce again how it needed to be formed and hey presto sorted , the guy used diferent hose that didnt kink and made them in the correct angles .
  4. Looks very neat and tidy . had new oil pipes made up today , went back to get them , looked ok , went home to fit them .. c&*%s fitted the unions 180deg out and 90deg out ... arse*&%es .. hydrateck in llansamlet .. good price but useless if theyre not right !!!!!!!!! Again Arse*%&es ! The simple looking youngster who served me said casually "no wurries butt come back in an ower " he had a slightly vacant look about him & i now know that my origial fears of giving him the hoses to be right Try again i supose on my next day off .
  5. Ive been restoring a modefied 90 with a 200tdi engine and rad setup , the problem is that the oilpipes have been butchered together to make them fit the oil cooler . Im wondering if there is anyone on the forum with info on where i can get acceptable pipes to use instead of the mess i have on there or should i go and get some fabricated by someone like pirtech etc ?
  6. i there im looking for some at the moment , do you have the details for your supplier please ?
  7. I have 24 spline arb lockers front and rear , i noticed that there is diff oil coming out of the blowoff valve on the compressor . The compressor is the small one and im wondering if there is any thing to worry about , im in the process of emptying the garrage in order to get the landy in and clean out the lines . Any info would be greately apreciated
  8. Lol found the same item , im looking for push fittings for the same pipe (male to male pipe ,ie female fittings either end) , seems like the 4mm and 6mm are more common than the 5
  9. Cheers Ciderman ill be down there in the morning
  10. Just in the middle of my build and i have just come across my damaged air supply pipes from the compressor to the lockers . Does anyone know where i can get replacement blue pipe from ,i can find the heavy duty stuff at £38 but im at the end of the budget and its a bit much . Any info would be great
  11. it will probably be a warn 8000 or an original belleview , i have the same winch along with its older brother , a prototype 8274 . Im also after the band brake or at least the brake lining . Ill try and fish out some info and pics on it for you , there are many sites in the U.S. that offer infomation on the classic belleviews and the 8000 8000 and belleview = 8k lb pull -single powered direction - manual band brake 8200 =8k lb pull - both way powered - auto ratchet brake 8274 =8k lb pull - 2 way direction .. - - -1974 produced from
  12. I thought about puttinga t piece in but then thought that it would reduce the available stroke and pressure on the foot pedal
  13. In the process of changing my defender axles to discovery ones .The question i have is ,the disco calipers have dual system (twopipes ) however the defender only has one pipe system so will the defender calipers fit on the disco axles ?
  14. Yes the lift is just for tyre clearance .Im just concerned that i may end up damaging them . Not bothered with a lift but if its the same price as std then il go with it The 90 has a full external cage , will have front winch (cheap one at the mo till i can source an 8074/8274). im not sure on actual figures I have dislocation cones already but it would be nice not to have dislocation I have come across a thread on here regarding soft suspension using factory springs , they are cheaper than the alternative aftermarket ones ,im just not that sure that they will do the trick
  15. Once again an awesome response from the lr4x4 forum , Cheers fellas , ill get in touch as soon as
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