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  1. 'It' being the FIP gear or the engine?
  2. I bought my boost pin from these guys: looks nice, but haven't driven any distance so can't comment on durability. As I have swapped, I have original pin available if you want. Shipping from Sweden is not going to be cheap, though... Tobias
  3. Guys i have a P38 rear diff with a Trutrac installed. I have reinforced half shafts for D1 24 spline rear i have a Def 130 with bone stock rear disc brake salisbury I have both 1990-ish RRC axles and 1998-ish D1 axles Could i fit the p38 diff into an RRC axle casing? if i weld reinforcing steel onto top and bottom off RRC rear axle casing and use trutrac centre in short nose diff casing and reinforced half shafts, would i have made an improve,ent in dursbility over bone stock salisbury? To be honest the salisbury has Britpart halfshafts and HD drive flanges. Thanks tobias
  4. Wow! That was quick! are you going to the SLRK meet in stockholm in August? I'd love to have a look then... T
  5. Keep us posted, Todd! I'm going to build something similar, but not yet... T
  6. I have used it for a low-efficiency, high-draw cooler box (peltier type, not compressor) and LED-lighting when camping. This cooler box more or less empties the battery between camping up and leaving the next day. I haven't stayed long enough with enough sun to actually see the solar panel ability to keep up with the cooler box, but it has never been my intention for the solar panel to be able to do that. In time I will invest in a proper compressor fridge and that ts what I hope to be able to keep up with. The engine alternator has seemed to top up the battery fine while driving and the solar panel has topped up and then held the battery in a good enough state to work well, when not using the car.
  7. I've had the D250s installed since June. A 80w solar panel on the roof rack. The Defender sits unused for long times (Months) sometimes. I disconnect both batteries with main switches when it sits, but the Ctek is connected to the batteries and the solar panel even when the main switches are switched off. It works brilliantly! According to Ctek tech support it pulses a small charge to the starter battery but it doesn't 'charge' it per se, just keeps it from discharging. It really is just as simple as you think!
  8. Many thanks yet again, ashtrans. The point is that it's easier / cheaper to ship a few gears @ 12kg than a whole box @ 50+ kg, landroversforever. One more pont being that one of the tcases Is from a Disco2 and has different output housing than a defender cases. Speedo wouldnt work...Tobias
  9. And how about the 41D832887G as a donor? Will that also fit. I am happier dismounting that gearbox first as it has other issues... Thanks
  10. Now I have the serial number for the real 'patient'. 22D738539G It's close enough to mine that I guess it's still possible to fit the 1.211 gearset from the 36D715556G. Please confirm that this 1.211 gearset is a LT230Q. Many Thanks Tobias
  11. Many thanks! Tobias
  12. Mine is 22D666401G, but it actually is more of an example. I am more interested in which prefixes/suffixes of 1.410 would work and which not. I could just swap in one of my boxes without messing about with changing gear ratios. I still do not know the serial number of a potential box to put it in. They would most probably be of the 1997-2002 year range.
  13. I'll check tonight. Forgot it... Actually didn't think that it would make a difference...
  14. Exactly! More clearly, it seems the piston, which sits in the bottom part, unscrewed itself from the Piston rod, which is part of the top part. In both rear shocks! Within driving distance of 30-100km of each other! Tobias