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  1. Chris. Thats the 34ICH single choke kit used to replace the Zenith 36IV. Todd. I suspect you would gain nothing but removing the reducer. The carb is already a 34mm which actually has a 29mm choke. If you want better performance, the 32/36 DGV is the way to go Cheers Martin
  2. Thanks for the replies, and especially the advise above. Thankfully the van, although quite new, is the slowest thing I have ever driven and unlike most modern vehicles, is very easy to drive slowly. Is it possible to take in more than one stage a day, or is that pushing it a bit? Martin
  3. After a mammoth drinking session in Sweden a couple of months back, I rashly suggested to my mate that he should bring a couple of friends over for the Welsh rally in September. We can travel down in my camper and we can watch some rallying. OK. They arrive Thursday. I have never been to the Welsh rally before and now need to provide some hard drinking Swedish rally fans with some top quality Welsh rally action. I've printed off a list of the stages, but have no idea which are the best. Anyone been before? Got any recommendations? Any Do's and Dont's regarding taking a camper down Cheers for any tips Martin
  4. Tony Contribution on its way Cheers Martin
  5. Stephen From memory, we had a simple babycarrier with a handle. Just hoik into the car and the seatbelt just slotted into a recess in the base. We used this rearfacing in the front and back of a 91 200TDi and in the back only of a 95 V8iES (front had airbag). The beuty of this over a system that leaves the base in the car is that when the baby is not in the car, you dont have a great plastic lump taking up one seat. Actually, thinking about it, Disco's do seem to have quite short rear seat belts and I remember it being a bit of a stretch. Might be an idea trying first before you buy. Martin
  6. Before I have a go at posting some pictures, I uploaded them to photobucket which supposadly resized them in the process. From everyones experience, is this resizing enough, or should I resize prior top uploading to Photobucket Cheers Martin
  7. Taking a look over there now reminds me of when we vacated an industrial unit a couple years back. In the space of a couple of weeks it went from a hive of activity to an empty shell. Sad, but thats life I guess Martin
  8. Morning all. Just like to add my thanks to all who put this together. I also agree about the "office friendly" colour scheme. From a distance it looks just like MS Word.. When the dust has settled it would be interesting to know what really went on with LRE. From a laymans perpective, not getting 100% behind this very active forum filled with prospective customers seems to be a huge own goal on their part. Martin
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