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  1. Thanks! Am redoing the back of my 130 eventually and have saved a plastic Disco1 tank I was intending on fitting. Also have a p38 tank on the way to the garbage, but that openas up more options. One of each for maximum overland range? I have all three models of tanks/senders available and 300tdi and td5 defender instruments to use for measuring. Anything specific you want me to test? Tobias
  2. I have no help to offer on your question, but am curious as to what Defender you fitted it into and how? Pictures?
  3. Hi I will break a 1998 300tdi Auto Disco 1 to get the gearbox. The auto box will go into a 1997 Defender 90. As far as i can see from the ETM there is no talk going on between the Wabco ABS ECu and anything else. This leads me to believe it would be possible to transfer the hubs/brakes or complete axles with brakes and hook up the ABS in the Defender as well. Anybody done this? Anybody care to tell why it wouldn't work or what I need to look out for to make it work? Thanks Tobias
  4. Tobias

    Larger transfer box sump

    It was the Flatdog site referenced earlier that said that. Roamerdrive says it fits all diesels, so I should be good. Thanks T
  5. Tobias

    Larger transfer box sump

    On their web page they suggest it's not suitable for a 130. Any idea why? T
  6. Sorry if I was unclear. It's not the ball to mirror junction that's sloppy, it's the door hinge to mirror arm. There are indents there to allow the mirror arm to stick out approx. 90 degrees from the side of the Land Rover and a few mor eindents furthe rrearward, I guess to allow for pedestrian impact or reduced width on e.g. ferries and such. it's these indented positions that's lost their spring force. Pictures stolen from : http://defender90xs.blogspot.se/2014/10/heated-mirrors-installation.html Tobias
  7. Hi, my door mounted mirror arms are "floppy". The right one more so than the left one. The arm moves back and forth in relationship to the door in the wind. There seems to be a spring inside the "thingy" fixed to the door and it feels as if it should be adjustable. But I have failed to succeed in understanding how. Could anyone please explain how it is done? Thanks Tobias
  8. Tobias

    Turbo upgrade

    Keep it coming! Thanks to your write up i stripped down my turbo yesterday and am tempted to go this route and put the VNT kit I have intended to fit up for sale.
  9. Thanks for good advice and explanation. I usually drive with mechanical sympathy, but then there's the missus... A TGV is on the bench as well. I guess it goes on with the 2.8, if not before. Looked around on the M&D Website without finding any uprated clutch, i guess I need to call them? I am currently running a ZF 4HP22 with the Disco 300td engine it came with, but had decided to swap back to the R380 when the engine gets swapped back as a 2.8. I am open for suggestions on whether that gearbox would be a better option for longevity/reliability in this specific application. Between the expenses of engine rebuild, recon FIP?, full size intercooler? I was hoping to be able to wait a year or so until I go the full uprated R380 from Ashcroft-route. In order to spread the money load a bit. Is a complete teardown necessary to change the bearings of the input/output shafts? I guess a look at a workshop manual or Youtube could tell me that...
  10. I am rebuilding my 300 tdi into a 2.8l using crank pistons conrods from a MWM International 2.8l engine. My R380 gearbox worked well enough when it was taken out. Intend to put back in with the upgraded clutch parts. Should I do anything to the R380, or just replace/upgrade when it starts to show issues. Am seriously tempted by the Ashcroft upgraded R380 bearings, but would prefer to wait a while with that. A gearbox swap is easy enough to do, but not on a long(ish) trip, off course. There is some radial play in the input shaft, I mave movie clips on my phone, if it would help. Output shaft seems to run smooth with no significant play. Mainly use the Defender for local camping trips and some occasional towing, but longer trips are planned for, hopefully a 7 000-12 000 europe trip in summer. Opinions please? Tobias
  11. Please elaborate! Which bits to swap over to convert an EDC pump to mechanical? Thanks! Tobias
  12. Tobias

    wheel size

    I tried to fit Disco2 steel wheels, thinking they wouldoffer the most clearance as the material is thinner than alloys. Interference on the screw for the lower swivel ball joint. Ground down the screw to the surface of the nut, still interference. Bought 30mm spacers for a D2 and turned out the centre hole, as D3/4 has a larger diameter hub, interference on the front brake caliper. Ground the caliper as much as I dared, still interference, now only marginal. This was on a 2005 TDV6 HSE D3. I believe the V8 and perhaps later might have even bigger brakes? In short, 16 is impossible/needs a major reengineering. HTH Tobias
  13. Tobias

    Adventure Overland Show anybody?

    Tickets and accomodation booked. Flying in to London thursday night, so should arrive Stratford around midday Friday. Hence targeting Saturday for the show and the rest of the time general sightseeing in Stratford and surroundings.
  14. Tobias

    Adventure Overland anyone?

    Seriously thinking of going. As I'll be flying in, I doubt I will be camping. Would it be feasible to come walking/taxi and camp with a ground tent? T
  15. Tobias

    Adventure Overland Show anybody?

    Raising this old thread as there is a show again this year! ;-) I am seriously thinking of going. Flying in friday and back to Sweden sunday. Anybody else? T

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