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  1. So, having studied the internet and youtube videos, I now think I have a plan: Use a dial gauge to accurately determine my currently available timing range. (e.g. 1.30 to 1.45mm) Use a tool to be able to remove the pump without disturbing the belt. Loosen the pump hub to reset to the desired timing range. (e.g. 1.47 to 1.62mm) Reinstall pump and set desired timing with indicator gauge. (e.g. 1.54mm) The timing pin slot will be out, but the timing will be right. OK? T
  2. Tobias

    Best engine

    "That's probably what I'm going to be running. Especially as it will talk to my transmission controller too." Please tell me more about setup and intended purpose! Which TCU? T
  3. Tobias

    Best engine

    Anyone has dyno charts for 300tdi EDC? Also, any ideas on how to make the torque curve "flatter"?
  4. Tobias

    Best engine

    A controller is available from Iceland at USD 650. https://controls.is/shop/ecu/dsl1 T
  5. Tobias

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    Which unit and from where, please?
  6. Tobias

    300TDI with EDC into Defender

    https://controls.is/dsl1.html is the link to the guy in Iceland
  7. Have you offered to send these pics to Ashcrofts? I had an issue with one of these once, and it seemed they were genuinely grateful to receive pics of the carnage. Tobias
  8. Tobias

    300TDI with EDC into Defender

    You can use your existing injectors and pipes even with a mechanical pump. There is a guy in Iceland who is building an aftermarket controller for the electronic pump. I am going that route I think... T
  9. Tobias

    300TDI with EDC into Defender

    No, the square hole where the speedo cable end goes in doesn't fit. The Disco hole is smaller. You can easily change over the speedo drive gear from the transfer case of a defender, if you have it, or buy a new speedo drive gear if you don't have it. The TD5 transducer is the same size as defender cable, so that doesn't fit either, without changing the speedo drive. T
  10. Tobias

    Snow/Ice vs Tyres/Chains

    Arjan, I don't argue which is faster. I do still want to say that in serious off camber situations, studs are not enough. I see the uses as quite different. High speed road use is studs, but not 100% controlled. For 100% control and serious inclines, even more so with (heavy) trailer you need 100% control and sacrifice speed and go for chains. Tobias
  11. i think I know the answer, but worth a try. I tried advancing the pump timing through the inspection hole at the injection pump pulley as several posts describe. it turns out I got the slotted holes aligned in a way that allows me to retard the timing, but not advance. The pump is already all the way towards the most advanced setting in the slots. I now know I should have aligned them the other way around when installing the belt. is there any way to fix this, short of removing the timing cover? Thanks Tobias
  12. Tobias

    Snow/Ice vs Tyres/Chains

    Chains make a huge difference, on Ice and snow both. I used something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Snow-Chains-7-50-16LT-7-50-16LT-TUV-Diamond-Tire-Chains-set-of-2/163441250346?hash=item260ddb902a:g:hBkAAOSwVMJcGtgm:rk:6:pf:0 on all four wheels on a D2 with a grit spreader behind. laden weight at least 2 tons. Steep inclines were not a problem. Fairly easy and quick to fit and remove. I also used them at a play day on a P38 in about 10-15cm snow. A small light Suzuki got nowhere on ATs, since temperature was around 0C and the snow packed hard but got a layer of water in between snow and tires, making it really slippery. T
  13. Thanks! Am redoing the back of my 130 eventually and have saved a plastic Disco1 tank I was intending on fitting. Also have a p38 tank on the way to the garbage, but that openas up more options. One of each for maximum overland range? I have all three models of tanks/senders available and 300tdi and td5 defender instruments to use for measuring. Anything specific you want me to test? Tobias
  14. I have no help to offer on your question, but am curious as to what Defender you fitted it into and how? Pictures?

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